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Chapter 162: Technology is productivity! Group trading of Amazonian female warriors!

“Long-range output”

Jiang Fan originally had this idea.

Could it be that ordinary people like the Great Desolate Army could melee combat with Cassius

With the advantage of muskets and firearms, long-range strikes were the way to go.

The other three didn’t hear anything either.

Each transcendent civilization had its own strengths and weaknesses like something offensive and defensive.

It was also only relative.

In the true sense, a transcendental civilization without weaknesses.

That didn’t exist.

Take advantage of strengths and avoid weaknesses!

This was the consensus of all planet masters.

“And Yang Fei and I……”

When Wang Yao said this, he paused.

Yang Fei referred to that pretty woman.

“We both have transcendent civilizations, one as an Amazonian warrior and one as a thorn tree demon, Amazonian warriors are substantially more powerful fighting in the jungle, so Amazonian warriors and thorn tree demons can work together.”

Jiang Fan and others also thought of this.

Amazonian warriors and thorn tree demons were indeed a pair…….

of good partners!

Thorn tree demons disguised as trees and Amazonian warriors could hang in trees.

Thus enhancing the combat power!

“In that case, the job of opening the way will be left to my jackals and martial artists.”

The tall young man added.

“But our mission this time is to capture the supreme amplification card.”

Wang Yao said in a deep voice, “Unless it is absolutely necessary, there must be no frontal assault.

Otherwise, there is a high probability of failure!”

“I’m naturally aware of this, I’m not a reckless person.”

The tall young man smiled and said, “Tell me, where is the exact location of that supreme amplification card”

Hearing this, everyone else’s ears perked up!

That was the main concern of the crowd.

“This supreme amplification card is in……”

Wang Yao passed a map to each person.

Jiang Fan took a look.

This was a brief map of East Shangwei City.

It was marked with a red dot.

“The red dots here are the distribution locations of a dozen forces in East Shangwei City.”

Wang Yao explained: “The one closest to us is the residence of the Black Hibiscus Flower Cassius Group! That Supreme amplification card is inside this base, under heavy protection.”

“How many guards are there in this Black Hibiscus Flower Cassius Group”

Jiang Fan spoke up and asked.

“Can’t be completely sure, but visually it won’t be less than a hundred people.” Wang Yao’s tone was a bit gloomy: “And if there is an attack, it will immediately set off an alarm.

The surrounding Cassius will be back soon but there is good news.”

Wang Yao continued: “This supreme amplification card is extremely precious on this planet and it is the dream of those three senior Cassius.

So the current owner of this card is Tang Hanpei, the head of the Black Hibiscus Flower Cassius Group.

He won’t dare to let outsiders know easily.

That’s why I organized ten robberies before.

After the mission failed, the people here still didn’t respond much.”

“That’s a little less stressful.”

The lean man took over and said, “But in that case, the strength of the teams you organized before must not be weak either, but still they all failed.

I’m afraid this base isn’t that good to break into!”

“It’s only natural.”

Wang Yao did not deny it and said, “Since we have all signed a contract, there is no need for me to hide it from you.

This base is indeed strong and there are many mechanisms inside!”


Jiang Fan and the others were slightly taken aback.

Were there mechanisms on the card planet

“The mechanism here is also……”

Wang Yao continued to explain: “It’s made up of cards.

The combination of cards can form a very powerful formation or something like that.

In short, once you get caught in these card formations, the transcendent people of our respective planets may not be able to escape.

Down there, I will send a copy of the known distribution map in this base to your transcendents.”

Wang Yao’s voice fell.

Jiang Fan saw that, inside the huge abandoned warehouse, a tall Amazonian female warrior was holding a stack of maps in her hand.

It was issued to the Great Desolate Army and the other three teams of Transcendents respectively.

“Is this the map”

Yan took the map.

Ghost Buster and Zhang Liang and Chang Yu Chun all came over to see.

“Tsk, this texture, the material is not quite the same as the one we use, is it made from any kind of transcendent tree”

Zhang Liang touched the paper of the map with his hand and couldn’t help but tsk.

“Read the map well and don’t make those transcendents laugh!”

The ghost buster couldn’t help but glare at him.

This disciple……

Whenever he saw a good literary treasure, he couldn’t walk away.

However, it was not in the Xia Kingdom now.

He didn’t even look.

There were so many alien transcendents around.

They couldn’t disgrace the people of Xia Kingdom.

“Tell us a little bit about the goal of our trip.”

Yan was also instructed by Jiang Fan in advance and probably knew the reason for coming to this planet.

“Our goal, that is……”

Yan pointed to the largest red dot on the map and said, “This place is a base called the Black Hibiscus Flower Cassius Group.”

“The Cassius group”

Zhang Liang and Chang Yuchun were both slightly taken aback.

What was this

“The name of this card planet’s transcendents.”

Yan explained, “What they absorb is a kind of energy called ‘perception’.

Through this energy, one can cultivate to become a Cassius and a card maker.”


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