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Chapter 164: Technology is productivity! Group trading of Amazonian female warriors!

Binoculars were battlefield sharpshooters for the transcendentalists of the first-level planets.

How valuable was that!

Their eyesight was better than normal but it was not much stronger.

It was not even comparable to a binocular.

“Trade another one and say we don’t have any more.” Ghost Buster said at this time.

Everyone was slightly taken aback but reacted immediately.

There were so many Transcendents around.

There were many binoculars in the Great Desolate Army but they couldn’t miss the bottom.

So it was……

At the disappointed gaze of the Amazonian female warriors.

After Yan traded away another one.

She put on a look of regret and spread out her hands!

“It’s a pity that the Amazonian female warriors have nothing good.”

Jiang Fan was also a bit dumbfounded.

“Officially at three thirty.”

At this time, Wang Yao opened her mouth and said, “Tang Hanpei, the leader of the Black Hibiscus Flower Cultivation Group, is going to negotiate with other forces this afternoon.

The time is at three o’clock.

We will act again when Tang Hanpei leaves.

Without this intermediate peak Cassius, it will definitely be a lot smoother!”

Jiang Fan listened.

The Great Desolate Army side had already started to move.

The one that Chang Yu Chun found to be the best observation point.

A tall building located about a kilometer away.

Jiang Fan glanced at the map and discovered the tall building appeared to be unoccupied.

Under surprised eyes, Yan quickly made a decision.

A few elite soldiers were dispatched to investigate the situation of this building.

“What are you doing”

The tall young man immediately called out.

“Doing some prep work.”

Jiang Fan said indifferently.

“Don’t mess around, once Cassius outside finds out, it will be a big mistake.”

The tall young man warned in an unpleasant tone.

“You don’t need to say much about this, I am naturally aware.”

Jiang Fan smiled lightly and said, “My musketeers have relatively high requirements for location and this abandoned warehouse will not work.”


The tall young man wanted to say something else.

Wang Yao interrupted directly: “Okay, everyone’s civilization is different, you can’t ask for more, as long as it doesn’t violate the plan we discussed before.”

Jiang Fan smiled and didn’t say anymore.

Jiang Fan’s instructions to the Great Desolate Army were simple.

Nor would they intervene.

There were so many capable people in the Great Desolate Army for this kind of thing.

With plenty of experience, they would take care of it!

For the unauthorized action of the Great Desolate Army, the other four teams of transcendents also frowned a bit.

It was just that, it was completely unexpected.

The Great Desolate Army was ordinary but all of them were specially trained.

Especially those who went to investigate……

They were the elite of the elites!

With perfection in reconnaissance and counter-surveillance skills.

It didn’t take long.

Several people returned safely and nodded to Yan.

“In that case, let’s arrange for a group of people to go over and occupy that abandoned building.”

Yan and Ghost Buster discussed a few people and gave the order.

Soon, one hundred elite soldiers were selected.

They were armed with binoculars and state-of-the-art rifles and were led by Han Xin.

They quietly walked out of the abandoned warehouse.

In the blink of an eye, they disappeared from the public eye.

The other four transcendent races looked a little dazed.

Compared with the neat and orderly Great Desolate Army, why did they feel like they’re a little like a mongrel army!

“Finally, it’s my moment to shine.”

While leading the team, Han Xin thought excitedly.

At this time, Han Xin was only in his early twenties.

His military talent was very outstanding and he was highly talented but in the Great Desolate Army, which was full of capable people, he was still crushed to death.

It was hard to come out on top.

Now, there seemed to be such an opportunity.

“There are only 100 soldiers, but……”

Han Xin secretly thought, “With my talent, it’s not a big deal.

If we can take that precious card this time, then it is very likely that the legendary god will see it in the eyes.

Maybe the future Lord General of the Great Desolate Army will be me.”

The more Han Xin thought about it, the more excited he became.

His goal was the main general position of the Great Desolate Army’s planetary conquest team!

Soon, Han Xin led the soldiers to the abandoned building and through the eyes of these people, Jiang Fan also took a clear view of the situation here.

The building was ten stories high.

It was not far away from the headquarters of the Black Hibiscus Flower Cassius Group about three kilometers or so away!

The headquarters of the Black Hibiscus Flower Cassius Group was also a tall building.

The area was very vast.

It was nearly thirty stories high.

It was the tallest building in the entire East Shangwei City!

Near this building, in a one kilometer range, there were already many Cassius on guard.

There were even a lot of hidden posts in the dark!

“It seems that Wang Yao’s first ten actions made the people here improve their defenses.”

Jiang Fan was somewhat taken aback.

Time passed little by little.

Han Xin took a hundred soldiers with him and did a full search of this ten-story building.

The perimeter was also roughly checked.

After confirming that there were no indigenous Cassius, he sent someone to report to Yan.

At this time, it was also less than 10 minutes to 3:30.


Martial artists, jackals, thorn tree demons, Amazonian female warriors and the Great Desolate Army were standing up straight.

Their attention was highly elevated like a leopard that had been lurking for a long time.

They were ready to roll!!


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