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Chapter 165: The strongest combat power! Jiang Fan was also shocked!

At 3:30, during the late afternoon in East Shangwei City, it was at its hottest moment.

At the base of Black Hibiscus Flower Cassius Group, a luxurious black shuttle car sailed out in silence.

“This is the transportation of this world, named shuttle.” Yan explained to Ghost Buster and the others.

This was also some information that Jiang Fan passed to Yan in advance.

“This shuttle is the car of Tang Hanpei, the head of the Black Hibiscus Flower Cultivation Group, who is usually low-key and doesn’t like to make a scene when he goes out.”

Yan continued: “And he is very punctual, not more than a minute, not a second less.”

After Tang Hanpei left, all four transcendental teams began to move.

Except for the Great Desolate Army!

“What’s the battle plan”

At this time, Zhang Liang asked.

“Work with the rest of the transcendent team.”

Yan said.

Hearing this, Chang Yuchun and Zhang Liang were speechless.

As someone who had led the army in combat for years.

They knew that battle fought or not, preparing ahead of time was the key.


“We have a total of two plans of action this time.”

Seeing that the time was up, Wang Yao said, “The first one is the main plan and the second one is the alternative.

The master plan is to take advantage of the time Tang Hanpei left to dispatch elite transcendents and infiltrate inside the base.

Take this supreme amplification card and the other transcendents out there.

On the other hand, they are going to be in charge of the pickup.”

“The second alternative plan is, if the infiltration is discovered, then we would have to attack strongly and force our way into the base.

Do you have any problems”

“There is one problem.”

The lean man said: “The main plan, if it is so easy to sneak in, won’t all of your previous ten actions fail”

Jiang Fan and others also had doubts.

What this plan says was the same as soup.

Dive when you say so.

They had never seen other people’s bases be so heavily guarded!

These transcendents did not have special powers.

How could they sneak in silently

“I learned my lesson from the previous failed operation and this time……,” Wang Yao said in a deep voice, “I have made sufficient preparations.”

“The rest of us will be responsible for luring out the Cassius guards.”

“So that elite transcendents can sneak in.”

“This plan is feasible.”

The lean man, the tall young man and Yang Fei all had nothing to say.

“To be specific with you, namely……”

Wang Yao still wanted to go on.

But talking about it, suddenly her sound stopped abruptly!

Others were silent.

Everyone’s attention was all on……


On a map, the middle of the abandoned warehouse was surrounded by many people.

Jackals, martial artists, thorn tree demons, Amazonian female warriors and the Great Desolate Army.

The Amazonian female warrior was showing everyone the next tactics.

But speaking on and on, Zhang Liang suddenly interrupted loudly, “These tactics are all bull**!”

These transcendents did not understand.

However, the communicator of Wang Yao and others had a translation function.

The prophecies of all civilizations could be translated directly.

All of a sudden, the faces of the people were a little strange.

Wang Yao’s words also froze.

“The tactics you formulated are too simple and taken for granted.”

Zhang Liang swept a glance at the many transcendents around him.

He also knew the language barrier.

Aloud, while gesturing at the map, “Lure the snake out of the hole, I heard that it has failed several times before.

How can the other party be unprepared The team that sneaks in has a high probability of failing!”

The generals beside him, including Chang Yu Chun and Xu Tian De, nodded slightly.

This seemingly correct tactic, in the eyes of these experienced generals, was like a paper game!

The direction was right.

However, the specific implementation policy was awful!

Looking at Zhang Liang’s gestures, the other transcendents also probably understood what he meant.

The Amazonian female warrior who had just explained the tactics couldn’t help but make a gesture.

That means to say-

So what do you think

“Didn’t the information say that Tang Hanpei has a personal disciple named An Ying It is the person that Tang Hanpei values the most.

As long as you do something to this person, then……”


Hearing this, Wang Yao directly shouted at the communicator, “An Ying is Tang Hanpei’s scales, if we dare to lay hands on her, we will definitely be retaliated by Tang Hanpei!”

The dialogue between Wang Yao and other planet masters did not interrupt Zhang Liang in the abandoned warehouse.

Zhang Liang continued to gesture: “This An Ying is also extremely powerful.

It’s not much different from Tang Hanpei, so she lives alone by a small lake not far from the base.

Let’s start with her and force the guards of the base to come to the rescue!”

“What if Tang Hanpei rushes back”


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