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Chapter 166: The strongest combat power! Jiang Fan was also shocked!

The Amazonian female warrior was not stupid, she directly gestured and asked.

“Tang Hanpei will need some time to come back.”

Zhang Liang said confidently: “The most important thing in our action is to fight the time difference! We need to complete all operations within the time period after Tang Hanpei returns after receiving the news! The move against An Ying is just a front.

There is no need to mobilize all the main forces.

We just need to let her feel the crisis and ask the base guards for help.

Our main force will wait near the base all the time and will wait for these guards to go to the rescue!”

“For the specific arrangement, you can look at these buildings near the base.

We want to do it this way……”

Zhang Liang spoke quickly and spitefully.

In the past, he had been calm and relaxed but now he was facing transcendents.

He was developing tactics for the transcendents and acting as a military advisor.

His heart was also quite excited.

Wang Yao, the tall young man, the lean man and several others were silent for a long time!

As compared with Zhang Liang’s comprehensive arrangement at the moment, Wang Yao felt like he spent half a month thinking about the plan but it was just like a pile of **!


Wang Yao pondered for a while and then said: “This plan seems to be very likely to succeed but it can be used as another plan, divide it into two action teams, a small team to carry out the previous plan while the other squad will do what this transcendent said.”

The other three had no opinion.

Jiang Fan also did not bother to object.

Anyway, each of them sent a team of a thousand transcendents.

It was enough to form several teams.

Soon, the first team was selected.

The most powerful people, Agile martial artists, jackals and Amazonian female warriors were responsible for infiltration.

The thorn tree demon led these people close to the base.

The Great Desolate Army was responsible for long-range fire support and suppression!

A second team was also formed at the same time, but the strength of this team of transcendents was not so strong.

It was the remainder of the first team selection.

“Divide according to the strength of this card planet.”

Zhang Liangzheng and several generals Chang Yuchun quietly discussed.

“All here are beginner and intermediate level Cassius.”

“And that An Ying is at the peak of intermediate level, second only to Tang Hanpei in strength in Eastern Shangwei City! If we attack head on, it will be very difficult.”

“We can do this.”

Xu Tiande had a flash of light in his head and pointed at the map and said in a faint voice.

On the side, Ghost Buster and Yan listened quietly.

Ghost Buster was responsible for the overall strategy.

He was not good at everything.

He didn’t have a lot of experience with specific tactics either!

“I can lie down.”

Listening to the tactics that Zhang Liang and the others discussed, Jiang Fan couldn’t help leaning back on the chair.

The feeling of not having to worry about yourself is nice.

Soon, the action began.

The first team and the second team went out at the same time but not in the same direction.

The first team followed Wang Yao’s plan, under the cover of the Thorn Tree Demon.

They were constantly approaching the base of the Black Hibiscus Flower Cassius Group!

The second team’s goal was the lakeside cottage near the base.

Tang Hanpei’s personal disciple – An Ying – lived here.

After approaching the base, following the instructions given by Wang Yao, they sneaked in.

It had to be said that the first ten failures still had value.

The operation this time avoided a lot of secret posts!

The leader of the first squad was the leader of the Amazonian female warriors!

She could also be said to be the strongest one inside all these transcendents.

She was holding a spear in her hand and was extremely sturdy!

A few minutes later, the first team successfully infiltrated the base building!

Wang Yao and the others all breathed a sigh of relief!

That supreme amplification card was on the 18th floor of the building!

Inside the building, the defense was rather weaker than the outside.

There was a formation of cards here but there was Wang Yao’s experience of the previous ten times.

The positions of these card formations were similar.

They were all relatively clear.

The first team was spared without any danger.

Soon, it reached above the tenth floor!

During this time, they bumped into a staff member but he was immediately knocked to the ground by the Amazonian female warrior.

There was no sound.

The first team continued to move forward!

They went straight to the 18th floor!

“It doesn’t look like a second team is needed.”

Seeing that the action went so smoothly, the tall young man spoke with some sarcasm.

The plan seemed to be well thought out but it was useless.


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