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Chapter 167: The strongest combat power! Jiang Fan was also shocked!

Jiang Fan didn’t bother to pay attention.

He comfortably leaned back in the chair and was looking forward to the next performances because when the planet masters fought against the alien planet, they couldn’t be like them, they could check the situation of each place at any time.

It can only be shared through the vision of one’s own planetary transcendent!

In other words, Jiang Fan was only able to see through the vision of Yan, Han Xin, and other soldiers of the Great Desolate Army, to check the situation.

Wang Yao and other planet masters naturally did not know what Jiang Fan saw.

The Great Desolate Army also sent a few people to join the second team at this time.

Zhang Liang was in poor physical condition, so this team was led by Xu Tiande.

He was responsible for on-site tactical guidance.

The second team didn’t encounter much obstruction from Cassius.

It was a smooth and unobstructed journey.

“All the way to the lakeside cabin Cassius’ perception is very sensitive, especially the intermediate level Cassius, we must be super careful!”

Xu Tiande instructed several of his men.

After coming there, the crowd then slowed down and scattered.

They surround them from all sides.

That was the advantage of having a lot of people.

While getting closer, Xu Tiande picked up the binoculars.

In the field of vision, he saw that by this small lake in a beautiful setting, there was a woman in white sitting in the Pavilion.

This woman in white was quietly watching the lake and seemed to be thinking about something.

“This woman should be An Ying.”

Xu Tiande observed for a while and made a judgment.

“Let’s start according to the plan.” Xu Tiande gave the order.

At the same time, inside the luxurious building, on the seventeenth floor, in the headquarters of the Black Hibiscus Flower Cassius, the people of the first team met a Cassius team in charge of guarding!

There were a total of six of Cassius in that team but none of them seemed simple.

“One for each!”

The Amazonian female warrior’s leader ordered in a deep voice.

The other transcendents beside her didn’t comment and instantly rushed straight at these six Cassius!

The agility, speed and strength of Transcendents were extremely frightening.

Cassius was also a transcendent but their physique was only a little stronger than ordinary people!

Without cards, it was simply impossible to be a match for a transcendent.

At such a close distance, these six Cassius had absolutely no chance to use their cards!

In a second, six Cassius were taken care of one by one.

The Transcendents in the first team breathed a sigh of relief.

They didn’t stop and continued towards the 18th floor!

On this floor, there was no separation.

It was the place where the Supreme Amplification Card was located!

The whole floor was a wide hall and in the middle of the hall, in a transparent glass cabinet, a golden card was lying quietly inside it!

Anyone could see the importance of the card at a glance.

At the very least, a sense of art could be felt!

“This is the Supreme Amplification Card”

The tall young man and Yang Fei were breathing a little faster!

This could greatly enhance the strength of the planet and it was something that makes powerful planet masters excited!

The hall appeared to be empty, but through Wang Yao’s narrative, several people were aware that there was a final mechanism implied here!

A card formation consisting of hundreds of cards – Illusionary Grand Formation!

Hundreds of illusion cards were needed to form this realistic illusion!

The Supreme Amplification Card was real.

However, the emptiness outside was false, if someone got over excited and couldn’t wait to pounce on it, what awaited him was a fatal attack!

Around the illusion card, a powerful attack card was also laid out.

If anyone just entered the range, it would be touched!

“These attack cards are not in every position, there are gaps inside.” Wang Yao’s tone was calm.

The first ten failures allowed her to gain a lot of experience.

The leader of the Amazonian female warriors took out the bow and arrows that she had been carrying behind her.

The emerald green arrow was hitched to the bow and  was gently launched out.

There was hardly any sound.

Unlike other arrows, this arrow also had a thin line on it.

Emerald green arrow cut through the empty air and broke the transparent glass case!

The Amazonian female warrior leader controlled the force perfectly.

It didn’t make much noise either.

A special slime was applied to this arrow!

After approaching the golden card, this card was stuck on it.

The hand of the Amazonian female warrior leader moved slightly and she pulled the thin thread.

Immediately after that, the golden card was removed!

“Got it!”

Seeing this scene, Wang Yao’s eyes flashed with a hint of excitement!

The tall young man and the other three were a little helpless.

However, just about this time, a sound came.

The only access door to this hall suddenly closed!

Right after that, a man’s voice resounded over the heads of the first team of transcendents –

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, demons of heaven!”


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