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Chapter 168: The Great Desolate Army attacks! Trembling Cassius!

At the same time as the first team was operating, the second team also started a surprise attack on Tang Hanpei’s own disciple – An Ying!

It was just that, with the powerful perception of intermediate level Cassius, the approaching martial artists and jackals were not even close yet.

They were discovered by An Ying sitting in the pavilion!


An Ying instantly stood up and quickly picked the cards next to her.

Within seconds, she was ready for battle.

This was the terrifying aspect of intermediate level Cassius.

“Direct strong attack!”

In the second team, since it was Zhang Liang who came up with the idea, it was Xu Tiande who was in command.

Tonight martial artists and jackals took the lead and attacked.

They heavily surrounded the pavilion.

“Are you…… demons of heaven”

Glancing at the transcendents, An Ying said coldly.

Heavenly Demon!

That’s what the people there call the foreign transcendents.

With the previous ten invasions, An Ying was no longer a stranger to outsiders but what An Ying said, the transcendents could not understand it either.

In the next moment, a martial artist sneered and took the lead to attack.

The jackal next to her was not to be outdone.

They rushed up.


A cold look flashed in An Ying’s eyes.

As she loaded two cards, an astonishing wave spread out, only to see this wave was transformed into curtains of rain, enclosing the pavilion all around.

This rain was like arrows and it was attacking the martial artists and jackals who rushed over.

A group of martial artists and jackals also did not dare to be careless and hastily dodged towards one side.

But with so many rain pikes, how could it be completely avoided!

After only three seconds, all the martial artists and jackals could only retreat!

Among several of them, there were still wounded.

“On this card planet, it’s a very powerful type of attack card – Rain Shuttle!”

Seeing this scene, Xu Tiande instantly remembered a card mentioned in the information.


The sound of breaking air rang out.

In the woods not far behind, an Amazonian archer attacked!

The arrow flew fast and its speed exceeded four hundred meters per second.

That was, faster than the speed of sound!

In a few moments, it came right in front of An Ying.

An Ying did not panic and loaded another card.

This time the energy protection card was used.

In the next moment, a shield of energy enveloped the entire perimeter of An Ying!

Arrows of Amazonian female warriors touched this energy shield and its power plummeted!

The speed was greatly reduced!

She was shot down directly by the rain shuttle sent by the rain shuttle card!

“That’s strong.”

Zhao Zilong, the young general following behind Xu Tiande, could not help but sigh.

“This is the second strongest expert in Eastern Shangwei City after Tang Hanpei.

How can she not be powerful”

Xu Tiande was calm.

“If it can be easily defeated by us, why did they send five teams of Transcendents over.”

An Ying was powerful all within the expectation of the Great Desolate Army.

What they did not expect was that An Ying, who was besieged, did not temporarily avoid the front and choose to flee, instead, she scrambled out of the pavilion, straight into the group of martial artists and jackals!

She wanted to hunt and kill these “Heavenly Demons”!

The martial artists and jackals retreated straight to the edge of the woods.

An Ying did not hesitate in the slightest and went straight after them.





The arrows from the Amazonian female warrior kept coming but all of them were blocked by the energy shield.

Looking at the radiant light emitting from the energy shield, nothing worked at all!

Under the protection of the energy shield, An Ying could hunt martial artists and jackals with confidence.


There was a scream.

A martial artist who was escaping more slowly was caught up by An Ying.

An extremely fierce rain shuttle shot out, straight through his throat!

It was the first death of Transcendent!

It was just that, there was no sadness on the other person’s face, on the contrary, there was a hint of surprise!

An emerald green vine suddenly appeared, approached An Ying and wrapped her tightly.

This action was very swift!

It was too fast for the naked eye to see.

This was the ambush ability of the thorn tree demon!

The martial artist and the jackal pretended to escape.

Seeing this, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Seeing that she was actually entangled in a tree, An Ying frowned slightly but there wasn’t much panic.

She took out a golden card from her body.

Seeing this golden card, Wang Yao and the others’ faces changed slightly.

“Not good, it’s an advanced card.”

Grading according to the card planet, from low to high level, the colors of the cards were different.

The golden color meant advanced!

“This card……”

A flash of nostalgia flashed in An Ying’s eyes and she said, “I haven’t used it for a long, long time.

Today I am going to try this on you demons…”


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