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Chapter 169: The Great Desolate Army attacks! Trembling Cassius!

After a few moments, there was a terrifying fluctuation which came out of the card!

At an alarming rate, it swept through all the transcendents around.

Feeling this powerful aura, the faces of the martial artists and jackals changed dramatically.

They were able to detect that this was not a power they could match!


A loud noise rang out.

After this fluctuation spread to a certain range, it exploded directly!

The sound was earth-shattering.

It blasted all objects around it, except for An Ying who was protected by the energy shield.

Trees, leaves of grass, dirt, rocks, etc rushed up into the sky and turned into vegan powder!

The crowd looked away while waiting for the dust to settle.

Seeing a body left nearby, the thorn tree demon that trapped An Ying earlier was already blown up, only a small trunk was left.

The martial artist and the jackal next to him also turned into a pile of blackened charcoal!

Seeing this scene, Wang Yao and the others all sucked in a breath of cold air!

They thought that An Ying would be powerful but they didn’t expect that she was so powerful.

Looking at the corpse on the ground, An Ying’s face remained cold.

Her sharp eyes shot at Xu Tiande and the others not far away!

“No good, tell the rest of the Transcendents to run.”

The lean man hastily shouted.

“Don’t worry, take a good look.”

Jiang Fan, however, did not respond.

Instead, he smiled faintly.

The Great Desolate Army had several options to respond to this action.

The current situation was not optimistic but it was not the worst one!

“Did you get a good look”

Xu Tiande hid in the woods and asked Zhao Zilong who was beside him.

Zhao Zilong disguised as a technical analyst at this time, nodded and said, “Look clearly, this woman’s physique is much stronger than ours, but she’s still quite far from a martial artist.

That card just now is very similar to the previous Rain Shuttle card! It seems to be a large rain shuttle card.

This card is powerful, but has one weakness and that is the energy and perception consumed are very high and cannot be used frequently!”

Zhao Zilong pointed to the card tray in An Ying’s hand and said, “The Cassius system here has a natural flaw and that is their energy cards! Each energy card has a limited amount of energy.

When this energy is consumed, they have to replace another one! The speed of replacement is very fast but there is still a difference of one second.

That second is our opportunity.”

With Zhao Zilong’s analysis, the advantages and disadvantages of Cassius were almost analyzed.

“Very well.”

Xu Tiande nodded and said: “Next, it’s our Great Desolate Army’s turn to play…… Prepare for action!”

Xu Tiande shouted.

The long-awaited soldiers of the Great Desolate Army at the back, aimed their rifles one after another at An Ying who was looking this way!

Seeing the rifles of the Great Desolate Army, there was also some confusion on An Ying’s face but she still didn’t back down.

She continued to push this way.


Xu Tiande shouted.

He also picked up a rifle and started firing at An Ying continuously!





Compared to the bow and arrow, rifles were much faster.

In an instant, hundreds of bullets were flying through the air.

A dense web of bullets was formed!

Why hundreds of bullets

Because in this operation, the Great Desolate Army had planned for the worst.

Hundreds of people were sent over because the power of a single bullet alone was insufficient as compared with the Amazonian bow and arrow.

It simply could not shake the energy shield.

An Ying just took a look and the corners of her mouth curled up in a cold smile!

However these were not ordinary bullets.

It was built with the new vibration alloy.

It was faster and more powerful!

The main thing was that it could absorb the energy!

Pfft, pfft, pfft,……

With hundreds of bullets down, An Ying was a little stunned to find out that the light of her own energy shield was rapidly weakening!

The energy inside seemed to be swallowed by something.

It kept disappearing into thin air.


An Ying was somewhat angry.

She sped up her pace.

She could see that this unknown weapon of the Great Desolate Army was very sharp.

However, the single person’s physique was very average.

They were no different from ordinary people.

It was like a tiger in a flock of sheep.

The Great Desolate Army’s bullets were firing faster.

The fastest was Xu Tiande!

He was pulling the trigger while loading the gun, one shot in a second!

He was totally unstoppable.

Wait for An Yin to approach within 100 meters, the energy shield on the surface would be almost consumed.

This energy protection card was very precious and An Ying only had this one!

Seeing this, An Ying frowned slightly.

At this rate, she might not even be able to pass this hundred meters!

After thinking about it, An Ying quickly made a decision.

She focused the remaining energy in front of her body and removed it from the rear, just swiftly lunging towards the Great Desolate Army.





This time, the rain of bullets came from behind An Ying.


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