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Chapter 17: Scientific Research Genius!The Xia Kingdom!

Desolate’s era ended, and the era of Qi had just begun.

Everyone’s desire for power wasn’t that hot.

In addition, Desolate’s prestige was extremely high.


Even though Qi was only eight years old, Desolate’s last order was still carried out well.

He ascended to the throne.

Because he was too young, all sorts of matters were mainly handled by the elders.

Qi did not have much ambition.

He spent most of his time following Jiang Fan’s instructions.

It had to be said that Qi’s talent greatly surpassed Desolate.

A lot of knowledge.

As soon as he was taught, he was able to draw inferences about other things.

After a year of careful teaching, Jiang Fan could basically tell Qi’s IQ was very high.

If it was in his previous life, he could probably become a scientist.

Jiang Fan was surprised to find out that Qi could actually tell that this planet was growing bigger and bigger.

He was like a piece of unpolished jade.

The more he taught, the more pleasantly surprised he discovered.

Compared to Desolate who had only taught for a few years, Jiang Fan taught Qi for ten years.

Until Qi came of age, it was time to take charge.

In these ten years, the changes in Xia Kingdom were huge.

Under Qi’s indirect push, from the era of the tribe to the feudal era.

Words and language had developed to the point of being simple and useful.

The system became more formal.

It was the same as in his previous life.

The government system here was also divided into the Cabinet and the Six Departments.

The population grew rapidly.

This was the first time he had broken through a hundred thousand people!

The cities were built one after another.

The Great Wilderness City was the largest.

It also became the capital of the Xia Kingdom.

But in a peaceful place, many people had long held high positions, so they could not let go of their power.

Once they were in charge of the government, many people would lose their previous power.

The atmosphere in the Great Wilderness City became increasingly tense during the first few days of the administration.

The rain was coming.

On the street, there were not many people.

They were mostly soldiers.

Within the Xia Kingdom, other than the announcement of the main government, there were two main factions.

One of them was known as “the number one warrior of the Xia Kingdom”, Desolate’s eighth son, Tough!

Until today, this kind of worship of martial arts was still very popular in the Xia Kingdom.

Tough was brave.

In addition, he led the army to fight wild beasts all year round.

Among the soldiers and citizens, his prestige was very high.

The other side was Desolate’s eldest son, Benevolence.

In addition, he was the eldest son.

He had always been the successor with the highest voice.

If Jiang Fan hadn’t intervened, perhaps he would inherit the throne.

Originally, these two tried their best to assist Qi.

They were ready to wait for the government to come, then they would retreat.


Ten years of power.

Toughening and reluctant to part with such a high position, a subtle change arose.

Plus a group of supporters pushed them to fight even if they didn’t want to.

It wasn’t that Qi had supporters.

He was the rightful heir to the throne.

Desolate’s prestige was still very high in the hearts of the Xia people.

Many old officials naturally wouldn’t do anything against his will.

But most people knew that among these three people, Qi’s strength was the weakest.

Other than that orthodox name, nothing could compete with the other two.

In the tense atmosphere, the day of governance had arrived.

Naturally, Tough’s large number of soldiers would not wait for him to ascend to the throne and take the lead in making trouble.

He led his loyal subordinates, surrounding the palace.

After hearing the news, he hurried over.

A large group of people followed behind.

The two sides were squeezed into the narrow palace, confronting each other.

Just then, there was a sudden change.

Suddenly, arrows rained down.

However, it was actually a rocket.

The rocket did not fire at the people inside.

It targeted a ditch in the palace, and the ditch was completely filled with black liquid-like substance!


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