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Chapter 171: Turning the tide!! Is backstabbing fun

For Cassius on this planet, outsiders such as the Great Desolate Army were like an evil demon from beyond the sky.

This was a battle for the survival of the community!

Under the leadership of Tang Hanpei, a large number of Cassius frantically rushed towards the Transcendents who were surrounded by them!

They were loading all the cards in their hand!

All kinds of energy swept through the air!

Most of them were popular cards such as the “Rain Shuttle Card”!

The surrounded transcendents didn’t sit back and wait, they directly resisted in place.

The thorn tree demons dug its roots from the ground by using vines and sturdy trees to resist Cassius’s offensive.

Martial artists, jackals, Amazonian female warriors and the Great Desolate Army, all of them were hiding behind the Thorn Tree Demon.

They were looking for opportunities to counterattack!

“What should we do now”

The lean man asked in panic.

“Reinforce all of them, capturing the Supreme Amplified Card is not realistic anymore.” Wang Yao said in a deep voice, “Let’s first bring back the Transcendents we cultivated safely!”

Others were fine with it!

No one expected that the Black Hibiscus Flower Cassius Group would actually arrange such a huge trap!

Tang Hanpei’s move of going out by car was also a deliberate attempt to deceive them to lure the transcendents in!

There were several hundred transcendents under siege.

All of them were the elites of each planet!

Their combat strength was good.

Although the number of the remaining transcendents who were near the abandoned warehouse was high, their strength was a little weaker!

At this time, there was not much to be done, only all of them could be sent out.

“Something doesn’t seem right about this.”

Chang Yu Chun, who stayed behind, frowned slightly.

With his instincts, he always felt like something was not right.

“Be prepared for anything that may happen

Yan said solemnly, “Follow the original plan first.”

“No problem.”

The Great Desolate Army was also under pressure and were using their flintlock to deal ranged damage!

At this time, a loud noise from the east came suddenly.

After that a group came over.

Numerous Cassius looked over.

They were surprised to find out that people with unknown weapons in their hands were coming this way.

In the group, they also had a handcuffed woman in a white dress!

“An Ying!”

Seeing this woman in white dress, Tang Hanpei’s face changed suddenly.

“Let her go!”

Tang Hanpei walked over with quick steps.

His voice was very cold with unprecedented anger in his eyes!

“And the judgment is correct, this An Ying is indeed Tang Hanpei’s inverse scale.”

Xu Tiande and Han Xin looked at each other.

Both saw the realization in each other’s eyes.

This was what the two had guessed before.

As a result, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with that.

“Let our people go.”

Next to the Great Desolate Army, an Amazonian female warrior gestured loudly.

Tang Hanpei clenched his right hand tightly.

This was equivalent to a hostage exchange!

However there were hundreds of transcendents on this side.

The Great Desolate Army, on the other hand, had only An Ying!

After a few moments of silence, Tang Hanpei took a deep breath and spoke, “Okay.”

After that he waved a hand toward the back and Cassius instantly released a channel, letting a bunch of transcendents pass!

The Amazonian female warrior was pushing An Ying to Tang Hanpei.

Just when the crowd thought it was a hostage exchange, a sudden change occurred in the next moment!

The Amazonian female warrior suddenly pulled out a pocket knife and placed it on An Ying’s neck.

A hard cut!

No more cards and no more decks.

An Ying was also not much better than the average person.

She simply could not dodge this knife.

Blood gushed out!

An Ying fell heavily to the ground!

Tang Hanpei’s eyes were splitting!

“Are you crazy What are your people doing!”

Seeing this, the tall young man screamed in shock!

“Wang Yao, what’s wrong with your subordinates!”

The lean man also questioned.

Wang Yao, however, did not respond.

There was silence.

After An Ying fell down, Tang Hanpei let out an earth-shattering hiss-like scream.

His eyes were bloodshot!

His mouth was like an ice cellar in winter.

One word at a time, he jumped out coldly: “Everyone obey my orders and kill all these heavenly demons! No one should be left behind!”

At the same time, the Amazonian female warrior who just made a sudden move, quickly ran away with the group of transcendents.

As she was the one who killed An Ying, Tang Hanpei was in hot pursuit!

Behind him, the previously besieged Transcendents were wildly attacked by Cassius!

An Ying was a goddess-like figure in his and most people’s hearts!

The scene was chaotic.

Tang Hanpei led Cassius to chase after the Amazonian female warrior.

This Amazonian female warrior was desperately running towards the Transcendents.

Resulting in martial artists and jackals being attacked as well!

The battle was inevitably fought!

The sound of violent fluctuations rose and fell.

Halfway up, all kinds of bright and dazzling energy glowed!


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