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Chapter 172: Turning the tide!! Is backstabbing fun

Faced with the crazy Cassius, Transcendents suffered heavy losses!

Tang Hanpei was even more crazy.

As long as they dared to stand in front of him, he killed them all in a flash!

As the Great Desolate Army was in the back, they saw that something was not right.

Xu Tiande had already retreated behind a dirt slope with his people and temporarily set up a defensive line!

The follow-up team of Yan and Ghost Buster stopped in place too!

“Asshole, asshole.”

The tall young man was throwing a wild tantrum!

Who would have thought that this was how things would go!

Even if the quest was not completed, there was still nothing to lose!

Over time, the battle was drawing to a close!

The hundreds of transcendents besieged in the middle.

Under the frenzied siege of Cassius, regardless of the price, almost all of them were killed and the support transcendents on the periphery weren’t any better.

Tang Hanpei personally led the pursuit!

The dead bodies of the Martial Artists and the Jackals were all over the ground!

The tall young man and the lean man were bleeding from the heart!

However at this time, everyone noticed that something was wrong because there were not many casualties in Amazonian female warriors and thorn tree demons.

There were not many figures on the battlefield!

The battle that just took place, the martial artists and the jackals each suffered hundreds of casualties and the Amazonian female warriors and the thorn tree demon were less than a hundred!

As Tang Hanpei calmed down a little, he also noticed that something was wrong.

He glanced around and soon discovered that the Great Desolate Army arranged a defensive line behind a small hill, and the Amazonian female warriors hid in the nearby woods!

It was not only the martial artists and jackals who suffered heavy losses, even Cassius were too crazy for that.

More than a hundred Cassius died too!

Cassius’s side could also be said to kill a thousand enemies and lose 800 of your own!

At this time, the Amazon female warrior emerged from the woods.

This was not a primitive forest, rather, it was made of thorn tree demons!

However, something was not right about the Thorn Tree Demons at this time.

They seemed very similar to the surroundings!

They were almost like a chameleon!

This time, the crowd also understood why didn’t a few people could find the Thorn Tree Demon just now.

It turned out that these tree demons also had the ability to change color!

The Amazonian female warrior who had just killed An Ying sneered and after a big wave of the hand, the Thorns tree demons carried the Amazonian female warrior on the tree towards Tang Hanpei and the Cassius behind him.

That speed was not slow at all!

It was not as good as martial artists and jackals but it was not “not too fast” as Yang Fei said before.

Obviously, they were hiding strength.

At this time, they were truly unfolded.

This Amazonian female warrior took the bow and arrow from her back and shot an arrow directly at Tang Hanpei and went away!

The arrow was like a thunderbolt!

The speed was amazing.

Tang Hanpei stimulated a card.

There was a booming sound as the two fluctuations collided in the air.

There was a loud noise!

This exchange of blows was obvious.

This Amazonian female warrior could actually be on a par with Tang Hanpei!

This was definitely a first-level planet at peak strength!

“This Amazon warrior woman is the leader, right The so-called leader of the first squad just now was a fake!”

The tall young man questioned loudly, “Wang Yao, how dare you deceive us!”

“What the hell do you want!”

The tall young man shouted.

“Wang Yao and Yang Fei, do you two know each other”

The lean man was not a fool either.

To this point, who couldn’t see that Thorn tree demons and Amazonian female Warriors were a combination that had been working together for a long time!

“That’s right!”

Wang Yao opened her mouth and said in a cold tone, “Yang Fei and I are best friends and this time I took advantage of you!”


The tall young man was so angry that he couldn’t speak.

“Sorry, we don’t want to do this either, but……”

Yang Fei also spoke up at this time and said, “This Supreme Amplification Card is very important to Wang Yao!”

“So that’s it.”

The lean man said hatefully, “You should have known about Tang Hanpei’s trap a long time ago, but didn’t tell us about it.

You wanted to let our transcendents go as cannon fodder to consume Tang Hanpei’s Cassius and in the end, your Amazonian warriors and thorn tree demons will come forward again and take this supreme amplification card, right”

“Not bad.”

Wang Yao’s voice was calm and did not deny.

“You two are violating the association’s rules by doing this, aren’t you afraid of being prosecuted”

The lean man asked.

According to the rules of the Planetary Association, it was not allowed to attack and hunt each other.


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