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Chapter 173: Turning the tide!! Is backstabbing fun

Wang Yao’s move was not an attack but she wanted to take advantage of teammates!

She would be severely punished by the association, not only the title of star hunter would be stripped but she could no longer accept any quest for a short term!

“It doesn’t matter, with this supreme amplification card, paying a small price is nothing.”

Wang Yao however wasn’t concerned.

“This card is not that critical for you.”

The lean man pondered for a while, then suddenly said: “What is the relationship between you and Wang Yue, the super genius in Lanyue City You are both surnamed Wang.”

“Wang Yue is my sister.”

Wang Yao said in a calm tone, “This card is for her.”

“No wonder.”

The lean man suddenly realized: “There are two super geniuses in Lanyue City this time.

One ranked over two thousand on the Heavenly Pride List and your sister Wang Yue ranks over four thousand! If you follow this ranking, the entrance examination for your sister, it’s almost impossible to get the champion of Lanyue City! Thus, to get an admission letter to a super-first-class institution, there is at least some hope, if you have this supreme amplification card!”

The lean man guessed the truth in one breath.

“Pity the heart of the sister in the world.”

Jiang Fan couldn’t help but sigh.

He did this for his sister’s future.

It really took a lot of effort!

He was even willing to sacrifice a part of his future!

If word gets out about what happened today, it will be difficult for Wang Yao to mix in this circle in the future!

He would be boycotted by the crowd!

“I didn’t get admitted to a super-first-class university back then and I was so close.”

Wang Yao said in a firm tone: “So this time, I won’t let my sister repeat my past! No matter what, I’m going to get my hands on this Supreme Amplification card!”

“We’re unlucky this time, huh!”

The lean man snorted coldly.

As they spoke, in front of the base of Black Hibiscus Flower Cassius Group, the situation had also taken a subtle turn.

Tang Hanpei was entangled by the leader of the Amazonian female warrior!

Other Cassius were pinned down and beaten by the Amazonian female warriors with the thorn tree demon!

The defense of the Thorn Tree Demon was unexpectedly strong.

Amazonian female warriors hiding in the trees could attack as hard as they like!

In just a tea time, Cassius fell on the ground!

The Amazonian female warriors and the thorn tree demons cooperated tacitly and destroyed one Cassius after another!

Not long after, the original several hundred Cassius were dead.

Only a small number of people were left.

They gathered around Tang Hanpei.

“Tang Hanpei, hand over that Supreme Card, I know it’s in your possession!”

The leader of the Amazonian female warriors spoke up.

This time, she was speaking in the language of this planet!

Obviously, it was prepared in advance.

The tall young man and the lean man were even more startled!

Both of them thought that they had a chance to get a super precious card this time.

However, the truth was that both of them were played as pigs!


Tang Hanpei suddenly burst into laughter, looked at the Amazonian female warrior leader, and said, “You guys are really well prepared and you’re still in civil strife to consume my men! Is it for this supreme amplification card of mine”

Tang Hanpei took out a golden card from his body.

This card carried a different kind of charm!

It made everyone look over.

“Yes, this is the real Supreme Amplification Card.

As expected, it is not in the building, but is always on Tang Hanpei’s body.” Wang Yao said to Yang Fei!

“Leave it to me, and I’ll spare your life!”

The chief of the Amazonian female warriors shouted.

“Spare my life”

The corner of Tang Hanpei’s mouth curled up in a smile and said, “You’d better worry about your own safety first.”

“What did you say!”

The leader of Amazonian female warriors was slightly stunned and unsure!

Tang Hanpei took a long breath and said loudly, “You think I’m really that useless! As the first person in the Eastern Shangwei City, I also have a disciple, second only to me.

I have the most Cassius.

You think that I don’t even have the ability to settle in this small city”

“You…… what are you saying”

An unpleasant feeling flashed in the Amazonian female warrior’s heart!

“No way, originally I did not want to be exposed.”

Tang Hanpei shook his head, with a hint of helplessness on his face and said, “Actually, this city has been mine for a long time.

All of them are my people! In order not to be scorned by the three senior Cassius, it was deliberately divided into more than a dozen forces! For the sake of waiting for me to cultivate the advanced card cultivation, and then make trouble!”

As Tang Hanpei’s words fell.

All the Amazonian female warriors and thorn tree demons heard a dense sound of footsteps.

They turned their heads to look in horror.

They immediately saw a black mass of people!

All of the Cassius of this city came here!


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