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Chapter 174: More people than others Then 2,000 more!

In East Shangwei City, there were more than a thousand Cassius in total!

Most of them were junior Cassius but there were eighty-seven intermediate level Cassius!

Earlier, Wang Yao and the other four had a total of four thousand transcendents in their hands.

They wanted to deal with only Tang Hanpei leading the Black Hibiscus Flower Cassius group!

Now, hundreds of Cassius have been killed and wounded but there were still a thousand or so left!

If they let Wang Yao know that she was facing all the Cassius of this city!

Then no matter how much she thinks about the Supreme Amplification Card.

She wouldn’t even dare to come in!

The faces of Wang Yao and Yang Fei suddenly became pale!

The two of them were indeed hiding their strength.

However, Tang Hanpei’s side was hiding even more!

This entire city was his!

“I-I’ve been patient.”

Tang Hanpei stared at the leader of the Amazonian female warriors and said, “You have come ten times before and wanted to take this card, I just needed to give one command, then you could all stay here but in order not to reveal my true strength.

I didn’t even do that! Today……”

Tang Hanpei laughed and said, “Since it has been exposed, just go to hell, all of you!”

“Hahaha.” The tall young man laughed proudly and sneered: “Cleverness is mistaken by cleverness, Wang Yao, not only will you not get the amplification card, but you will die with us.”

Wang Yao was silent for a moment and said in a deep voice, “Yang Fei, how many Transcendents are still on your planet”

“Wang Yao, you’re crazy.”

Yang Fei said in shock: “But I sent most of the strongest Thorn Tree Demons over! What’s left is that there’s some more.

But it’s definitely not a match for so many Cassius!”

According to common sense, as long as the planetary channel was always open, follow up reinforcements could always come in!

It was just to perform this mission well.

Wang Yao and Yang Fei sent their main force over.

Those who remained on the planet were the weaker transcendents.

“I’m not willing to do it.”

Wang Yao seemed to grit her teeth and said.

“Staying in the green hills is not a worry, we have to try to retreat now and go back to the passages to reduce our losses.”

Yang Fei advised.


Wang Yao reluctantly asked the Amazon female warriors to retreat.

“Want to leave”

Seeing the Amazonian female warriors and the thorn tree demons trying to escape, Tang Hanpei shouted, “No one should be left behind, whoever kills the most, will become the deputy leader!”

Many Cassius immediately soared their morale!

They frantically chased over.

The various cards in their hands were released wildly!

For a time, above the sky, all kinds and colors of energy were flying around.

Out of one thousand Cassius, there were also tens of these intermediate level Cassius.

The card energy was released like a dense rain.

It pounced on the fleeing Amazonian warriors and thorn tree demons.

This kind of intensive attack could not be avoided by Amazonian female warriors and thorn tree demons……

Their only option was to resist!

Boom! Boom! Boom!……

The sound of energy crashing was heard one after another.

The thorn tree demons relied on their strong defense to resist Cassius’s card attacks but there were just too many cards of all kinds.

After being blasted a few dozen times, the thorn tree demon finally couldn’t take it anymore.

With a click, the tree trunk cracked and Boom, another burst of energy.

It directly blew this thorn tree demon in half!

This was the end of the thorn tree demon with such an amazing defense.

The Amazonian female warriors weren’t much better either.

They were more agile but they still could not avoid such an intensive attack.

Countless card energies were like a net in the sky.

It enveloped all of the hundreds of Amazonian female warriors.


There was a loud noise.

An Amazonian female warrior was struck by a burst of energy.

Her sturdy body was directly torn apart!


There was another loud bang.

Next to a powerful Amazonian female warrior, a dozen attacks hit at the same time!

The outcome was even more tragic.

Tang Hanpei even acted personally.

He was leading intermediate level Cassius and formed an intermediate level Cassius team.

After that he targeted the pursuit of powerful individuals among the Amazon female warriors…!

At this time, the surviving martial artists and jackals were trembling.

Neither were they fleeing, neither were fighting.

Suddenly a martial artist discovered the Great Desolate Army that was located behind the small dirt slope!

His eyes lit up.

He immediately called on friends and ran over!

The other martial artists and jackals also noticed this.

Immediately, their faces were overjoyed.

They came flying over to the other side.

Look at these 300 or so miserable looking martial artists and jackals.


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