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Chapter 175: More people than others Then 2,000 more!

There was an absurd feeling in the hearts of all the Great Desolate Army.

Is this still the immensely powerful Transcendent

After just one battle, they were like beggars.

“Your Highness, what about these people”

Chang Yu Chun asked.

“Let them in.

It’s not good to just let them die.” Yan said.

Chang Yu Chun waved his hand and let the soldiers of the Great Desolate Army release the blockade.

Three hundred or so miserable-looking martial artists and jackals squeezed in like a scramble.

Subsequently, a leader of the jackals and a leader of the martial artists walked up to Yan and expressed their gratitude with gestures.

This scene was noticed by Wang Yao and Yang Fei.

Both of them immediately ordered the remaining Amazonian female warriors and thorn tree demons to flee to the side of the Great Desolate Army.

It had to be said that the defense of the Thorn Tree Demons was really strong.

It was blasted by a thousand Cassius with full coverage.

Only a few dozen thorn tree demons had fallen at this point.

All that survived, exerted all their strength to rush towards the position of the Great Desolate Army!

However, in front of the position, they were stopped by the Great Desolate Army!

These people were not allowed to come in.

“Jiang Fan, what are you doing”

Wang Yao immediately said anxiously: “Why can they enter, but we can’t”

“My people only help teammates.”

Jiang Fan said indifferently.

This order was not given by him but also at a glance, Yan was thinking the same thing!

“Yeah, you betrayed your teammates and now you want to be sheltered by others”

The tall young man immediately spoke up.

Earlier, he also disliked Jiang Fan a little but now, his heart was warmed up.

He shifted all the guns to Wang Yao.

“Oh, I just pitted hundreds of my martial artists to death, now it’s your turn too.”

The lean man also spoke up.

There was a hint of a sneer in his tone.

“Jiang Fan, you still have more muskets left.”

Wang Yao tried her best to calm down and said, “Add mine and Yang Fei’s Amazonian female warriors and thorn tree demons.

It’s not impossible to fight those Cassius! Let’s join forces to escape from here! We should join hands now.”

Wang Yao said to everyone in the communicator: “Abandon the previous hatred and all the transcendents will work together.”

Hearing this, the tall young man and the lean man were very upset but one must also admit that this was the only option for now!

They didn’t want the few remaining martial artists and jackals to die here!

“There’s no need.”

To everyone’s surprise, Jiang Fan did not even consider it.

He directly refused to team up!

“I don’t want to team up with people who betray their teammates.”

Jiang Fan said indifferently.

Jiang Fan didn’t bother to pay attention.

Before this quest, Jiang Fan already had Yan develop a well thought out strategy.

For this reason, the Great Desolate Army discussed it countless times and set down a lot of plans.

It included how to deal with the worst-case scenario!

One could say that all of this, that happened today, was very surprising but it was within the acceptable range of the Great Desolate Army!

Hearing Jiang Fan’s answer, the tall young man and the lean man were both stunned.

It was a little unbelievable.

Even Wang Yao and Yang Fei couldn’t believe that Jiang Fan actually rejected their offer so simply!

“Without our Amazonian female warriors and thorn tree demons……” Wang Yao continued to persuade: “How can you escape from here Do you want to rely on your musketeers”

“You don’t need to worry about this.” Jiang Fan said calmly.

He wasn’t worried in the slightest!

“Don’t be impulsive.”

Yang Fei was also persuaded.

“Oh, you guys mind those transcendents of yours first.”

Jiang Fan smiled faintly.

In front of the position of the Great Desolate Army, Amazonian female warriors and thorn tree demons were still frantically being attacked by Cassius!

Thorn tree demons that didn’t move that fast were completely a live target.

Even if their defense was strong, they resisted at most a few dozen attacks.

At this time, Tang Hanpei and his subordinate Cassius were all attacking!

All kinds of powerful cards were used.

Suddenly there was a boom.

An extremely powerful thorn tree demon was bombarded hundreds of times and was blown to pieces on the spot!

This was the cruelty of the quest.

The situation of each unowned planet was complex.

In addition it was dangerous!

In case of an accident, like this today, it was not just about not getting the job done.

Even the painstakingly cultivated transcendents had to be planted in this place!

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