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Chapter 176: More people than others Then 2,000 more!

It could be said that as it was greatly hurt, the vitality of the planet would directly drop a notch.

The size of the planet would also naturally shrink!

It would take a lot of resources and energy to recover again!

Boom! Boom! Boom! ……

Under the crazy blast of card energy, in front of the position of the Great Desolate Army, it was like being plowed!

A steady stream of thorn tree demons and Amazonian female warriors were being blown to smithereens!

Even the leader of the Amazonian female warriors was also under the personal attack of Tang Hanpei.

She was turned into a smattering of pieces!

The rest of the other thorn tree demons and Amazonian female warriors were wiped out one by one!

Of course, during the process, out of thousands of Cassius there were casualties because of the desperate fight back of the Amazonian female warriors.

As the last of the Amazonian female warriors fell down, in front of the position of the Great Desolate Army, hundreds of elite transcendents were lost!

Seeing this scene, Wang Yao and Yang Fei bit their lips tightly.

Their hearts were dripping with blood!

This was their planet’s most elite Amazonian female warriors and thorn tree demons!

It had hidden its strength, trying to burst out of nowhere to seize the Supreme Amplification Card.

They didn’t expect that all of them would die here!

That would take a great deal of effort to recover again.

After taking out all the Amazonian female warriors and thorn tree demons, a hint of pleasure appeared on Tang Hanpei’s face but he didn’t stop there.

Instead, he continued with the remaining hundreds of Cassius under his hand.

It was forced to the front of the Great Desolate Army’s position!

“These clowns.”

Looking at the Desolate Army, Tang Hanpei’s eyes flashed with disdain.

“You just watched your comrades die.

If you had help just now, maybe some people could escape but now, there’s no such opportunity.”

Since the strength was exposed, Tang Hanpei could not let go of any foreign intruders!

The hundreds of Cassius repaired themselves and started the attack on the Great Desolate Army!


Seeing this, Wang Yao sneered.

She seemed to be saying, “It’s a matter of temper and that’s the end!”

It was just that.

What she didn’t know was that, at the time when Cassius just chased the Amazonian female warriors and the thorn tree demons, the Great Desolate Army had already completed its deployment.

Facing almost a worst-case scenario, the Great Desolate Army naturally activated a backup plan as well!

In front of the position of the Great Desolate Army, a trench had already been dug!

In front of the foremost soldier, a huge shield of two meters high was placed there.

Although Xia Kingdom had entered the era of firearms, this shield was made of star vibration alloy.

It was still a must-have prop for marching and fighting!

The rest of the Great Desolate Army behind them were carrying a small shield, just in case!


There was a loud noise.

Cassius’s attack hit the giant alloy shield but all of the energy was absorbed by the alloy.

It didn’t work!

It was just that, there was an upper limit to the energy absorption of the alloy, to resist directly.

It couldn’t stop it from behind!

In this regard, Ghost Buster and Zhang Liang have long had a strategy!

How could it be passively beaten

They were just trying to stall for time now and were waiting for the support of the large army!

At the entrance of the planet passage, there was still an army of 2,000 men!

Just after seeing that the situation was not good, Yan then ordered.

Let two thousand people bring plenty of firearms and ammunition to support all of them!

At that time they were already here!

Behind Tang Hanpei and Cassius, a black mass of people appeared silently.

This was the 2,000 support troops of the Great Desolate Army.

They did not go straight from the abandoned warehouse, instead, they came from around.

They went around to the back of a group of Cassius.

The Great Desolate Army was preparing to surround these Cassius!

At the same time, Cassius under Tang Hanpei also discovered the two thousand troops of the Great Desolate Army!

It was a big shock!

They shouted loudly.

Hearing the shouts, Tang Hanpei turned around.

With a glimpse of this Great Desolate Army, he was equally shocked.

At the beginning, he thought it was Cassius from another city but after seeing the equipment on the Great Desolate Army, especially a rifle held in the hand, he instantly understood that these were also alien invaders!

His face sank suddenly.

At the same time, seeing the extra two thousand troops of the Great Desolate Army, Wang Yao and Yang Fei’s eyes widened too.

Both of them were watching this scene in disbelief!!


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