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Chapter 177: Horizontal push! Wash the floor! The power of one party… destroyed all Cassius!


The tall young man was the first to blurt out a foul word.

Watching the supporting Great Desolate Army earnestly, he said in disbelief, “This is two thousand musketeers!”

Wang Yao, Yang Fei and the lean man also noticed that the number of support for the Great Desolate Army was overwhelming.

With a rough estimate, there were around 2,000 soldiers!

All three were speechless!

Originally, the crowd thought that Jiang Fan was also with them.

He took out a thousand musketeers, that should be the majority of the main force.

However, now the facts were telling them, one thousand people was just the vanguard!

Tang Hanpei’s surprise on the battlefield was not much different!

There was also some confusion.

So many alien invaders just came up and attacked!

How could there be so many casualties

What he didn’t know was that each planet master sent a thousand people.

This was proposed by Wang Yao in advance.

Who would have thought that Jiang Fan could dispatch more, even two or three times the number!

Tang Hanpei had sharp eyes.

He glanced at the Great Desolate Army who came for support.

He took a deep breath and said in a deep voice: “The other party doesn’t seem to be as strong as the tree demons and female warriors just now, so don’t be afraid of the large number of the other party!”

Hearing this, his subordinate Cassius also cheered up.

“Yes, these guys with strange weapons are only a lot in numbers.

Their personal strength is very weak.

I just tried it, and their physique is similar to that of ordinary people! The only thing that’s threatening is the kind of weapon they have that can put marbles in their hands.”

“Rush over, rush into the camp of these guys, it’s time for us to kill!”

Cassius shouted one by one.

Earlier, there were also dozens of Great Desolate Army troops killed in the siege.

Cassius were no strangers to the Great Desolate Army.

“There’s no point in having more people.

Can more ordinary people stop us Cassius”

An intermediate-level Cassius spat fiercely and said loudly, “Charge, charge with me!”

“Kill these alien invaders!”


Under the agitation of the crowd, Cassius frantically attacked their way towards the Great Desolate Army.

They were not stupid either, there was no option for a larger number of reinforcements, so they rushed to Yan’s position!

There were just about a thousand people there.

Naturally, it was better to rush to kill!

It was just that at that position, strict precautions had already been taken!

At the forefront, there was also a huge shield erected!

“Prepare to fire!”

Chang Yuchun had a serious face and was in charge of commanding!

Bang! Bang! Bang! ……

The Great Desolate Army pulled the trigger but not all of them fired.

It was divided into several teams!

Team after team started shooting to make sure that the bullet nets keep going and to increase the efficiency of their shots!

Hundreds of bullets formed a rain of bullets and enveloped all the Cassius who rushed over!

The few Cassius at the front were greatly alarmed.

They had absolutely no idea that this kind of weird weapon was able to shoot so far away!

The effective range of the rifle of the Great Desolate Army was 400 meters and most of the cards launched by Cassius had a range of action of 100 meters or less!

So the strategy of the Great Desolate Army was to attack the rushing Cassius with full strength in the range of one hundred meters to two hundred meters.


The front-most Cassius let out a scream.

He was hit by dozens of bullets all over his body and died on the spot.

There were two more screams of the two Cassius in the back.

They stepped up to the same end!

For a few hundred Cassius, the death of three Cassius didn’t really count for much.

Cassius, who were behind, rushed over with even more enthusiasm!

The intermediate level Cassius also started to attack!

There were some Cassius who had energy shield cards, so they directly deployed the energy shield to resist the bullet attack!

The other Cassius also kept unleashing their cards to fight against the kinetic energy of the bullet!

For a while, the scene was very intense.

All kinds of booming sounds kept ringing out.

For Cassius with defense, there were no further casualties.

The Great Desolate Army did not panic.

Under the command of Chang Yu Chun, they were still divided into several teams.

Methodical and rapid fire!

Boom, boom, boom……

Without any carelessness, Tang Hanpei personally attacked and the powerful card blew away the dense rain of bullets!

“Hahahaha, but that’s all.

This power is still weak, it’s not even enough to scratch.

The only advantage should be the ability to attack at long range, but it’s not much.”

After fending off a dozen waves of bullets Cassius gradually relaxed their spirit one by one.

They were even teasing each other.

Frankly speaking, a single shot was not really a threat!

It couldn’t even break the energy shield!


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