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Chapter 178: Horizontal push! Wash the floor! The power of one party… destroyed all Cassius!

Over time, all the Cassius were advancing little by little.

They were approaching a distance of one hundred meters.

After getting within a hundred meters, they would be able to launch an attack on the Great Desolate Army!

However, some of Cassius were starting to realize that something was not quite right!

Every time Cassius released a card, it cost energy and perception.

It was impossible to do it indefinitely.

But from the beginning until now, for the Great Desolate Army’s bullet attack, there was no stopping at all and the density didn’t even drop by half!

The power of a single bullet was really not as good as a single card but bullets didn’t take much effort at all!

It cost energy and perception every time a card was cast.

To the limit of one hundred meters, there were already weaker Cassius, who were feeling that most of their perception had been consumed!

“Get ready to change bullets!”

Seeing Cassius entering the 100 meter limit, Chang Yu Chun calmly ordered.

The Great Desolate Army began to quickly change bullets into star vibration alloy bullets.

This was a bullet made of alloy made from vibranium and star meteorite iron!

Its power had increased several times!

Within a hundred meters, the Great Desolate Army also did not dare to be careless and directly decided to use the alloy bullets.

There was not enough vibranium in storage now, so this bullet was also used as little as possible!

As the chief of Cassius, Tang Hanpei also discovered at this time that something was not quite right but he didn’t think too much about it.

It simply didn’t occur to him that the opposite side didn’t need to consume energy to shoot bullets.

He still rushed up with Cassius!

“You are not taking us seriously”

The two thousand troops behind them supported the Great Desolate Army.

At this time, Xu Tiande was in command.

Seeing that Cassius were attacking Chang Yu Chun’s position, he couldn’t help but feel a little angry.

“All ready, take the initiative to attack!”

Xu Tiande ordered in a loud voice.

The Great Desolate Army formed a tight formation and the squad moved quickly and without disorder!

Tang Hanpei did not forget about the soldiers of the Great Desolate Army behind him.

His intention was obvious – to destroy each!

Firstly, he wanted to defeat the smaller team of the Great Desolate Army on Chang Yu Chun’s side, after that he would go back to deal with the support army of 2,000 soldiers of the Great Desolate Army!

Four hundred Cassius were sent to set up a defense at the back to block these two thousand soldiers of the Great Desolate Army.

On the other hand, he personally brought six hundred card repairs and wanted to overwhelm the position of the Great Desolate Army in the front as soon as possible!

“The other party is looking down on us and the four hundred Cassius also want to stop us!”

Xu Tiande snorted coldly, while personally leading the team, he rushed up.

The Great Desolate Army was better than Cassius.

The most obvious advantage was the long range of attack!

All of them could fire around four hundred meters.

“Directly use the alloy bullets.”

Xu Tiande saw the Cassius led by Tang Hanpei and they were already 100 meters away from the front position.

He immediately ordered.

“Open fire and use all your strength.”

Xu Tiande shouted loudly, “If you can’t get past this line of defense within ten minutes.”

“Go home and eat ** one by one, all of you.”

The surrounding Great Desolate Army did not respond.

All of them were used to Xu Tiande’s commanding temper.

There was no need for him to say it.

Each one was more positive than anything else.

They rushed up frantically.

They fired directly with full power!

Among two thousand men of the Great Desolate Army, there was no sub-team.

A dense rain of 2,000 bullets covered the ground like flying locusts!

Four hundred Cassius were startled.

It was like they were facing a great enemy!

They directly used all kinds of cards to stop this first wave of bullets.

However, the attack of bullets was continuous!

The key thing was that these were alloy bullets!

After one wave, it absorbed a lot of energy from Cassius’s card!

Only three waves later, some Cassius were shocked to discover that the release of their own card actually had no power and the rain of bullets from the other side continued!

The Great Desolate Army marched quickly to the 100-meter limit and then stopped moving forward.

They laid down on the ground and started shooting in place!

Bang! Bang! Bang! ……

The sound of intensive shooting continued.

The sky was full of bullets.

It landed on and around the four hundred Cassius.

It punctured and sent all the nearby grass and rocks flying!

Under a crazy rain of bullets, Cassius’s energy was exhausted.


Ten or so Cassius were shot one after another.

They didn’t even scream.

They were taken away by several bullets in one wave at the same time!


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