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Chapter 179: Horizontal push! Wash the floor! The power of one party… destroyed all Cassius!

The Great Desolate Army was not only using the bullets made of alloy, in addition, the gun barrel was mixed with vibrating gold alloy.

Of course, this was also the configuration that only the 3,000 of the Great Desolate Army had.

The rest of the army only had ordinary rifles!

These gold alloy guns were much higher than normal rifles in shooting accuracy or speed!

The bullets that were fired were all shot inside the defense line of 400 Cassius!

It was like flat grass.

There was nothing to cover at all!

Cassius also did not have any experience in dealing with it.

They could only be reduced to a living rake.

What was even more depressing was that their card’s attack range was almost all within 100 meters.

Only a few intermediate level Cassius such as Tang Hanpei had a powerful card with an attack range of more than 100 meters!

Cassius’s card.

The only role of their cards was to resist the bullets that were constantly being fired!

It was just that under the frantic firing of the Great Desolate Army, especially the Star Vibration alloy bullets, the cards didn’t last long at all.

Five minutes later, most of the energy cards of four hundred Cassius had been used up!

The nearby Black Hibiscus Flower Cassius base had a lot of stock but it was already too late to get that.


Xu Tiande shouted and launched a direct general attack!

The two thousand soldiers of the Great Desolate Army rushed quickly with high morale!

There was still energy left on Cassius!

Thousands of bullets were fired.

It was dense like rain!

These Cassius couldn’t support more than a few hits.

After getting hit by dozens of bullets, they were dead as a doornail.

For the remaining three hundred Cassius, the soldiers of the Great Desolate Army showed no mercy.

After rushing through, they killed them without hesitation!

So far, this defense line of four hundred Cassius, disintegrated in less than ten minutes!

Four hundred Cassius were all dead!

“Kill them and kill the guy in the overcoat!”

Xu Tiande did not stop and continued to shout.

The two thousand Great Desolate Army rushed up!

At this time, Tang Hanpei and the Cassius under his hand, were still trying their best to approach the Great Desolate Army’s position.

They were already approaching the range of fifty meters!

The Great Desolate Army in the front row were attacked by cards but there were huge shields and small round shields that they carried around.

No one was killed!

“There are still fifty meters, rush for me!”

Tang Hanpei shouted.

There was something crazy about it.

He knew that the defensive line behind him was being attacked by another Great Desolate Army!

If he couldn’t break through the position in front of him soon, it would be dangerous for him!

“Chief, retreat……”

A voice of Cassius suddenly came from the back.

Tang Hanpei turned his head to look.

He saw a large pile of soldiers of the Great Desolate Army, holding black firearms in their hands.

They were rushing over frantically.

They were already less than 500 meters away!

“Where’s our defense line Where are the four hundred Cassius!” Tang Hanpei asked with a trembling voice.

“Dead, all dead.”

An intermediate level Cassius in the back said through clenched teeth.

Tang Hanpei was struck by lightning!

The whole person was frozen on the spot!

Four hundred Cassius, was a force that no power could ignore.

Surprisingly, it couldn’t even last ten minutes !

“Leader, withdraw, leave the green hills without worrying about no firewood!”

Cassius beside him hurriedly advised.

They were also old people under Tang Hanpei’s hands.

They were well experienced.

With a glance at the situation, they knew that there was no point to continue fighting!

In One Thousand Cassius, four hundred people were originally in the rear line of defense.

At that time, all of them were dead.

A hundred or so people were also killed or injured, who were attacking the Great Desolate Army’s position in the front.

Now, there were less than four hundred people left!

Tang Hanpei clenched his hands tightly.

Very reluctantly, he looked at the position of the Great Desolate Army that was close.

In the end, he still chose to escape!

“Want to leave”

Chang Yu Chun immediately discovered the intention of Tang Hanpei and the others and gave the first order: “Leave a hundred people behind, the others all rush up, we can’t let these people get away, especially the man in the overcoat…… Tang Hanpei!”

They dug trenches and erected obstacles for an all-out defense, just to minimize the loss of the Great Desolate Army.

One could say that they couldn’t beat those Cassius head-on but now it was not the same anymore.

Chang Yu Chun rushed out with the Great Desolate Army!

They pounced on Tang Hanpei and others who retreated to the east!

Xu Tiande’s department in the back had already foreseen this possibility.

The two thousand soldiers of the Great Desolate Army were divided into four small groups.

Five hundred people per group.

Two of these groups were already waiting on the east side!


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