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Chapter 18: The Power of Technology! New inventions!

After receiving Jiang Fan’s instruction in the past ten years, it was impossible that he was not prepared at all.

Among the six, he secretly controlled the department that was the least valued.

He gathered all the talents, vigorously developing technology.

Other than that, the personal guards left behind by Huang was also firmly controlled by Qi.

Blue Star did not have any iron ore, so up until now, he could only create wooden arrows.

The lethality was greatly reduced, but there were oil mines!

Inside the palace, the black liquid buried in the ditch was naturally oil.

If it touched fire, it would burn at once.

This was a strategy that Qi had developed a few years ago.

The personal guards had good training and equipment.

However, they weren’t a match for the tenacious army.

The design and construction of the palace were the responsibility of the construction department.

If he wanted to do something inside, naturally, it was easy.

The palace was designed so narrowly.

Naturally, he did that on purpose.

The surrounding walls were very high.

The palace door closed.

It was hard to escape.

The rockets kept falling.

Instantly, the black oil in the ditch was ignited.

The fire burned fiercely.

Thick black smoke rolled up.

It enveloped the entire palace.

The tenacious army was stunned.

No one had ever seen such a miraculous and shocking scene.

The two sides added up to tens of thousands of people.

Facing the thick smoke, they were all useless.

Seeing the situation was bad, both of them immediately led the people out of the palace.

But the only entrance to the palace was already surrounded by Qi and his guards.

The rockets kept firing.

Even Tough and his brave soldiers could not break through the lines of the guards.

The fire grew bigger and bigger.

The smoke grew darker and darker.

People were constantly engulfed by the fire.

Or if they inhaled too much smoke, they died on the spot.

The palace was full of miserable screams.

Tens of thousands of people, like harvested rice, fell one by one.

Three hours later, the battle had basically ended.

Tough was brave, but he was outnumbered.

He received more than ten arrows and more than ten wounds, then died.

From the tens of thousands of soldiers, more than half were dead or injured.

The remaining few dropped their weapons and surrendered.

They did not join the battle.

Benevolent’s hiding place was kicked open, and he was captured by the guards.

He knelt in front of Kai.

“A merciful person can not be an emperor,” Qi recalled Jiang Fan’s words.

Although he could not bear it, he still raised the stone spear and inserted it into his left chest.

Just like that, the internal chaos that was about to happen was easily resolved.

Qi officially sat on the throne.

He began to govern personally.

During the next ten years, the position of the Ministry of Industry had risen.

Craftsmen became the most respected profession.

Outside, they were usually called “masters”.

Qi also opened a College of Making Things, cultivating a large number of craftsmen.

Among the craftsmen, Qi was the best.

He created the new “Four Great Inventions”.

Papermaking, printing, compass, and kerosene.

It was all done by Qi.

Of course, Jiang Fan helped him.

He passed on the relevant knowledge.

Under Jiang Fan’s interference, the progress of Blue Star’s civilization.

It was much faster than Earth in his previous life.

In just a few hundred years, from the tribal era to the feudal era and the development of technology were all achieved.

Even in other domains, for example, art, literature, philosophy, and so on developed very quickly.

At this moment, Jiang Fan had no choice but to stop the acceleration of the planet because the origin energy was about to run out again.

Jiang Fan walked out the door and towards the Planet Association.

He was going to find a way to make money.


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