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Chapter 19: Hostless Planet! The source of origin energy!

Planet Association was located in the center of River City.

It was a ninety-nine-story skyscraper.

The entire building was owned by the Planet Association.

People came and went to the hall on the first floor.

It was very lively.

Jiang Fan came to a window and waited in line to check the latest requests from the Planet Association.

If he wanted to obtain origin energy, there were two methods.

One was to spend money to buy it.

The other was to plunder.

The target of the plunder was the ownerless planet.

So-called ownerless planet… This was the planet where the planet lord died.

After all, everyone’s lifespan was limited.

Or it could be an accidental death.

Once the planet master died, the planet that was left behind became ownerless.

This way, they could then construct a passage to invade this planet and plunder the origin energy.

This was also most of the main source of origin energy of the market.

Soon, it was Jiang Fan’s turn.

“Hello, what do you need” the young staff member smiled and asked.

“I want to ask.

If I want to go to a hostless planet, what do I need” Jiang Fan asked.

“To the ownerless planet, if it’s a level 1 planet, the procedures are very simple.

As long as you pay a toll of 10,000, you can enter,” the young staff member said.

“10000” Jiang Fan raised his eyebrows.

All these years, Jiang Fan was frugal.

He often did odd jobs and tutoring.

He had saved ten thousand.

It was just that if he paid the toll, it would all be gone.

“No input, no output.” Without any hesitation, Jiang Fan handed his ID card and said, “Help me handle it.”

“Okay.” The young staff took the ID card and said, “Please select a planet first…”

At this point, the young staff stopped.

He glanced at Jiang Fan and asked, “Is this your first time on a planet without a master”

“Yes, is there a problem” Jiang Fan replied.

“It’s like this.

According to the latest rules of the Planet Association, if you’re going for the first time, you can waive the toll,” the young staff member explained.

“It’s not bad to have such a rule.” Jiang Fan smiled.

He just saved ten thousand!

This was the first time, so Jiang Fan was also more cautious.

As recommended by the young staff, he chose a hostless planet of the warrior civilization.

Normally speaking, as there was no one to take care of hostless planets, the ecosystem would gradually collapse.

The energy on the planet would gradually decrease, and the entire planet would gradually lose its life force.

In the end… it turned into a dead star!

Of course, there were exceptions.

However, such an exception was only one of the few.

“A warrior planet on the verge of collapse I need to make some preparations.” Jiang Fan was not careless.

After all, the martial arts civilization was also an extraordinary civilization.

One mistake, perhaps the ship would be overturned in the gutter.

He returned to his residence.

Jiang Fan immediately entered the awakening space.

He found Qi who was resting.

“Father, you’re here.” Qi was very happy.

Ever since he was in power, it had been several years since he had been able to contact Jiang Fan.

Compared to the tedious state affairs, Qi hoped to learn novel knowledge from Jiang Fan.

“Didn’t you always ask what was outside the planet” Jiang Fan used the water vapor to display the text on the table.

Qi’s eyes widened.

“Father, this is…”

WIl he tell me the truth about this planet

Qi was very smart.

Not only did he realize that the planet was growing larger when he was young.

He also guessed that there was another world outside the planet.

“Now… The opportunity is here.” Jiang Fan used words to communicate.

“I will open a path to another planet.

Through this path, the people here can enter another planet.”


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