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Chapter 20: Planet Passage!Take the initiative to set out!

“Another planet” Qi was stunned.

“Be prepared.” Jiang Fan continued to display the text, “The passage will open in three months.

“When the time comes, you will bring your army to that planet.


“The natives on that planet are not ordinary people.

“They are extraordinary and stronger than a beast!”

“Extraordinary!” Qi was surprised and delighted.

At the same time, there were traces of doubt.

“Extraordinary, as the name suggests, is a human with extraordinary strength.

“Even the strongest warrior in the Xia Kingdom.

“In the hands of Extraordinaires, he is not a match!


“The number of opponents is very small.

“So, you can rely on the army to suppress the numbers.

“In short, just like when dealing with wild beasts, you have to be prepared.” Jiang Fan reminded him.

Then, he logged off.

He left behind a look of shock and joy.

For Qi, Jiang Fan said a few short sentences.

However, it was more shocking than any other novel knowledge in the past.

“There really is another world outside this planet.

There’s actually another planet where people live.

It’s really exciting,” he muttered to himself.

After the shock and joy, the anticipation grew stronger and stronger.

“Father will open the planet’s passageway to plunder the resources of other planets” Qi had a preliminary guess.

“No matter what, this is Father’s first mission to me.

I must do it well.” Qi could not wait to act.

One after another, the most elite group of soldiers from the Xia Kingdom had been transferred.

He trained them personally.

Soon, three months passed.

As for Jiang Fan, who had accelerated time, only one day passed outside.

Under the guidance of the staff, Jiang Fan boarded a spaceship.

This was a spaceship from the cultivation civilization.

There were several formations carved on it.

It could fly in the air.

On the spaceship, there were many passengers.

Most of them were level 1 planet masters like Jiang Fan.

Some traveled together.

Some of them were acting alone.

However, their goals were similar.

It was all to plunder the Origin energy from a hostless planet.

The hostless planet was in the hostless galaxy.

It was also the ship’s destination this time.

About an hour passed, the spaceship arrived at a large cave.

“This is the entrance to the galaxy.” A person with a better understanding took the initiative to explain to Jiang Fan and the other newcomers.

“There are many entrances like this, but you can’t tell from their appearance.

The main purpose of the toll we pay is to stabilize the entrance.”

“Everyone get ready.” The staff member reminded them.

Then, the spaceship entered the cave.

Jiang Fan felt a slight shake.

A moment later, the spaceship passed through the hole.

What came into view was a huge galaxy surrounded by planets!

Jiang Fan looked at it curiously.

A staff member’s voice rang in his ear.

“This is the galaxy.

If you want to enter a hostless planet, just activate the channel imprint.”

There was no need for the staff to remind the few veterans.

They quickly took out the imprint that was wrapped in crystal.

The newcomers were also eager to give it a try.

“The people who came here for the first time should pay attention.” The staff reminded, “Although the information about the hostless planets is the latest, there are many planets that haven’t been updated for many years.

“No one knows what’s going on inside.

“If you encounter a special situation, for example, the strength of the planet’s natives exceeds the forecast.

“Then let the people of your planet withdraw from the passage and close it to reduce losses!”

Not just the staff, there were also warm-hearted old men giving hints to the newcomers.

Jiang Fan listened for a while.

He took out the channel imprint and began preparing to enter!!


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