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Chapter 21: Entering the Warrior Planet!

One day outside was equivalent to three months in Blue Star.

Jiang Fan had deliberately adjusted the flow of time within the awakening space to a certain value.


Within the Great Desolate City of Xia Kingdom.

A military camp had been set up on a small hill not far from the palace.

Inside the military camp, a team of brave soldiers was training with great fervor.

Qi stood on the high platform and observed the soldiers of the Xia Kingdom.

During these three months, Qi was personally responsible for training this group of soldiers.

All of them were carefully selected from the whole kingdom and every single one of them was a warrior among warriors.

Following Jiang Fan’s advice, Qi was doing his best.

He was also looking forward to seeing the outside world.

He had named this army, the Great Desolate Army.

It was currently the strongest army in the Xia kingdom.


Qi glanced at the soldiers below and his sound resounded throughout the square.

Everyone immediately stopped and looked up at the stage.

“Today is the day of the conquest of the alien planets…… Are you ready”

Qi shouted.

“We’re ready.”

The square shook with the soldier’s response.

After three months of training, all the soldiers knew that there were other planets besides their planet which were inhabited by other beings.

“Father God, see These are the brave men of my Xia Kingdom.”

Qi looked at the sky and spoke to himself.


Jiang Fan naturally saw this scene that happened in the Xia Kingdom.

Qi really didn’t let him down and specifically established an army to fight the natives of the alien planet.

Jiang Fan had been paying attention to the changes in the planet panel in his mind.

Blue Star had really developed rapidly.

Especially after the number of humans increased, various kinds of data had a significant improvement.


[Planet name: Blue Star

Planet level: Level 1

Diameter of the planet: 250.4 km

Planet species: 1212

Deduction route: none]


Now there were hundreds of thousands of people in the Xia kingdom.

Although the kingdom had broken away from the tribal era, it still maintained the martial spirit.

One could even say that all the people of the kingdom were soldiers.

More than 100,000 soldiers could be mobilized in the event of an emergency.

Although this army only had 10,000 soldiers, all of them were the elite of the elites.

They were equipped with the most advanced weapons and leather armor.

In addition, Qi led them to train hard day and night, so their combat power was very strong.


On the spaceship, the veterans entered their rooms one by one and took out the channel imprint to enter their respective target planets.

Newcomers followed their example.

After checking the situation of Xia Kingdom, Jiang Fan also returned to his room and locked the door.

Then he took out the crystal ball and activated the channel imprint.

Immediately afterward, a hazy light appeared above the Blue Star in the awakening space.

Eventually, this light dispersed and a ten meters large door that was made of light appeared.

“Is this…… The passage between the planets”

Jiang Fan stared at the light door.

It was releasing a subtle aura.

It was an energy that did not belong to this world.

In other words, there was another world on the other side of the passage.

In the Great Desolate City.

There was no need for Jiang Fan to inform Qi because his men had also discovered this door of light and reported it.

Qi immediately rushed over with his army.

Everyone became shocked upon seeing this huge light door.

“What kind of technology is this…… How can it create such a marvel”

Qi’s heart was greatly shaken.

He would love to do some research right now, but he knew that at this moment, the most important thing was to lead his army through this gate of light.

“Warriors, the time has come to show your courage.

Follow me…… Let’s go.”

Qi waved his hand and took the lead in entering the passage while the Great Desolate Army followed him.

A few moments later, the view from the other side of the passage came into his view.

At this time, Jiang Fan also saw the situation on this side.

According to the Planetary Association’s information, this was a warrior planet that was on the verge of collapse.

The truth was not much different.

Jiang Fan saw that the entire land, including the sky, was turning yellow and the energy within this planet had thinned out to the extreme.

There was hardly any vegetation in sight above the earth, and not much life could be felt.

The shrinkage of this planet was very severe.

Jiang Fan found that the current planet was roughly estimated to be less than 100 kilometers in diameter.

Although the planet was on the verge of collapse, many warriors were still alive.


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