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Chapter 22: Warriors vs.

Army of Ordinary People! 

The passage opened in a valley on this planet.

Qi was very cautious.

He didn’t relax because there were 10,000 elite soldiers behind him.

Instead, he instructed the army to stay inside the valley and dispatched some scouting teams to go out and check the situation outside.

This was not a big planet and beyond the valley, just a few indigenous warriors were wandering around!

Jiang Fan also saw these indigenous warriors.

There were three of them and the aura of each one was very powerful.

Even if the most elite warriors of the Great Desolate Army would form a team no one of them was a match for any of the three!

The suppression of this force value.

He could clearly feel the suppression of this force value.

“On this planet, there is true Qi Energy, which was also developed to a good height before the owner of the planet died.”

Jiang Fan recalled the information obtained from the Planetary Association in his mind.

“The planet’s owner has been dead for a long time now.”

“There’s no one who is taking care of this planet.”

“The true Qi Energy on the planet is slowly diminishing.”

“As the true Qi Energy decreases, the strength of the warriors here will also decrease.”

If it was in its prime, there were thousands of warriors on this planet!

Let alone 10,000 troops, even if it was 100,000! Jiang Fan would not dare to attack at all.

But now there couldn’t be that much here.

He could tell just from the size of the planet, that it was impossible to support a large number of warriors.

Jiang Fan saw that the clothes on the three warriors were tattered and there was still hunger on their faces!

Apparently, there was not enough food here.

“The physical quality of warriors was far beyond that of ordinary people, and they can survive by eating just a little food every day.”

“If the planet continues to decline.”


“These warriors will probably end up starving to death.”

Jiang Fan thought about it.

While observing the situation outside the valley, the vigilance of the warrior was so sharp.

While the scouting team was coming out of the valley, three pairs of eyes shot sharply at once and spotted the scouting soldiers hiding behind the hill.

Seeing these soldiers, the three warriors were not surprised.

Instead, there was a hint of joy on their face!

Immediately after that, the three warriors said something to each other.

A warrior then turned around and quickly ran back at the speed of a warrior.

Their speed was much faster than ordinary people’s speed.

“Not good, we’ve been spotted.”

The scouting team was alarmed.

Qi was also following behind the scouting team.

After seeing this scene, his face became a little grave, and he said: “As expected of an extraordinary person, the strength is much stronger than our ordinary people, you…… don’t be careless, the first guard at the mouth of the valley, if you encounter something bad, retreat immediately.”

Qi was a very cautious person so he immediately ordered the scouting team to retreat.

On the other hand, he let other soldiers start constructing simple fortifications.

Surprisingly, they planned to take a defensive position!


After about an hour, one figure after another appeared in the distance, it was flying this way and it came closer.

Everyone just saw that.

There were impressively dozens of warriors and their aura was not weak but each one of them had tattered clothes, even the shoes on their feet were broken.

These warriors were seeing the soldiers at the mouth of the valley, one by one…..

In their eyes, there was a hungry wolf-like oily green light!

There were a few of them.

They had been hungry for a long time and were treating scouting soldiers like food.

The leader was a bald man with a height of nearly 1.9 meters and he was carrying a large knife nearly two meters long over his shoulder!

The bald man was staring at the scout soldiers.

At that time he was scanning back and forth up and down.

He said unexpectedly while he was licking his lips, “This time the intruders are actually…… a group of ordinary people”

“Ordinary people are also creatures, and their meat may be even more tender.”

A petite woman next to him laughed and said, “Ordinary people are not better to deal with, if they are warriors like us, maybe we will have to kill a lot more.”

A man with a face full of flesh hummed said, “Just these few ordinary people, I’ll kill them like chickens!”

A long-haired youth said with great disdain, “A total of fifty-eight warriors!”

While these warriors were speaking, Jiang Fan was watching from a high position.

He was watching it clearly that the Great Desolate Army of ten thousand people were against fifty-eight warriors


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