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Chapter 23: Battle of Wisdom! A present for Jiang Fan!

It was obvious that the warriors of this planet had been invaded.

Apparently, as for their previous invasions, they managed to fend them off!

“Speaking of which, we haven’t eaten meat for a long time.”

The bald man was carrying a two-meter-long sword and almost drooled.

Let alone meat on this planet, even grassroots and barks were all about to be eaten up!

“These dozens of ordinary people are enough to feed us for a long time.”

The petite woman said.

As the planet was on the verge of collapse, these warriors did not have any morals.

For them, living was the most important thing!

These warriors had nothing to worry about confronting the ordinary people.

All of them went straight ahead, each one used their means and scrambled to the valley.

The scouting team hurriedly released arrows, due to the lack of iron ore on Blue Star.

Therefore, the main material of the current arrows was copper, and the power was much worse than that of iron arrows.





Dozens of arrows shot over but they were easily shot down by warriors such as the bald man!

“That’s it Ordinary people are really weak.”

The long-haired youth laughed disdainfully.

“Go back to the valley and implement the second plan.”

Seeing that the arrows didn’t give these warriors much threat, Qi’s face changed slightly and he ordered immediately.

The original first plan was head-to-head battles.

It was all about taking advantage of numbers and stacking these warriors to death, but now it didn’t work.

The scouting team and Qi immediately retreated into the valley.

The bald man and other warriors quickly came to the mouth of the valley.

There was no stop, they just broke in.

After entering, they saw a few hundred people in front of him.

The bald man and the others couldn’t help but have their eyes lit up.

“Hahahaha, there are so many people here……”

The bald man hadn’t finished speaking yet.

Suddenly his voice stuck!

Then, his face changed!


Around the valley, a large number of troops poured out from the cracks, mountain roads, and behind the boulders!

Visually, there were at least 5,000 people!

Although the bald man and the others were strong they were not stupid either.

Against a few hundred ordinary people, it was not a problem for them, but that number had multiplied tenfold and it was still an organized army.

It wouldn’t be easy to deal with.

Even if it could be defeated in the end, there won’t be many of these warriors left!

In this narrow valley, the warrior’s advantage was further narrowed.


The bald man gave a low shout.

The decision was made immediately.

Others were greedy though and were drooling, but they also knew the importance of the matter.

Immediately, they turned around and retreated.





A large number of arrows shot from the air.

Those arrows were coming from all directions, like a rain of arrows.

It came overwhelmingly at the entrance to the valley.

In just one hour, it had been blocked by Qi’s orders with boulders.

Only a narrow passage was left, when these warriors came in, they didn’t even notice this problem.

Qi led a team of a thousand people and blocked the passage to stop these people from retreating!

Although these people were warriors, they still couldn’t fly.

They were surrounded by smooth cliffs and were trying to get out.

The only way out was through this passage that held two people!

But Qi’s plan wasn’t over yet and a rain of arrows poured out of the sky and it was also mixed with a lot of rockets.

Inside the valley, a lot of oil had been buried!

Once it was ignited by the rocket it would immediately burn violently and the 10,000 soldiers who were prepared for this were wearing the improvised smoke masks they carried with them!

Thousands of soldiers surrounded the area on the outside as the spear formation.

Those arrows were not fatal.

The crowd of warriors who were surrounded by the north frantically poured out!





The warriors were all waving their weapons to block the bows and arrows!

What they cultivated was true Qi Energy.

The physical body was not invincible.

Once it was hit by an arrow, it was painful!

Suddenly intense smoke hit the area even these warriors couldn’t stand it!

“Damn it.”

The bald man shouted and said, “Come with me and kill them!”

Fifty-eight warriors quickly rushed towards the mouth of the valley.

But the thousand elite soldiers that Qi had prepared were already prepared there.

At the same time, such a small passage could only accommodate two warriors to go over.

It was even worse, inside the passage and it was also ambushed with oil.

After the bald man and others entered, a rocket was shot over and the passage started burning crazily!


The whole bodies of warriors were set on fire.

They couldn’t help but scream.


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