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Chapter 24: Unexpected Harvest!

Even if they were warriors, they were still afraid of fire.

After the unfortunate warriors were ignited by fire, they were no longer able to block the arrows coming from all directions.

Instantly, countless arrows were hit.

Their bodies were densely packed like a hedgehog!

After the Great Desolate Army entered this planet, they were the first warriors to be killed!

In the narrow passage, the warriors were huddled together, and more and more warriors were caught in the sea of fire!

The bald man was very brave.

He was holding a two-meter long sword, dashed madly to the outside!

Two arrows were hit in his body, but it didn’t affect his speed at all.

Immediately, he rushed to the front.

“Stop him!”

Qi shouted sharply!

The elite soldiers at the mouth of the valley, armed with spears, surrounded the mouth of the valley!

The bald man slashed wildly with a sword!

Spears were being chopped over and over again!

Soldiers fell one by one as they were approached by a warrior.

Ordinary soldiers had a hard time resisting but the soldiers of the Great Desolate Army were elites.

They were not afraid of death!

The front fell and the ones behind continued to rush up and they surrounded the bald man and others.

They were not letting them rush out.

The good thing was that the passage was really small.

There were not many warriors who could cross the sea of ​​fire and rush out.

The bald man and the few others frantically charged forward but they were not able to break through the encirclement of the Great Desolate Army.

A rain of arrows was all around and it was still falling.

The number of arrows hitting their body was increasing and they fell behind.

Other warriors who hadn’t had time to enter the passage saw that the situation was not good.

They returned directly towards the surrounding army to attack!

It might be that they realized that they were going to die here today.

All of them were crazy to the core!

The battle situation at the mouth of the valley and in the valley was extremely tragic!

The strongest was the bald man.

He killed and wounded dozens of elite soldiers.

However, they were helpless.

The difference in numbers between the two sides was too great.

Plus, there was no heart.

Gradually, more and more warriors fell under fire, smoke, and arrows!

There were fewer and fewer warriors left.

By the end, the bald man with an unknown number of wounds also fell!

Seeing this, Jiang Fan breathed a sigh of relief and his eyes began to turn elsewhere.

This was a warrior planet and once there was a high level of warrior civilization!

In addition to plundering the power of the origin and other resources were also not a small harvest.

As this was a warrior planet, there were many warriors and exercises.

There might also be divine weapons and precious heavenly treasures!

The resources of this planet were average.

There were only some martial arts and exercises!


After about one hour the battle was over inside and outside the valley.

All the warriors were killed by the Great Desolate Army, but the Great Desolate Army also paid a small price.

Hundreds of soldiers were killed and seriously injured!

There were also many minor injuries, but in the end, it was a win.

It was a victory against extraordinary humans.

Among the remaining soldiers, most faces were beaming with joy and excitement!

Qi was not too emotional and just let people clean the battlefield.

On the other hand, he was researching the weapon that a warrior carried with him!

The planet’s life force bottomed out in an instant as all the fifty-eight warriors were dead.

The planet was moving at a speed visible to the naked eye and it shrank down quickly.

The original diameter was close to 100 kilometers but after that, it shrunk to less than 20 kilometers.

In addition to the warriors, there were not many high-level creatures left on this planet.

Mostly, it was weeds, and some crops, bacteria, microorganisms, etc.

Following the usual trend, these creatures would die soon and the life force of this planet would also be completely lost and it would be completely a dead star.

The Great Desolate Army returned with a reward.

Almost all the resources that could be moved on this planet had been moved back to Blue Star.

Jiang Fan’s gaze still lingered.

He used the power of the origin and let this ownerless planet undergo acceleration.

After less than one year, the planet’s life would be completely extinct.

The diameter also returned to the size when it was just awakened.

This time, a strange mass of energy was rising from the interior of the planet and it seemed to want to escape from here, but Jiang Fan, who had been waiting for a long time, captured it directly with the crystal!

This strange energy was the power of the origin generated by this planet.

It was just a pity that the level of civilization on this planet was not high.

The amount of origin power generated was not much.

It was probably only about half a serving!

After capturing the power of the origin, the purpose of Jiang Fan’s trip was also achieved.

His eyes retracted and turned back to the Blue Star.

As instructed by Jiang Fan, martial arts techniques and other secret books were ordered by Qi to be moved back inside the palace.

With Jiang Fan’s authority, he could take these things directly!

It’s just that these were not of much use to Blue Star.

Therefore, Jiang Fan took them and came to the Planet Association again and was ready to be used for resources or money!!!


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