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Chapter 25: Resource Exchange!

Planet Association.

In the lobby on the first floor, there was still a busy scene.

Jiang Fan came to the same window as last time and the reception staff was also the same as last time.

This time, there was no one in line in front of it.

Jiang Fan walked straight over, handed over his identity card, and said, “Hello, I want to exchange some items.”

“Hello sir, what items do you need to exchange”

The young staff member took the ID card and swiped it.

Followed by……

She lifted her head and looked at Jiang Fan.

For this handsome and young man who came yesterday, the young female staff member was naturally impressed.

“I want to exchange some martial arts and exercises methods.”

Jiang Fan took out the martial arts techniques he had plundered from that previous warrior planet and placed it on the counter.

There were thick stacks of piles on that planet and it was also built for decades.

Naturally, there were many martial arts techniques left.

The young female staff member saw so many techniques and gave Jiang Fan a somewhat surprised look and asked, “Mr.

Jiang, this is…… successfully plundered that planet yesterday”

“Yeah.” Jiang Fan nodded.

There was nothing to hide, one check could tell that.

A look of surprise flashed across the young female staff member’s eyes!

Yesterday, she recommended this planet.

Although it was on the verge of collapse, it was a medium martial world!

In this martial civilization, there were also internal divisions.

There were low martial civilizations, medium martial civilizations, and high martial civilizations!

Among them, the powerful high martial civilization had developed to the extreme.

They were even able to compete with medium civilizations.

It was also not to be underestimated for the newcomers, most of them would choose the low martial world.

If it weren’t for the fact that he didn’t have a better choice yesterday, the female staff would not recommend this planet either.

But unexpectedly, the young man in front of her resolved it so soon.

“Could it be a talented person from any school”

The young female staff member muttered something in her heart and then began to check.

About three minutes later when she checked it out, she looked up at Jiang Fan, revealed a smile, and said, “There are a total of thirty-one martial arts and exercise methods here, of which……”

“There are eleven books in the unclassified category.”

“There are fifteen books of the yellow grade.”

“There are five Profound Rank books.”

“One of them is a Middle Profound Rank sword technique!”

Hearing the young staff explain, Jiang Fan nodded slightly.

Various planets had different levels of civilization because each had its realm not just in terms of cultivation, this included items, exercise methods, etc.

as well.

For easier trading of all kinds of planet civilizations, both high-level and low-level civilizations had adopted a uniform level division.

From low to high there were four levels: Yellow, Profound, Earth, and Heaven.

Among them, each level was also divided into three small levels high, medium, and low!

“Do you want to exchange these martial arts for resources or federal dollars”

The young staff member asked.

“Change it to federal dollars.”

Jiang Fan said.

Now, what Jiang Fan wanted the most was iron ore because the Blue Star was still too small as compared to the previous planet.

So, a lot fewer species and minerals were born there.

One very important iron ore had yet to take shape, but the price of iron ore was naturally not expensive, the lowest estimate was also 10 million.

Jiang Fan couldn’t afford it at the moment.

According to the theory, items from the outside could not be put directly into the various awakening planets and they must be encapsulated with a crystal ball first!

This was true for both living and dead things.

These martial arts techniques were not worth the money, a few hundred per book was the most.

The yellow and profound grades were a bit more expensive.

That Profound grade intermediate level sword technique was valued at $200,000!

If it was outside, it was estimated to be able to sell even higher.

But for one thing, Jiang Fan didn’t have that access.

Secondly, this was also more work, Jiang Fan did not have that time.

It sold for over half a million dollars.

“Going to other planets and plundering is the fastest way to get rich.”

Jiang Fan could not help but sigh.


After coming back from the Planet Association, Jiang Fan looked into the awakening space to check out the situation of Blue Star.

In the Xia Kingdom, within the capital city of Great Desolation, a great celebration was underway!

They celebrated the success of this alien expedition!

The generals sang, danced, and were drinking, guessing, and laughing!

A piece of cheerfulness was in the air.

Jiang Fan found out that Qi stood alone on top of the high platform.

With eyes in the sky, there was a blank look in his eyes.


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