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Chapter 26: Supersonic Weapons Qi’s shock!

Qi was looking at the laughter of the crowd and celebration of the generals at the bottom and there was not much joy on his face.

Instead, there was a trace of worry and…… daze!


Qi looked up at the sky and muttered to himself, “I have already seen the superhuman you mentioned, and sure enough… very powerful!”

“In terms of individual force.”

“Our Xia Kingdom’s most powerful warriors are far from their opponents!”

“Although I won today, it also sacrificed the lives of hundreds of soldiers.”

“If there is a day that a more powerful transcendent comes, there will be more, hundreds! Thousands!!”

“Then how are we going to deal with it”

Qi was very intelligent.

In the past, he realized that the Blue Star under his feet was getting bigger.

Now, he also noticed that transcendents were very powerful.

It did not seem to be something that ordinary people could deal with.

Jiang Fan, who just entered the awakening space, just saw this scene and manipulated the water vapor in the air, the text was displayed in front of Qi.

“Your father, Desolation, had similar worries as you did back then.”

“Father!” Qi was thrilled.

“Your father’s situation was much worse than you are now.”

Jiang Fan continued to display the text and said, “You should have heard about it, the Desolate Tribe had a most difficult period under the oppression of the Barbarian Tribe.”

“The barbarian tribe was so much stronger than the Desolate tribe at that time.”

“But later……”

“Why was it the Desolate Tribe that ultimately won”

“It was wisdom!”

Qi’s eyes lit up as he replied, “Back then, Father relied on a wisdom that no one else had thus he defeated the barbarian tribe.”

“I’ve heard my father tell this story, but……”

Qi still frowned slightly and said, “The barbarian tribes were after all not ordinary people, but these are extraordinary people.”

“They were born to exist beyond us.”

“I can’t think of a day when I will meet more and stronger extraordinary people.”

“How are we going to win”

“Just relying on numbers to suppress it”

It must be said that the previous battle with the warriors let Qi see the extraordinary style at the same time.

There was also a tremor in his heart for such a powerful individual.

If it weren’t for the geographical advantage of the valley, even if the opponent was invincible, they must be able to escape!

This…… was hardly something that ordinary human beings could fight against.

“Those warriors are indeed very powerful.”

Jiang Fan gathered water vapor and said, “Their strength and speed are more frightening than fierce beasts, but……”

“Is the fastest warrior faster than an arrow”

“No they are not faster than arrows, our bows and arrows are not much of a threat to them either,” Qi replied.

The alertness and reaction of the warriors were too strong and a rain of arrows came down.

It was also hard to hit a few of them.

After a pause, Qi said again: “I know that the current bow and arrow technology has just started, and it does not have enough lethality, but even if it tends to be perfect, it is estimated that it will not be a threat to the powerful Transcendent.”

“You have a solidified mind.”

Jiang Fan reminded: “Do you think that ordinary people’s weapons cannot pose a threat to extraordinary people”

“There are weapons that are as fast as sound.”

“Do you think the previous warriors could escape”

“Same as the sound”

Qi was shocked because the speed of sound was almost instantaneous!

Immediately replied: “If our weapons have the speed of sound, those extraordinary people before will not be able to escape!”

“But a supersonic weapon…… is that possible”

He was inspired by questions.

“Why is that not possible”

Jiang Fan said word by word: “You think it’s impossible, that’s because you haven’t seen the essence behind the speed!”

“If there are grades in physics, then……”

“You’re not even a beginner now!”

“Not even a beginner”

Seeing these few words displayed by Jiang Fan, Qi’s eyes suddenly turned red.

He grasped with both hands and his body shook slightly.

It was a little hard to believe because Qi was not a proud person but he also knew the current technology of the Xia Kingdom.

Most of them were from him!

In terms of technology, no one was stronger than him in the whole Xia Kingdom.

This was his pride!


With a trembling voice, he said, “I know my level of knowledge cannot compare with yours, but for the Xia Kingdom, I have given all my heart and soul!”

“I invented papermaking, printing, the compass, and oil.”

“I also invented the waterwheel, the windmill, and the curved plow, textile carts, carriages, ceramics, bricks, and tiles, these are all my contributions.”

“Most of the inventions of the Ministry of Industry are related to me.”

“I feel like I should be on my way to quer……”

“Travel quite a distance.”

Qi did not dare to directly question Jiang Fan.

Instead, he used a large paragraph of words to express his dissatisfaction!

“So what”

Jiang Fan continued to display the text.

He felt that it was time to teach this smart child a proper lesson!


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