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Chapter 27: Jiang Fan’s Six Questions! Kewu Academy was established!

“So what”

Jiang Fan’s tone was clearly expressed through the displayed text.

“Do you know why water flows lower and not higher”

“Do you know why drinking cold water makes you sick and hot water doesn’t”

“Do you know why sound is faster than a bow and arrow”

“Do you know why coal burns, but the stone doesn’t”

“Do you know why lions and tigers can give birth to offspring, but dogs and cats are not”

“Also, why are transcendents so much stronger than ordinary people when they are also human”

Jiang Fan asked six questions in a row to confuse him!

These are seemingly natural and taken-for-granted phenomena.

Even if it was someone as smart as Qi, he did not bother to look deeper but now Jiang Fan asked about it.

Qi just realized that the skills he mastered in the past were just appearances and it was not even close to the real “scraps”!


Jiang Fan continued to display the text, “It is the discipline of exploring the essential laws of all things in the world.”

“When you figure these questions out……”

“You’re a real beginner!”

After teaching this, Jiang Fan left a completely stunned Qi!

The whole person was like enlightenment in the middle of a mist.

A new light was found!

Originally, after seeing the power of extraordinary people, he was a little anxious.

Gradually, he calmed down.

He began to seriously think about these few questions Jiang Fan left behind, sitting on top of a high platform all night long!

But this era was still the feudal era.

Much of this knowledge had yet to be discovered.

Qi was even more talented.

It was impossible to understand the principle overnight!


This night was the most important turning point in Qi’s life.

Since then, his focus shifted from the study of technology to the principle of things.

As for technology, it was left to others to recruit more talents.

It was also to encourage Xia Kingdom’s people to go to school.

Qi started the “imperial examination”!

Examination there was not like the ancient times in the previous life.

There was no examination for the eight units.

There was no need to read the four books and five scriptures, no poems and songs.

In literary politics, there was only one exam.

In contrast, there were a lot more disciplines in “Kinetics”!

For better research, Qi split the original Kewu Academy!

It was divided into “Kewu Academy” and “Tiangong Academy”.

One focused on the study of the laws of the world.

One was responsible for the research and development of process technology.

If someone wanted to get into both academies he had to take the science test!

“Tiangong Academy”

Jiang Fan naturally observed Qi’s move.

Before opening the hospital, Jiang Fan passed on a book to Qi——


The author of “Tiangong” was the ancient great scientist Song Yingxing on the previous earth.

It was the first comprehensive work on agricultural and handicraft production on the former Earth.

It was also a comprehensive scientific and technical work in ancient times, some people also called it an encyclopedic work.

Foreign scholars called it “the encyclopedia of craftsmanship in the 17th century”.

The entire book contained production techniques for agriculture and handicrafts, such as machinery, brick, and tile, ceramics, sulfur, candles, paper, weapons, gunpowder, textiles, dyeing, salt making, coal mining, oil extraction, etc.

The book corresponded exactly to the name of the Academy.

Qi was overjoyed!

With this book, he could greatly reduce the detours taken by the Xia kingdom!

“Tiangong Kaiwu” had since become the treasure of Tiangong Academy, it influenced generations of students.

The evaluation in later generations was very high as compared with Tiangong Academy, which was easier to play a practical role.

There were many fewer people who enrolled in Kewu Academy.

The good thing was that with the strong support of Qi, the development of Kewu Academy was very smooth and the six questions Jiang Fan left were hung up high by Qi and it became the topic of the two academies!

Qi announced that whoever could answer any one of these six questions would directly be awarded the position of professor and there were high prizes.

Qi also set up a “Great Desolate Award” to reward those who would make significant contributions to these six questions each year.

With so many initiatives down the line, Qi and the two other academies were full of energy.

It felt that these six questions would be solved soon.

However, until the tenth year of the establishment of the two academies, someone solved the question.

It was the second-easiest question.

In the Tiangong Academy, a student who had been studying lenses for a long time accidentally produced the first microscope in the history of Blue Star!

Before that, glass, glasses, magnifying glasses, etc were used.

All had been invented, relying on this first humble microscope!

People discovered the “other world” that shocked them!!


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