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Chapter 28: Miniature World! The “Nobel Prize” of the Great Desolate!

Tiangong Academy, inside the laboratory beside a simple microscope, was crowded with many students who came to hear the news.

One by one, they stood on tiptoes and looked at the student who was lying on the microscope.

One hour ago, a piece of startling news quickly spread throughout the academy.

Someone based on a magnifying glass made a new instrument and in this kind of instrument, something was different!

Not long after, when everyone heard the news, Qi also hurried over.

There was a hint of excitement on his face that was hard to conceal.

Over the years, Jiang Fan’s six questions were not resolved though.

But there was a lot of progress!

For the second question, there was more or less research and speculation.

Many people gave their conclusions but it was never proven.

With the help of a microscope, Qi saw the “other world” like never before.

“What are these”

Looking inside the lens, one of the tiny objects appeared.

Qi was surprised and delighted!

“It’s the same as I guessed before, that such tiny beings exist in this world!”


The microscope was undoubtedly a major invention!

It uncovered the world of microbes!

Soon after, cells were also discovered!

People had initially opened the door about the creature itself!

A new discipline—

Microbiology was officially established!

Up to this point, regarding the second question raised by Jiang Fan, Qi had a definite answer.

“Coldwater contains harmful microorganisms that are invisible to the naked eye, so people get sick when they drink it, but when the cold water is heated, these microorganisms are killed, and naturally the water becomes fine.”

Qi solemnly wrote down the answer in his notebook.

This year’s “Great Desolate Award” would go to the participant who invented the microscope and there was no doubt about that!


Time went by under the acceleration of the awakening space above the Blue Star, the years passed calmly and comfortably.

Ten years had passed in a flash!

Kewu Academy and Tiangong Academy were secretly competing with each other.

A lot of research results were emerging from each of them but there was no more invention of cross-generational significance like the microscope.

The population of the Xia Kingdom continued to grow.

Although there was no external threat, they still maintained a huge army!

Many people were aware that outside this world, there were also many very powerful civilizations.

Everyone there was as powerful as a fierce beast.

So, the invasion was possible at any time!

Of course, this was the rumor on the street.

Qi also did not bother to dispel the rumors.

It was better to have a sense of crisis than none at all.

With the help of two academies, the weapons of the army had developed rapidly.

In particular, many resources were plundered from the Warrior Planet last time.

There were also dozens of tons of iron ore that could be used to make even sharper weapons.

The research and development of bows and crossbows was a top priority, especially with the creation of large crossbows!

In addition to the weapons, the formation of the cavalry was another priority!

Thanks to the superior environment of Blue Star, in the north, a large area of rain-fed grassland was distributed.

A large number of wild horses lived there.

One with excellent genes could be said to be a tall horse.

Following Jiang Fan’s instructions, the wild horses of the previous generation had been domesticated.

By the time of Qi’s generation, domestication was still ongoing.

Later, with the help of the Academy, domesticating and breeding war horses became much easier and a branch of cavalry was also formally formed.

Priority was given to crafting saddles and stirrups as well as bows and crossbows.

The level of technology in the Xia Kingdom that day was higher than any dynasty in the ancient times of his previous life!

However, it was limited by the lack of many resources and was not yet able to surge!

Jiang Fan who was watching couldn’t help but nod secretly.

It was almost comparable to the industrialization level of the previous life.

Under gradual development, Qi as the head of a country was aging with each passing day due to the dual management of state affairs and material research.

He started to get sick!

The medical aspect of the Xia Kingdom hadn’t been much developed.

Life expectancy was not high at that time.

At this point, Qi also had to consider the issue of the successor to the throne.

Unlike Desolate, Qi did not marry many wives.

Children were also relatively few.

They were rarely disciplined and taught at ordinary times.

In this kind of situation plus a peaceful environment, Qi’s sons were relatively mediocre.

None of them stood out above the courtroom.

The princes, several of whom each had many supporters!

There was no first-born son succession here.

The ministers argued fiercely every day and Qi was also very distressed.

He could not tell which one was more suitable to succeed the throne.

Qi thought of the first time he saw Jiang Fan at that time.

It seems that……

At that time, Jiang Fan chose the successor for Desolate, so Qi started calling out to Jiang Fan.

He was ready to let Jiang Fan decide the next emperor once again!!!


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