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Chapter 29: Great Wisdom! Medical genius!

When Qi called Jiang Fan, he naturally noticed it and he was also observing Qi’s sons.

Qi had few sons.

There were less than twenty in total.

Among them, four also died only thirteen sons left!

Among the many sons of this generation of Qi, there was not a single one with outstanding talent like the previous desolate generation’s reluctance.

There should be the kind of person who was extraordinary since childhood!

Seeing Qi in a difficult decision, Jiang Fan decided to help him out!

Of course, he helped mainly for the better development of Blue Star.

Today’s the Xia Kingdom was still in the feudal era.

It would still take a lot of time to develop because technological breakthroughs were not that easy and people’s ideas couldn’t be changed in a short period.

“System, help me deduce, among Qi’s many sons, who is the most suitable to be the emperor, and who is the most powerful for Blue Star’s technological development”

Jiang Fan asked.

Soon, the deduction results came out-

Deduction result: Han has outstanding talent and great perseverance.


Jiang Fan raised his eyebrows.

He was a little surprised because Han was ranked seventh among many princes.

He was weak and sick since childhood and was very unremarkable.

He didn’t show any special talent.

Jiang Fan personally observed Han a few times.

He looked ordinary and unremarkable.

“System, let’s deduce Han’s talent.”

Jiang Fan continued to use the system.

Deduction result: Han has medical talent.

“It turned out to be medicine”

Jiang Fan suddenly realized his talent in this field, unlike other fields.

It wasn’t that easy to discover.

For example, geniuses in music, literature, art, and even mathematics, physics, etc.

It was easy to show from an early age, let people see how special they were.

While medicine was of course unlikely.

“Among the many princes, only this Han has talent.

It just so happens that medicine is the weak point of the Xia Kingdom.”

Jiang Fan thought for a while and quickly made a decision.

He informed Qi in the royal study of the results.


When Qi saw the text displayed by Jiang Fan, he was a little surprised.

Even he could not remember the age and appearance of his son!

“In the future, I will bring Han over.

I’ll personally teach him.” Jiang Fan left after leaving a message.

“Thank you, Father!”

Qi was overjoyed.

He knew that Han was just an ordinary person or a middle-aged person.

Even if he was chosen as the successor, he couldn’t be qualified to have Jiang Fan’s personal teaching.


Since then, in a room next to the imperial study, Han often came there and he accepted Jiang Fan’s teachings.

Han was honest and there was a hint of wisdom.

At that time, as for God Father Jiang Fan’s various miracles, Prince Han was not that surprised.


Qi muttered to himself in the room sometimes so Han noticed it plus the technical explosion in the Xia Kingdom.

There were rumors in the palace that Qi was the son of heavens and was blessed by the gods and he can communicate with the gods!


“Father, this is the drug I made, which saved the lives of many soldiers today.”

Ten-year-old Han was holding a bottle of unknown liquid in his hand, his little face could not hide his excitement.

In this era, it was easy to die if someone caught a cold or got hurt and the serious illness was almost incurable.

“Well done.” Jiang Fan applauded.

Han was not that smart but his perseverance was extraordinary.

A serving of alcohol for disinfection.

After hundreds of experiments, the ratio was finally perfect!

“This kind of personality is suitable for medicine.”

Jiang Fan nodded slightly.

Jiang Fan’s teachings were well-determined.

He only proposed some basic concepts and then he would let Han test it himself.

Qi was also a strong supporter inside Kewu academy.

A small medical research laboratory was established.

There was a steady flow of funds and resources.

Medical talents were also recruited from all over the Kingdom to join the institute.

In the following years, the medical research laboratory had gradually achieved results.

The first major invention, Anesthesia was developed by Han!

This was a historic moment, even in his previous life.

Anesthetics was also one of the most important inventions in the history of medicine!

Not long after, the second major invention, Penicillin was born!

The invention of penicillin greatly reduced the death rate of the Xia Kingdom’s soldiers!

It also made the medical research laboratory famous.

Realizing the importance of medicine, he began to consider separating the medical laboratory.

One month later, after Kewu academy and Tiangong academy.

The third academy –

The School of Medicine was established!

Han, who was only fifteen, was appointed as the headmaster!

The Great Desolate Award for the past two years, unsurprisingly obtained by Han, who invented anesthesia and penicillin!!


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