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Chapter 3: One of Three! My choice… Technology civilization!

In his mind, a panel appeared.

Planet Name: None

Planet Level: 0

Planet diameter: 0.81 km

Planet species: 0

Deduction route: None

After everyone successfully awakened the planet, there was a planet data panel.

The difference was, a “deduction route” appeared on Jiang Fan’s screen.

It was obviously a product of the System.

Jiang Fan looked at it carefully and asked, “System, the deduction route is determined by me”

The System did not reply.

It was a tacit agreement.

“System, help me deduce the path of life on this planet,” Jiang Fan thought for a moment and said.

A moment later.

A few lines appeared on the panel.

Path of deduction: Birth of life on the planet

Deduction result:

Convert origin energy into Extraordinary Energy, and then catalyze life.

Success rate: 0.01%;Convert origin energy into Normal Energy, and then catalyze life.

Success rate:0.1%;Convert origin energy into light energy, and then perfect the surrounding environment of the planet, creating a good cradle for the birth of life.

Over time, slowly wait for the birth of life.

Success rate: 99%.

A total of three deduction routes appeared on the panel.

Jiang Fan looked.

“The probability of converting the origin energy into Extraordinary Energy is only 0.01.

“Even if it is converted into Ordinary Energy, there is almost no chance of life being born.”

He saw the first two routes, Jiang Fan was not surprised at all.

In the third type, there was a 99% chance.

This was almost a certainty.

What he saw was somewhat mysterious.

It was to allow the planet to generate its own life.

“Perfect the environment around the planet and allow life to be born on its own, would that be the same as Earth in his previous life!” Looking at the third deduction route, Jiang Fan could not help but raise his eyebrows.

“The planet that just awakened is equivalent to a lifeless place, just like Saturn and Mars.” Jiang Fan thought to himself, “It’s just that this world has origin energy.

It can be converted into spiritual energy and other strange extraordinary energy.

It can directly catalyze a life.

“It’s almost impossible for Mars to automatically produce life.”

Jiang Fan could not help but think of the original Earth.

Earth was the only living planet that humans had discovered in the previous universe.

Even so, the birth of life on Earth was also the result of various coincidences.

Earth had a history of 4.6 billion years.

It was not until 500 to 500 million years that life was born.

It could be said, the birth of life was a miracle!

“The third route given by the System is similar to Earth.”

Jiang Fan could not help but think, “From the process of life on Earth, we need water, suitable sunlight, temperature, and the atmosphere.

Only then can life be born and developed, but…

“These conditions are not so easy to satisfy.”

“Water, suitable sunlight, temperature, atmosphere, etc.

“It’s equivalent to creating an environment on Mars in my previous life, and then allowing Mars to automatically generate life!

“This is almost impossible.

“If I didn’t have the deduction system, I definitely wouldn’t be able to figure out what kind of degree is appropriate!”

For this world, this method was simply impossible.

Thousands of years of planet awakening.

There were only a few ways to create life.

The most common and best used… It was to convert the origin energy into extraordinary energy.

Under the catalyst of Extraordinary Energy, a planet would easily give birth to life.

Moreover, there was a  probability of an Extraordinary being being born.

The more advanced the born life was, the stronger the vitality of the planet, the better the future!

If it was an ordinary life form, naturally, the development potential could not be compared to the planet where supernatural beings were born.

“If I use the third route to produce life, it should be an ordinary life.” Jiang Fan thought of this.

There was no unwillingness in his heart.

But there was also a trace of excitement.

After all…

This was a life born naturally, without much interference from external forces.

If it was the way life was born in the past.

It was like putting spiritual energy into Mars.

It would simply and roughly catalyze life.

This method could quickly give birth to life.

But it was still artificially created.

It was equivalent to creating an ecosystem.

After that, he had to take care of it all the time.

One mistake, the ecosystem would collapse.

If life was born naturally, after that, it was just like Earth from his previous life.

There would be more and more lives, so Jiang Fan did not need to take care of them.

One was an artificial ecosystem!

One was the natural ecosystem!

Which was better.

One could tell at a single glance!

“Although the probability of life born from this route was that of ordinary life, its development potential would not be any weaker than those planets that were catalyzed by extraordinary energy, and even… even stronger!”

Although ordinary life could not develop an Extraordinary civilization, there was still technology.

Jiang Fan could create a technological civilization.

If the technological civilization had developed to a certain level, it would not be inferior to those extraordinary civilizations.

Even… stronger!!

In Jiang Fan’s memory, many science fiction works from his previous life described the shocking level of technology in the future.

For example, in the technology of the god-class civilization.

A drop of water could pierce through the entire Starfleet.

A two-way foil could turn the entire Solar System into a piece of paper.

And two-way foil.

It was only the simplest cleaning tool in the god-class technology civilization.

Above the god-class technology civilization, there were even more powerful existences.

It was no exaggeration to say that the development of science had no end!

Thinking of this, Jiang Fan made a decision.

But in reality, Jiang Fan had no choice now.

The third route had a 99% success rate.

It was almost a certainty.

“System, use the third deduction route to help me deduce the various conditions for the birth of life,” Jiang Fan ordered.


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