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Chapter 30: Blue Star’s Specialty! The discovery of Vibranium!

After Han won two consecutive Great Desolate Awards, medicine began to receive unprecedented attention and welcome in the Xia Kingdom and it was also widely promoted!

The medical conditions of the entire Xia Kingdom had risen to a new level.

Jiang Fan also gradually reduced his teaching to Han.

For Jiang Fan, stealth guidance was the main way, not as a last resort.

He was not prepared to be like a stuffed duck and throw knowledge into the people there!


“The weather is nice today.”

Jiang Fan, whose thoughts returned to the living room, glanced at the weather outside.

There were some white clouds in the blue sky.

The federal relief house where Jiang Fan lived had one bedroom, one living room, and one kitchen!

The total area was less than 40 square meters.

It was very cramped.

Jiang Fan went to the small restaurant he usually went to, intending to solve his stomach problem.

These days, he was busy with the evolution of Blue Star.

He didn’t even have time to cook for himself.


The sound of firecrackers suddenly sounded!

Jiang Fan looked forward.

He saw it by the road, and an oversized firecracker was being lit.

A loud sound could be heard from a distance.

There were a lot of people around to discuss.

“Is Old Xu making a lot of money Setting off firecrackers for no reason”

“Making a lot of money You won’t be so happy when you make money.”

“You all don’t know.

Old Xu’s daughter has awakened an intermediate civilization planet, and she has already been chosen by a Level 3 planet master and accepted as a disciple.”


“Being accepted as a disciple by the level 3 planet master, the old Xu family has handed her over.”

“Old Xu’s daughter will win the college entrance exam.

She will be able to get a good result and enter a good university.”

“It would be great if that kid in my family could be accepted as a disciple by the third-level planet master.”

“Wake up.

Old Xu’s daughter is probably the most talented among us.

That’s why she’s chosen.”


There were a lot of discussions.

Jiang Fan naturally listened.

As for the level 3 planet master or something, Jiang Fan didn’t pay attention at all.

“College Entrance Examination”

Jiang Fan recited this term in his mouth.

This world also had college entrance exams.

If anyone wanted to go to college, the college entrance examination was a must.

The university also had a good difference, with the help of the deduction system, Jiang Fan’s goal was naturally the top universities.

When Jiang Fan returned home, his thoughts entered the awakening space again.

His gaze turned to the Xia Kingdom’s army.

On another planet, unlike Jiang Fan’s Blue Star, there were a lot of non-combatants.

All of them were martial artists or magicians!

All soldiers!

Jiang Fan also did not dare to be careless.

The number of Xia Kingdom’s army was slowly increasing.

The Great Desolate Army had also expanded to 30,000 people!

Among them, the cavalry force reached 10,000, and they were training desperately every day.

In a grassy area, Jiang Fan saw a group of soldiers surrounding and killing a giant elephant!

To be precise it was not an elephant.

Rather, it was a product unique to this planet, Desolate elephant!

A behemoth that combined the characteristics of a mammoth and an elephant was the evolution of the Blue Star.

It was roughly the same as the Earth in his previous life, but the details were different.

Resulting in……

There was a portion of the species that did not exist on Earth.

For example, a big guy like a desolate elephant.

Another example was some fishes in the rivers and lakes.

Against the desolate elephant, soldiers had become very skilled.





One after another, crossbows and arrows flew out and were accurately hitting the desolate elephant.

But the desolate elephant was thick-skinned, ordinary bows and arrows couldn’t pose much of a threat to it.


Jiang Fan suddenly noticed that among them, one arrow’s speed wasn’t quite right.

Generally speaking, the speed of the arrows was above and below one hundred meters per second but this arrow was obviously much faster than other arrows, it was more than 150 meters per second.

Jiang Fan carefully checked it out and discovered that the arrow was repaired and forged by the soldiers who used it.

The original arrow was broken and there was no extra iron, so they replaced it with other metals.

After all, there was still too little iron ore.

Jiang Fan took a closer look at this metal and found out that he didn’t recognize it.

“This is…… Blue Star Exclusive product”

Jiang Fan had a preliminary guess in his heart.

It was not just the species but there were also minerals.

Blue Star might also have evolved different species from Earth, but because it was buried in the ground, Jiang Fan couldn’t find them one by one.

For this kind of metal, that could accelerate the bow and arrow, Jiang Fan became interested.

After half a day of observation, his face became a little weird.

“This metal……”

The more Jiang Fan looked at it, the more he thought.

The properties exhibited by this unknown metal were very much like a product of a science fiction work in his previous life-


Was it the same thing

Jiang Fan thought about it.

He found Qi and let him dig out more of this metal and conduct deep research!

“If it’s true, it’ll be interesting.”

Jiang Fan thought with some anticipation.


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