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Chapter 31: Amazing Vibranium! Sound-absorbing steel!

Due to the speed of time flow, Jiang Fan just went out for a meal.

A year had passed on the Blue Star.

When Jiang Fan saw Qi again, Qi was visibly old, not too old, less than forty years old but the temples were gray and wrinkled.

The whole person had become much thinner.


Qi was very excited to see Jiang Fan.

Since Jiang Fan personally taught Han, Qi never communicated with Jiang Fan again!

Jiang Fan told him a sentence, Qi immediately sent someone to find this soldier.

According to the story of the soldier, at a place in the grassland, more of this unknown metal was the dugout.

From the appearance, it looked ordinary and was no different from other ores.

If Jiang Fan hadn’t personally witnessed the uniqueness of that arrow, he probably wouldn’t pay much attention.

After excavating unknown metal, Qi dispatched an elite squad to escort it back to the palace.

Inside the palace, Qi had a research room of his own; the unknown metal was sent there.

Meanwhile, Qi also recruited the Great Desolate Army and kept the place under close guard, even a fly couldn’t get out.

Although Qi was old, his brain was not old at all.

Knowing that this kind of metal could attract Father’s attention was not simple.

“Father, what is this”

Qi carefully held it and looked at it.

Naturally, he did not recognize it.

“First test is to measure the characteristics of this unknown metal.”

Jiang Fan didn’t say it straight.

In fact, Jiang Fan was not completely sure.


That was the product of a science fiction movie in his previous life, it was also known as sound-absorbing steel.

In the Marvel Universe, it was one of the hardest materials.

Specialty resources from Wakanda had been featured in many movies.

One of the most famous was a certain captain’s shield and Black Panther’s battle suit and claws.

Even in the movie, Vibranium was also rare.

Black Panther’s father only sold a small amount of vibranium and it was enough to send domestic bachelors to study in foreign countries.

This made Wakanda a high-tech country but even if this unknown metal was not vibranium, it should also be very qualitative.

Qi nodded.

He personally led the team and performed tests on the unknown metal.

In addition to medical and other disciplines, Qi could be said to be an all-rounder.

There were certain achievements in most fields.

Jiang Fan watched quietly from the sidelines.

First, the unknown metal itself was tested for its properties and the results came out soon.

This unknown metal could not conduct heat and was very strong but Jiang Fan was somewhat disappointed because it was not indestructible.

“It’s not vibranium!”

Seeing this, Jiang Fan already concluded.

In the Marvelous movies of his previous life, Vibranium was very hard, and its special molecular structure made it almost indestructible.

As its molecules were relatively stationary, it made it almost non-conductive of heat and kinetic energy, this property allowed it to absorb heat, energy, and kinetic energy.

Jiang Fan was not totally disappointed because this unknown metal’s hardness was still very high.

Someone had to use the hammer dozens of times to smash it!

By the next test, Jiang Fan was surprised because this unknown metal could absorb sound and could convert it into its own kinetic energy.

Several arrows were built with this unknown metal and soldiers were ordered to come and shoot arrows.

After several rounds of testing, he unexpectedly found, why the arrow of the unknown metal was so much faster than the ordinary arrow.

The main reason was that it could absorb sound!

The louder the archer’s voice, the faster it would be and what surprised Jiang Fan was that only the human voice worked on it.

With the sound of the tool, there was no such effect.

Qi and a few metal scholars next to him were looking dumbfounded with an unbelievable look!

“Vibranium is also known as sound-absorbing steel, could it be…… This unknown metal is a weakened version of vibranium”

Jiang Fan had a preliminary guess.

If it was vibranium then it was hard for Jiang Fan to believe it.

After all this Blue Star had only just awakened.

Jiang Fan felt that Blue Star’s talent was higher than that of Earth in his previous life but it was not possible to give birth to the “vibranium” thing.

If it was a weakened version, that would be more acceptable.

Therefore, the next test was the main focus on the characteristics of Vibranium.

The result was in line with Jiang Fan’s guess.

This unknown metal could also absorb heat, energy, and kinetic energy to some extent!!!

After getting here, Jiang Fan was almost certain.

This unknown metal was the weakened version of vibranium!

“Father! Please give a name to this metal!”

Qi’s face was full of joy as he asked Jiang Fan for instructions.

“Just call it…… Vibranium.”

Jiang Fan was also too lazy to rename.

Since it was so much like vibranium that’s the name.

“Vibranium Good name.”

Qi didn’t pay that much attention.

As long as it was Jiang Fan, he would naturally agree.

The characteristic test of vibranium was finished.

Qi then immediately ordered not to leak any information and then he dispatched his beloved soldiers to the location where vibranium was found.

He was planning to explore more vibranium and the use of vibranium was also on the agenda!


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