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Chapter 32: Vibranium Metal! News of the Grand Tournament!

The first was the tests of the vibranium, it was relatively simple.

Only a few of the most critical properties and attributes were tested and it had already surprised Qi and several scholars.

It was very hard and was absorbing heat, energy, and kinetic energy!

It could also absorb the surrounding sound and turn it into potential energy.

Follow-up tests continued whereas soldiers who went to explore the number of vibranium’s reserves turned the whole grassland upside down.

Ultimately they found about a hundred pounds of vibranium!

This quantity was indeed very little but the connection to the special nature of vibranium was also good.

Besides, the area of the current Blue Star was still a little too small so the use of vibranium was also on the agenda as it was most obvious.

Naturally, it would be used as arrows for bows, as for the rest of it, Jiang Fan did not bother and handed it over to Qi.

He checked out the planet panel, today’s Blue Star was naturally rising further in size with the increase in population –


Planet name: Blue Star

Planet level: Level 1

Diameter of the planet: 351.4 km

Planet species: 1250

Deduction route: none


The diameter had increased a lot.

The increase in the number of species was not much but with this diameter of the planet, Jiang Fan was quite satisfied.

Just as Jiang Fan was about to take a short break, the communicator suddenly sounded.

There was a notification that someone was requesting communication.

Jiang Fan couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow.

He had been an orphan since he was a child.

Usually, he kept a low profile in his class.

The communicator of Jiang Fan was more like an ornament.

He picked up the communicator and took a look, but it was an unfamiliar number.

Jiang Fan thought for a moment, and picked up, “Hello.”

“Hello, classmate Jiang Fan.”

A familiar man’s voice came from the opposite side.

Jiang Fan was faintly stunned.

He immediately thought about it, wasn’t that the Principal Tong Zhensheng who he met last time

“Hello, principal.”

Jiang Fan greeted and asked directly, “I wonder why the principal wants to see me”

Jiang Fan had a straightforward temper since he was a child.

He was not into nonsense and favors, so he had relatively few friends.

“Student Jiang Fan, how is your planet doing”

Tong Zhensheng said in a gentle tone: “The school is currently making statistics on the situation of each student.”

“The statistics are……”

Tong Zhensheng paused for a moment and asked, “Do you know about the Jiangcheng Grand Tournament”

“Of course, I know.”

Jiang Fan said.

Jiang Fan also inherited the memory of his predecessor.

The so-called Jiangcheng Grand Tournament.

It was an annual event held by the City Lord’s Mansion and the contestants were talented students from various secondary schools.

Some people also called it the “Jiangcheng Genius War”.

“Jiangcheng is the most important simulation before the college entrance examination.”

“Not only can you show your strength, but you can also find out some of the basics of the talented students.”


Tong Zhensheng explained: “This year’s competition is quite special.”

Jiang Fan didn’t say anything, he chose to listen quietly.

Tong Zhensheng couldn’t help but be stunned.

According to common sense, at this time, Jiang Fan shouldn’t ask “how special” or something like this.

As a result, he felt helpless.

Tong Zhensheng could only continue the stand-up comedy, and continued: “The rules of this year’s competition are still the same as in previous years, with five students from each school.”

“That also goes for our No.

7 Middle School.”

“As per the old rules, to save time.”

“The school will select the top five participants directly according to the size of the planet……”

“Come and participate in this competition.”

“So student Jiang Fan, what is the diameter of your planet now”

Tong Zhensheng finished in one breath.

The speech was very fluent.

“351.4 kilometers.”

Jiang Fan didn’t have anything to hide, he told the truth.

“351.4 kilometers”

Tong Zhensheng couldn’t help but be slightly taken aback.

Half a month had passed since the awakening, during that time, many participants were vigorously developing planets.

According to the information that Tong Zhensheng knew, there were already trainees with the diameter of the planet.

It was several times more than when it was first awakened.

Jiang Fan broke the record of Jiangcheng.

The planet was 35.2 km in diameter at the time it was awakened and it was only an ordinary energy planet but Tong Zhensheng still felt that there should be some potential.

Unexpectedly, it was not only increased by 20 kilometers, but it was also just over 50 km.

Even some intermediate-level trainees couldn’t compete anymore.

This time, Tong Zhensheng personally called over and asked.

It was because he had expectations for Jiang Fan’s planet.

After a short silence, he started comforting: “This…… is not bad, you can add so much to an ordinary planet, it is still relatively…”

Comforting, comforting, Tong Zhensheng’s words suddenly came to an abrupt end.

A few moments later, he seemed to recall something.

His voice suddenly became sharp: “What did you say 351.4 kilometers!”


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