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Chapter 33 The stunned principal!

“Yes, 351.4 kilometers.” Jiang Fan calmly said.


Jiang Fan heard from the opposite of the communicator, there was a sound of something falling.

A few moments later, Tong Zhensheng’s voice, which was still gentle but seemed to have just watched a horror movie, came, and asked, “Student Jiang Fan, are you sure you awakened an ordinary planet”

“Of course this is certain.

I can still distinguish between ordinary energy and extraordinary energy.” Jiang Fan said.

“Good, good.” Tong Zhensheng realized that his question was a bit inappropriate.

Immediately, he snorted.

“Principal, my current planet size should be able to rank, right”

Jiang Fan asked.

It was awakened for half a month.

How were the planets of other students developing

Jiang Fan had no insider access.

Naturally, it was not very clear.


Tong Zhensheng just wanted to curse.

A 351.4 km diameter planet and now he was asking “should or should not”

Earlier, one of the best students in planetary development was only just over 100 kilometers while Jiang Fan’s planet was 351.4 km in diameter, it was extremely demonic.

It also broke the record of Jiangcheng, but looking at the whole world Tong Zhensheng had seen something more exaggerated than this.

But now……

He saw an extraordinary planet awakened in less than half a month.

Tong Zhensheng heard that some talented students had planets with a diameter of more than 100 kilometers.

There were others with more than 150 km!

Some students had more than 200 km!

But he never heard about someone capable of exceeding 300 km!!!

This could no longer be described with the word monster.

It was outrageous!!!

He took a deep breath and regained a sense of calm and said, “Your grade is currently the first among all the students in our school, so you don’t have to worry about not being selected for the competition.”

“Selected for competition”

Jiang Fan was stunned for a moment, and then said, “That…… can I not participate”

For Jiang Fan, there was no point in taking part in the so-called competition.

He might use that time to improve Blue Star or go to the planet association more often to take the task.

“You don’t want to participate”

Tong Zhensheng was also stunned.

“I’m afraid I don’t have much time right now.”

Jiang Fan found a common excuse.

“How does that work”

Tong Zhensheng suddenly became anxious because he had a planet over 300 kilometers in diameter.

How could he not participate

Immediately, he persuaded bitterly: “This year’s Competition is a bit special than the previous years, the person who stood first will not only get a hundred million prize money and a chance to pick a resource crystal from the City Lord’s treasury but he will also get an opportunity for personal guidance from the City Lord!”

In the last sentence, Tong Zhensheng strengthened his tone heavily.

“Our Jiangcheng City Lord is a fifth-level planet master, this is a rare opportunity.”

He was afraid that Jiang Fan would not agree, so Tong Zhensheng finally added another sentence.

“A hundred million in prize money”

Jiang Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly.

For Jiang Fan, who was extremely short of money, this was undoubtedly a huge sum of money!

“As the Blue Star increases in size, the time flow consumes more and more origin power, and the half portion of origin power is estimated to run out in no time.”

Jiang Fan was thinking inside.

“If I can get this one hundred million.”

“Before the entrance exam.”

“I shouldn’t have to worry about the power of the origin any more.”

As for……

Who cares about the personal guidance of the City Lord.

For Jiang Fan, it didn’t make much sense.

After thinking about it, Jiang Fan made a decision and said, “Well then, if I meet the qualifications, I will participate.”

“Okay, I’ll put your name on it right away.”

Tong Zhensheng’s voice was loud and authentic.


In no.

7 High School Principal’s Office.

After the communication ended, Tong Zhensheng leaned back in his chair and took a long sigh of relief.

He was frightened all his life, but not as much as this month.

If it could be said that Jiang Fan’s awakening planet, which broke Jiangcheng’s record, could be just an ordinary planet, in the end, that would be a surprise for him.

“351.4 kilometers”

Tong Zhensheng muttered the number.

Immediately, the teacher who was in charge of counting the results of each student was called.

A few moments later, the teacher in charge of statistics walked in.

He was holding a statistical result in his hand.

He handed it over and said, “Principal, these are the top five students in our school’s planetary diameter ranking.

Take a look.”


Tong Zhensheng picked it up and looked at it a few times.

It could be said that this year’s result was much better than the previous years.

If it was previous years, Tong Zhensheng would also ask a few more questions about these students but thinking of Jiang Fan’s achievements, Tong Zhensheng lost interest.

He directly crossed out the name of the last student with a pen and added Jiang Fan’s name, and said, “This is the final list.

You are responsible for notifying other teachers.”

The teacher looked at Tong Zhensheng’s move with some confusion but didn’t dare to say anything and left.

“How nice it would be if this little guy awakened a planet with super energy.”

Tong Zhensheng thought with some regret.


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