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Chapter 34: Sound Absorbing Arrows! Born to be a soldier!

“One hundred million.”

After finishing the communication with Tong Zhensheng, Jiang Fan recited these words.

With that, he entered the awakening space and observed the development of the Xia Kingdom.

He had decided to participate in the Jiangcheng Competition in half a month so Jiang Fan naturally couldn’t take it lightly.

He was planning to be well prepared!


Inside the Imperial Palace.

Transcendental Research Laboratory.

It was late at night.

However, in the research room.

The lights were still on.

Qi and several experts were working all night to conduct practical tests of vibranium!

Qi’s face was a little tired, but there was still a hint of excitement and eagerness in his eyes.

That was yearning for a new field!

The air vibrated gently and Qi’s body was revived.

With that, he flew to another room.

With an excited and thrilled expression, he said, “Father!”

“How are the experiments on vibranium progressing” Jiang Fan asked.

Although Jiang Fan judged that it should be the weakened version of Vibranium, its practical application was not determined yet.

“We conducted various experiments during this time, and the results are Surprising!”

“This metal has all kinds of unimaginable properties!”

“Father, I’ll let the soldiers demonstrate.”

“You can see for yourself,” Qi said.

Qi gave the order, let the soldier take out the weapon made of vibranium, and conduct a field test.

First, the arrow was made of vibranium!

“Father, please look.”

Qi pointed to the arrow and introduced, “This arrow is an alloy made of vibranium and other metal.”

“Compared to just vibranium.”

“It’s far from being less effective.”


“There are also some enhancements.”

“In the previous experiment, we found out that the vibranium was both hammered and beaten in the process.”

“It’s not the same as metals like copper and iron.”

“There won’t be any losses.”

Qi’s tone became more and more exciting! He was almost dancing with his hands.

In front of Jiang Fan, Qi put down the frame of the emperor, just like a little kid who got a new toy!

“Then…… we combined the vibranium with other metals and beat them into an alloy.”

“Dozens of metals were tested.”

“In the end, the most suitable of these were selected.”

“And was surprised to find out the various properties of this alloy.”

“Surprisingly, it’s not weaker than Vibranium at all.”

“And even a little stronger.”

“Well done.”

Jiang Fan complimented, and then asked, “How much is the current storage of vibranium”

“Not many stocks have been found so far.”

Qi said with some regret: “Including the last excavation, a total of less than three hundred pounds.”

“In the other parts of the planet, I am sending people to search with all their might.”

“The good thing is that it can be made into an alloy and the vibranium will not be consumed.”

“So, it should be able to support an army!”

After a pause, Qi hesitated for a moment, but still said, “It’s just… Vibranium has a weakness.”

“What weakness”

Jiang Fan asked.

“Father, see it yourself.”

Qi ordered the soldiers to start the test.

In the middle of the field.

A fire was started, separated by a distance of 100 meters, a soldier with a strong body held a bow and arrow.

The arrow was an alloy made of vibranium!

Only to hear the soldier suddenly shout loudly, he bent the bow and shot.

The arrow was like a meteor.

It was shooting quickly toward the fire.

“Now this kind of arrow made of vibranium, used by ordinary soldiers, has a speed of about one hundred and fifty meters.”

Qi introduced the concept of numbers and speed.

It was already taught by Jiang Fan back in the desolate era.

“Soldiers will be faster if they have a loud voice and a lot of momentum.”


Jiang Fan was keenly aware of these words in Qi’s words.

“Yes, this is a new discovery.”

Qi said excitedly, “Vibranium is not just able to absorb sound, it seems……”

“It can also absorb everyone’s momentum!”

“The more momentum you have, the faster it is.”

“Of course, the increase in momentum is much weaker than the sound.”

“But it also serves some purpose.”

He ordered the soldiers to shoot bows and arrows.

It had already crossed a distance of 100 meters, falling onto the fire.

In the next moment, a surprising scene appeared.

Just see……

This roaring fire suddenly and rapidly went out!

“Shock absorbs energy such as kinetic and thermal energy from objects.”

Qi had seen this kind of scene many times, but he calmly said: “It’s just…… Father, look at it.”

He looked in the direction indicated by Qi.

Jiang Fan saw that inside the fire that went out, the arrow had been burned.

There was only one arrow left.


The arrow had also turned black!

“After absorbing the heat, the vibranium will become like this and become waste.”

Qi said with some regret.

“There are no perfect items in the world.”

However, Jiang Fan didn’t care.

Instead, he thought……

That made sense!

“In that case, the rest of vibranium will have to be saved.”

Qi said helplessly.

“This metal might work wonders against extraordinary people.”

Jiang Fan was in deep thought.

“Maybe we can try it”


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