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Chapter 35: Slime Planet! SpongeBob Civilization!

The soldiers in the army of Xia Kingdom had reached 50,000!

This was the regular army.

If you count the reserves, it was estimated that it could be as many as 100,000 and the population of the Xia Kingdom was only over one million.

With such a huge army, the economic pressure on the Xia Kingdom was not small.

Every day in the courtroom, ministers who didn’t know the truth were clamoring for disarmament!

Qi just started to make excuses.

Later on, they didn’t even bother to pay attention to the existence of aliens.

Only a small number of people knew about the Qi and the Transcendental Research Laboratory and about the Great Desolate Army!

It was strictly confidential so that others had not been informed yet.

Jiang Fan also felt that it was not yet time for the world to know.

The Great Desolate Army expanded to 30,000 while there were 10,000 cavalries!

There was no other way because the formation of cavalry was too costly!

The consumption of 10,000 cavalries for one year was almost equivalent to 100,000 infantry!

Watching the Great Desolate Army sweating like rain in training, an idea came to Jiang Fan’s mind.

Last time on that warrior planet, the Great Desolate Army was brave but in front of the warriors, they still couldn’t help but feel timid!

“There is still a need for more realistic combat and by this kind of training, even hunting and killing fierce beasts every day is useless, warriors and fierce beasts are not a category after all.”

Jiang Fan secretly thought.

He immediately found Qi and informed his thoughts.

“The Father is preparing…… to go to the outer planets again!”

Qi’s eyes widened, instead, a hint of anticipation appeared in his eyes.

“The greatest challenge that the warriors of Xia kingdom will face in the future is the transcendents of each planet.”

Jiang Fan displayed the text and said, “And among the transcendents……”

“The gap is extremely large.”

“The warriors you saw last time were just one of the most common ones.”

“If you encounter other more special extraordinary people.”

“One must be more prepared.”

Hearing Jiang Fan’s implicit reminder.

Qi also thought of the last time.

The Great Desolate Army was victorious in the end, but the performance of each soldier was not as much as it should be.

There were quite a few soldiers who saw the warriors flying and disappeared like a figure.

They were so scared that they did not dare to act rashly!

There were a few soldiers who got the fear of warriors after the battle!

“Father is right.”

Qi nodded and said with a serious face, “Indeed, the generals of the Xia Kingdom did not perform well enough when they were facing the Transcendents.”

“They need more hands-on practice.”

“Please help Father!”

Qi bowed deeply!

“There’s no need for that.”

Jiang Fan manipulated the water vapor writing and said, “This is supposed to be my business.”

“Get ready.”

“Ten days later, there will be a new planet passage opening.”

“It’s still in the same place!”

Planet Passage was the same each time it was opened.

The passage of the Xia Kingdom was located near the Great Desolate City in a mountain range.

That day this mountain range had been heavily surrounded, no outsider could get in.

The passage was heavily guarded!

The training place of the Great Desolate Army was not far away.

“Thank you, Father.”

Qi still said respectfully.

There was a hint of anticipation in his eyes.

If it was before, Qi would have anxiety about how to deal with transcendents.

But after getting the vibranium, that anxiety was much less.

At the very least, Vibranium gave him the hope of being able to fight transcendents!


After coming out of the awakening space, Jiang Fan left his home.

He came to the Planet Association!

He was ready to pick a few low-level civilization planets.

It was still the same window as last time and the same good-looking young female staff member was seeing Jiang Fan.

The young female staff member’s eyes lit up and the smile on her face became a little strong as she said, “Hello Mr.

Jiang, what can I help you with today”

“I want to train the soldiers on my planet, can you check which planets are suitable”

Jiang Fan said.

“A planet for training”

After listening to this, the female staff lightly pulled up a panel and said, “If you mainly want it to use for training, then…… I suggest using a weaker planet.”

“You can check these out.”

Jiang Fan looked at the panel, there were various low-level energy planets!

After looking at it for a few moments, Jiang Fan’s face became a little odd.

The topmost Slime planet was okay.

But below this…… What the hell was SpongeBob!

Seeing Jiang Fan’s gaze fixed on the second planet, the female staff member explained, “On this planet, there is a kind of intelligent creature called ‘SpongeBob’.

It lives in the deep sea and its combat strength is not strong, so it is very suitable for training.”

“Since they live in the deep sea, how are they going to fight”

Jiang Fan asked.

“They can be lured to the surface to fight and are suitable for training in water warfare.”

The female staff said, “If you don’t think it’s appropriate……”

“There are other options here.”

The female staff pointed to a planet below and said, “This planet is a close relative of SpongeBob – Baby sponge.”

“Baby sponge lives on the ground.”

“The strength is not strong either.”

“It’s more appropriate as a target for ground combat.”

Jiang Fan looked at the introduction of the two creatures, their names were familiar but they were genuine Extraordinary creatures.

It didn’t look cute at all, so he checked it carefully for a while.

Then Jiang Fan made his decision.


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