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Chapter 36: Transcendental Research Laboratory! New weapon era!

Jiang Fan’s choice was very simple.

Among the low-level civilization planets, the warrior planet was the largest!

It was also a favorite of various students who had awakened the low-level energy planets because the planet system of warriors was already very mature.

As compared to other civilizations, it was relatively simple to create.

Jiang Fan first selected three planets.

Respectively –

Warrior Planet!

Slime Planet!

Fierce beasts Planet!

Three different types of planets.

Planet of the Fierce Beasts was a planet ruled by a fierce beast called “Red Lion”.

Red Lion was said to be the descendant of the mythical lion in the advanced vicious beast civilization!

It’s just too far apart because the bloodline was already very weak.

As compared with warriors, Red Lion’s battle power was even stronger but the wisdom was relatively low!

Jiang Fan was planning to let the Great Desolate Army enter these planets after a month for training.

After paying the toll, Jiang Fan glanced at the female staff member and said with some curiosity, “Do you know…… Is there an Ultraman planet among the many planets”

“Ultraman planet”

The female staff member was slightly taken aback.

Followed by a slight frown.

After seriously thinking about it.

After thinking for a long time, she shook her head and said, “It seems …… Never heard of such a planet, where did you hear about it”

“Then maybe I heard it wrong.”

Jiang Fan smiled faintly.


After returning to the awakening space.

Jiang Fan found Qi and told his decision.

“In the future, the passage will open on the first day of the month.

These three planets are all extraordinary planets, and they all have unexpected dangers.”

“You…… must be prepared.”

“The Great Desolate Army is ready.”

Qi was full of ambition and said, “The Transcendental Research Laboratory has also produced some results recently.”

“What results”

Jiang Fan became a little interested.

This Transcendental Research Laboratory’s main Purpose was the study of transcendentalists.

Last time on the warrior planet, the corpses of the warriors they killed were shipped back and frozen with ice!

It was then used for research, but at the very beginning there was no progress.

Until later……

The establishment of the College of Science and Technology, especially the invention of the microscope, finally made some discoveries.

“Father, please come with me.”

Qi quickly walked to the Transcendental Research Room.

Inside the innermost room, the lab was set up.

On the laboratory bench, there was a tall warrior’s corpse lying there.

The body had been dissected.

Jiang Fan took a look.

Wasn’t that the bald guy

Qi pointed to the bald man’s body and said, “We found that the bodies of these warriors are not much different from our ordinary people, or……”

“They were originally ordinary people but the body possesses a mysterious energy.”

“With this kind of energy, their bodies became so strong!”

“This energy is called True Qi, and it is a kind of extraordinary energy.”

Jiang Fan coped a little.

“So it’s called True Qi.”

Qi said with some confusion, “And we found out that this kind of extraordinary energy is a bit complicated and not pure enough.”

“So, these warriors cultivate.”

“As the cultivation becomes stronger there will be hidden problems in the body while cultivating.”

Speaking of which, Jiang Fan couldn’t help but nod slightly.

Qi and a group of scholars from the research laboratory still worked hard.

Although there were no advanced instruments but by guesswork and tireless dissection still researched the essential things.

“The most important thing in this research on warriors is not to see the energy in their bodies, but……”

Qi’s eyes were bright, and there seemed to be a glint in his eyes as he said, “It let us know.”

“Even the transcendent was just a type of creature!”

“It also had its drawbacks!”

“Scantling, scantling!”

“Not just everything in this world, but also the Transcendents!”

“As long as we study the laws of their nature, the transcendents are not that scary!”

Qi finished in one breath.

There was a mixture of confidence and excitement in his tone!

“You finally understand.”

“You can start True physics now!”

Qi was ecstatic in his heart, but his face was restrained, and he pretended to be calm!

All along, Jiang Fan’s six questions, Qi firmly remembered!

There was a sigh of relief in his heart, wanting to prove himself.

Today, Jiang Fan’s approval let him finally feel a sense of accomplishment!


Qi bowed down and requested, “I request to personally lead this outer planet expedition.”

Last time he was young but this time he was already over 40!

His aging was visible to the naked eye.


Jiang Fan refused.

Qi suddenly became anxious, and even shouted: “Father! I still have spare power!”

“That’s not the reason.” Jiang Fan quickly displayed the text and said: “I have a more important thing for you to do!”

“Something more important than the conquest of the outer planets” Qi was a little confused.

“I told you once before about weapons that can exceed the speed of sound, do you remember” Jiang Fan’s text was displayed more slowly this time.

Qi replied, “Of course, I remember that.”

Qi won’t forget what Jiang Fan said was almost impossible to make.

Those weapons could only exist in the imagination!

“What I want you to do is related to this kind of weapon.”

Jiang Fan displayed the text.


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