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Chapter 37: Gunpowder Arrives! A whole new field!

“Father! You mean……”

“Can that supersonic weapon be made now”

Qi asked with shock and anticipation.

“You think it’s impossible”

Jiang Fan asked rhetorically.

Qi was silent at once.

After a while, he said, “Supersonic weapons will be born in the future, but with the current technology and craftsmanship of the Xia Kingdom, it’s hard to achieve.”

“Even if it’s a bow and arrow made of vibranium.”

“Plus the user factor.”

“The fastest speed today is only just over 200 meters!”


Qi looked at the place where Jiang Fan displayed the text and had a glint in his eyes and said, “Since it was said by you, then there must be areas that I haven’t touched.”

“After all.”

“I even have those six questions that Father mentioned.”

“So far, only one of them has been answered.”

“You do know yourself.”

Jiang Fan also made a joke and said, “You guessed right, this supersonic speed involves the field of……”

“It is true that you are relatively unfamiliar.”

“Do you know what the speed of sound is”

Jiang Fan asked.

“It’s probably about 340 meters per second.”

Qi replied immediately.

Since Jiang Fan mentioned the concept of supersonic weapons, Qi was very interested in this.

With the establishment of two academies, Kewu Academy and Tiangong Academy.

There were many inventions and ideas born, testing the speed of sound was also in it.

After several tests, Qi also measured the speed of the sound.

“This is the speed in the air, if it were in the water, it would be a bit faster.”

Qi added.

“So to make supersonic weapons, it must not be an ordinary method.”

Jiang Fan still displayed the text with water vapor: “Today you are not responsible for supersonic weapons.”

“But it has a lot to do with supersonic weapons.”

“You can say that it’s the basis for supersonic weapons!”

“It’s kind of a weapon!”

“The power is even greater than that of supersonic weapons!”

“Greater than supersonic weapons!”

Qi was dumbfounded by what he heard.

“The name of this weapon, I call it Gun Powder!”

Jiang Fan continued to display the text.

“Gun Powder”

Qi silently bookmarked this somewhat unfamiliar term in his head!

Gun Powder was the epoch-making invention of the previous world.

One could say that its creation would directly end the era of cold weapons!

Of course, the history of Gun Powder in his previous life had lasted for over a thousand years.

It didn’t mature until later, it would be widely used in the military.

Here Jiang Fan intended to directly propose this concept and then let Qi go to research and development!

Gun Powder’s raw materials were not complicated.

It was made of saltpeter, carbon, and sulfur in a certain ratio.


It’s also that Gun Powder’s explosive power was several times different.

For a considerable time in ancient times of his previous life, the so-called Gun Powder was simply a mixture of charcoal, sulfur, and nitrate.

The ratios were varied, it was a loose mixture and it was not resistant to storage and transportation.

It was susceptible to moisture, impurities, and less power, the actual power of the Gun Powder when it exploded, had a lot to do with the purity of raw materials, preparation process, compression, and sealing conditions.

Until later, with advances in physics, chemistry, and mechanical engineering people would discover the best combination ratio of Gun Powder, which was—

Sulfur 10%, charcoal 15%, saltpeter 75%.

Of course, Jiang Fan naturally wouldn’t tell Qi directly about this ratio.

According to the current level of technology, Xia Kingdom was in a position to be able to study this optimal ratio!

“Saltpeter, carbon, sulfur”

Hearing these three raw materials mentioned by Jiang Fan, Qi was instantly enlightened.

Qi was naturally no stranger to these three substances.

There were already people using it in the Xia Kingdom.

That was the same fireworks as in his previous life!

But even Qi didn’t expect that.

The supersonic weapon that had been on his mind, was hidden in the daily necessities!

“Aren’t these raw materials used for fireworks But…… the power of fireworks is not that great.”

Qi secretly thought, “Then it should be a matter of ratio.”

During the time Qi had been researching vibranium and alloys made from various metals, it was very clear that the ratio of each metal was just slightly different, while the difference in effect would be huge.

“Father, I have a preliminary idea in my mind.”

Qi leaped forward and said.

“Go on then.”

Jiang Fan smiled faintly.

He also probably guessed that Qi should have thought of the ratio problem.

Must say, Qi’s scientific talent was extremely outstanding.

He ended the exchange with Jiang Fan.

Qi immediately assembled a team at the fastest speed to develop Gun Powder and was personally in charge!

The location was within the imperial palace.

During development, everyone else had to stay inside except Qi.

The outside was guarded by heavy troops, even a fly could not get in easily!

At the same time, Qi also set up the lead candidate for the expedition to the outer planets.

There were no surprises.

Naturally, it was Han who was chosen by Jiang Fan and for this expedition to the outer planets, all aspects were well-prepared.

Along with the army, a ten-person transcendental research team was prepared, that would accompany the Great Desolate Army and personally travel to the outer planets to study the transcendent creatures of each planet face to face!!!


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