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Chapter 38: Entering the Slime Planet! Soft monsters!

Compared to the Great Desolate Army, Jiang Fan’s eyes were more on this ten-member transcendental research team!

Among the ten people, there were men and women of all ages.

Each one was a scholar, even half of them won the highest honor of the Xia Kingdom – the Great Desolate Award!

Accompanying the Transcendental Research team there were also piles of various instruments, all kinds of microscopes, telescopes, reagent boxes, etc.

Nothing was very advanced but that was the highest skill item that could be produced in this era.

The last outer planet conquest was years ago, since then, many soldiers of the Great Desolate Army had been discharged!

Most of them were newly selected soldiers so a look of nervousness and anticipation was on their faces.

To ensure that this outer planet conquest would satisfy Jiang Fan, Qi had done a lot of work privately including a lot of simulation training.

As well as very critical thought work and related science knowledge, not so many soldiers liked that last time.

Seeing a warrior was a wimp in the heart!


The first planet passage Jiang Fan chose was naturally the warrior planet.

Let these people from Blue Star get familiar with it first.

“Is this an alien planet”

The people of the Transcendental Research Team looked at this martial planet with a look of curiosity.

They picked up the binoculars and looked around!

This time, Jiang Fan chose a low-level world.

There were not many survivors on the planet.

There were less than 50 people and their strength was also much weaker.

For better training and research, the Great Desolate Army did not directly swarm.

Instead, the team was divided into several branches.

Over and over again……

Let each team go up to meet the enemy!

To achieve the purpose of training, the Transcendental Research Team followed behind and watched carefully!

Earlier in the laboratory, only cold corpses were studied.

There was nothing like such an intuitive and shocking observation from a real person!

“Is this…… an extraordinary one It’s really powerful.”

“To be precise, this is a warrior, a class of extraordinary people.”

“Do your research, don’t discuss this.”


After the first surprise, the Transcendental Research Team and the Great Desolate Army were not as fearful.

A portion of the warriors was killed and another part of the warriors was captured alive.


On the Warrior Planet, all of them were the same human being.

Their strength was not strong either.

The Great Desolate Army lost almost nothing.

The second planet –

The low-level civilization of Slime planet was not so simple.

At the very least, this was a relatively rare civilization, its strength was also stronger than the first warrior planet!

When seeing a slime for the first time, the eyes of the people in the Transcendental Research Team and the Great Desolate Army were wide open.

Some of them could not believe it!

Appearing in plain sight, it was a jelly-like or semi-liquid-like monster.

The appearance was very ugly and the face was also rather grim.

Jiang Fan was also observing the Slimes, they were not cute.

In addition, they were highly aggressive.

As soon as the Great Desolate Army came in, they immediately lunged viciously.

The Great Desolate Army, which had been refined by the warrior planet, did not panic.

They set up a formation and the arrows were immediately shot out!

For this expedition, no sound-absorbing arrows were brought!

After all, the amount of vibranium was too small, it had to be sent out at a critical moment.

However, what surprised the Great Desolate Army as well as the Transcendental Research Team was that on these soft-bodied monsters the arrows did not work.

Even if it was a lance, after stabbing, it also slipped right off.

The people of the Great Desolate Army were greatly alarmed!

Fortunately, the Great Desolate Army had thick and large shields that blocked the way of these soft-bodied monsters.

The Great Desolate Army was not lost.


Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

To see all the extraordinary performance and characteristics of these soft-bodied monsters, the Great Desolate Army decided to temporarily build a temporary fortification.

The Great Desolate Army began to test step by step.

They attracted the soft monster to attack so that the extraordinary research team behind them could observe their various properties!

The first character was easy to spot, the intelligence of these soft-bodied monsters was not high but it was not too low.

The same tricks could not be reused like the warrior planet.

To thoroughly understand all the properties of these soft monsters, the people of the Great Desolate Army had to stay there for a full month.

There was an adventurous Slime, more than that, they were caught alive and placed in a cage as a research item!

The Transcendental Research Team gathered around the cage, watched, and discussed them with interest.

Taking advantage of this, the Transcendental Research Team roughly figured out Slime’s bottom line.

“Slimes are sticky and are a type of soft-bodied creature.”

The leader of the Transcendental Research Team, an elderly scholar who had won the Great Desolate Award, wrote down preliminary conclusions in his notebook.

“The body is opaque or translucent.”

“The exterior color usually tends to match the local survival environment, similar to chameleons, and is more protective of itself.”

“It can change into various shapes.”

“They tend to crawl on the ground, the stone walls and the top.”


“Preliminary they belong to omnivorous creatures.”

“There are different temperaments.”

“Some are extremely vicious and extremely aggressive.”

“Some are more gentle.”

“The attack is more powerful.”

“But the methods are simpler.”

“Due to the softness of the body, it is flexible and can make jumping attacks.”

“The reproduction method is……”

“Split or Fusion!”

“Its weakness is……”


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