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Chapter 39: Dangerous World! The Primal Sound!

“Slime’s weakness is……”

The pen in the hand of the older scholar paused for a moment, then he continued: “Afraid of salt and fire!”

“Especially afraid of salt and liquids containing salt!”

Just at the beginning, the Great Desolate Army could only take a defensive position.

Later, they learned more and more about Slime, then the idea of attacking with salt suddenly came up.

They were all slimy creatures, salt should also have an effect, right

As a result……

It surprised everyone!

These seemingly terrifying and ugly supernatural creatures were really afraid of salt!

Once they knew this, it would be easy.

The team immediately formulated one type of brine after another.

They experimented.

At last, the most suitable formula was found.

They just had to splash it on the Slimes and Slimes could be seriously injured very quickly.

In the end, it was a transcendent creature, it wouldn’t die that easily.

To kill it completely, it must be ignited with fire.

First, they needed to splash the prepared special saltwater then they had to use fire.

Two steps, one down, no Slime could resist that!

One month passed, more than 60 slimes on the slime planet were wiped out!

Most of them were killed to make specimens.

A small number were captured alive to bring them back to the Blue Star.

“This species is essentially…… also a soft-bodied creature.”

The extraordinary research team finally concluded: “If there is no extraordinary energy on this planet, we will soon return to ordinary soft-bodied creatures!”


The Slime planet encounter, study, and the response of transcendental creatures was a pretty rare experience for the Great Desolate Army and the Transcendental Research Team.

Everyone was starting to get the hang of it.

All were aware, even if it was a transcendent creature.

It also had its weaknesses; they just needed to look for it.

There was a way to fight!

Mentally, they were not so scared anymore.


There were also a small number of soldiers who had never been able to adapt in their hearts.

It was like the symptoms of “deep sea phobia” and “dense object phobia”.

Some people were naturally more afraid of things like wild animals.

For those soldiers.

Qi made an immediate decision, he transferred directly out of the Great Desolate Army, he also selected new soldiers to come in.

After the journey to the second planet was over.

Enthusiasm was high throughout the Great Desolate Army!

The Transcendental Research Team was also excited for the next journey.

Inside the Imperial Palace, Qi was fully engaged in the development of gun powder at the same time.

He did not forget to pay attention to the matter here.

It was very eye-catching.

Even at……

He was trying to ask Jiang Fan again but after thinking about it, he still gave up!


After a month of recuperation, the third planet passage was opened!

30,000 warriors of the Great Desolate Army and the Transcendental Research Team embarked on a new journey!

This time, the Transcendental Research Team had expanded to fifteen people!

The original ten people were indeed a little less.

Qi was also sending extra manpower because the third planet was also a low-level civilization planet.

Above the Planet, there lived a terrible and fierce beast –

Red Lion!

It was said to be the blood descendant of a fierce beast of the advanced civilization planet – mythical beast!

This was one of the most powerful planets in terms of strength.

The situation of each planet.

Jiang Fan did not inform Qi in advance about the situation of each planet.

If Qi was informed in advance, it would reduce the value of the training!

After the experience of the first few times, as soon as the Great Desolate Army stepped into the planet, they immediately took a defensive position.

First, make a good fortification!


Only then would the scouting team go out and carefully check out the situation!

“This planet…… Why does it give me a sense of danger It’s a little like the situation before I met a ferocious beast in the southern rainforest.”

A female scholar surveyed the planet’s environment and said with some uneasiness.

“I’m feeling this too.”

Others also agreed.

It was not just the research team, the soldiers of the Great Desolate Army who had a sharper sense of danger, all of them raised their alertness!


This time, there was a huge beast roar in the distance!

It could be heard far and wide!

A few moments later, a few soldiers in charge of scouting scrambled back in a panic!

There was a look of horror on their faces but what was surprising was this, no fierce beasts were chasing after them!

Han, the leader of the Great Desolate Army, immediately sent people to pick up these soldiers.

Wait for these soldiers to recover.

Everyone asked.

Only then did they find out.

Several people encountered a tall, fierce beast that looked like a lion.

The height was nearly three meters!

The whole body was covered with thick crimson hair!

There were also a pair of sharp fangs in the mouth!

With one jump, it could easily cross the length of ten meters!

What these soldiers encountered was a crimson beast that was dozing off and they awakened each other.

Then they ran away in fear but what made them a little confused was that the beast just roared but it didn’t chase after them!

“It seems that the transcendent creature of this planet should be this crimson fierce beast.”

The older scholar analyzed the experience from the previous planets.

Let everyone understand that on this planet, the high probability was that there would be only one kind of transcendental creature.

Like other plants and animals, they were also present but nothing special!

This was also an innate limitation of the low-level civilization planets.

Plus, there were not a lot of transcendental species on a planet without an owner.

If it was an advanced civilization, then there could be far more than one kind of transcendental creature.

“This beast may be different from the warriors or slimes we encountered before.”

The old scholar glanced at everyone and said solemnly: “So…… everyone must pay special attention.”

“Don’t make the mistake of empiricism!”

“First, let’s figure out what this beast really is.”


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