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Chapter 4: Planet Evolution!

Soon, the results of the deduction came out!

Water, suitable sunlight, temperature, atmosphere, and other data appeared in Jiang Fan’s mind.

Jiang Fan looked.

At the same time, he was observing the condition of the planet he had just awakened.

This earth-yellow planet was no different from most newly awakened planets.

On the surface, it was mostly sand and stones.

The temperature was below zero.

It was extremely cold.

There were no traces of water.

The environment was rather harsh.

It was not suitable for living.

Naturally, it was impossible to give birth to life.

According to the data given by the System, Jiang Fan began to modify.

The first was the appropriate temperature and sunlight.

Originally, Earth had the existence of the sun, so it had this condition.

In the Awakened Space, there was only one small planet.

Fortunately, there was origin energy in this world.

It could be converted into all kinds of energy.

Jiang Fan directly converted the origin energy into light energy.

It was the creation of an artificial sun.

The size, position, and distance of this artificial sun.

It was set according to the deduction data.

In the awakening space, outside the yellow planet, a golden energy ball appeared.

It looked like a glowing star.

In reality, it was just an energy body that was converted from the origin energy.

The artificial sun was born.

Jiang Fan realized that half of his origin energy had been consumed.

Jiang Fan heaved a sigh of relief.

Inside the artificial sun was a nuclear fusion reaction.

Light energy, an ordinary energy, was produced.

If it was converted into Extraordinary energy, then the origin energy would be consumed even more.

Under the sunlight, the temperature on the surface of the yellow planet began to rise bit by bit.

Following this trend, he would be able to go from negative to positive soon.

The problem of temperature and sunlight was solved.

Next, Jiang Fan began to deal with the problem of the atmosphere and water.

As the owner of this small planet, Jiang Fan had the greatest authority.

Just like the creator, he could modify his own planet at will.


If there was no divine level deduction system, a newborn planet was like a newborn baby.

It was extremely fragile.

One modification that was not good could collapse a planet.

Even… resulting in death.

The setting of the atmosphere was relatively simple.

Jiang Fan quickly set it up.

As for water.

It was slightly troublesome.

However, with the help of origin energy.

Jiang Fan converted hydrogen and oxygen.

Step by step, he synthesized a portion of water.

On the earthen planet.

It was gradually covered by water.

The surface of the planet slowly changed color.

In the end, it became a small ocean.

Land occupied only a small portion.

Other aspects.

Jiang Fan had adjusted the gravity, magnetic field, crustal movement, and so on.

It was the same as Earth in his previous life.

The birth of life was a relatively long process.

After setting according to the system’s deduction data, the shape and environment of this planet were already perfect.

Compared to Earth in his previous life, it was not worse.

However, the birth of life still required time.

The System’s deduction time was about 100 million years.

According to lore, the time flow in the Awakened Space was the same as the real time flow outside.

One to one.

In other words, if he really had to wait for the birth of life, it would take over 100 million years.

Jiang Fan would not be able to live another ten lifetimes.

Fortunately, the origin energy could accelerate time!

Jiang Fan did not hesitate.

He used less than half of his origin energy.

Time acceleration of awakening space.

1 To 10.

1 To 100.

1 To 10,000.

1 To 100 million!

Until it accelerated to 1 to 1 trillion!

Jiang Fan stopped.

As long as there was enough origin energy.

Theoretically, it could be accelerated infinitely.

But not many people would do that.

Other planets were equivalent to an artificial ecosystem.

Not to mention accelerating.

He couldn’t take care of it all day.

It was possible that some unexpected accidents might occur.

This would cause the ecosystem to collapse!

For example, there was a student.

After the birth of life, he did not take care of him for a few days.

The result, the planet’s ecology collapsed.

All its life was gone!

This caused the planet to degenerate.

It became a dead star.

The student was also demoted from the planet master to become a commoner.

During this extremely fast acceleration process, the entire planet underwent a drastic change.

In a hundred million years, the sun continued to shine on the surface of the planet.

The surface temperature slowly rose.

It rose to an extremely high number.

The crust slowly moved.

In the sky, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled!

There were clouds piling up.

There was heavy rain drifting down.

The shape of the land also changed greatly.

In the small ocean, the water temperature was high.

Various gases began to appear.

For example, reducing gas, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and so on.

These gases formed organic molecules.

As time passed, some small molecules of organic compounds began to dehydrate.

Gradually synthesizing proteins.

Through thermal polymerization, the small molecules formed organic polymers such as protein, polysaccharide, nucleic acid, etc!

Protein was the main substance that formed an organism.

Polysaccharides, sugars, and so on were the skeletons that formed many cells, the main components of the cell wall.

There was also nucleic acid as genetic material.

These organic macromolecules are beginning to evolve into primitive single cells!

These are the three parts of the birth of life—

First, gases synthesized small organic molecules.

Second, small organic molecules were synthesized into organic polymers.

Third, organic polymers evolved into primitive single-celled life.

It looked simple.

But to be natural, it’s like the parts of a dump were automatically assembled into a car.

The odds were slim.

It could only be described as a miracle among miracles.

Even with system help, this process still took a hundred million years.

Of course, at a time flow rate of 1 trillion.

It was less than an hour outside.


In a body of water at a high temperature.

The first life on the planet was born.


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