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Chapter 40: Unexpected Discovery! Strange Blood!

With the awareness of the dangers that existed on this planet, everyone frowned for a while.

It was completely different from the previous planets.

The crimson beasts that existed here actually didn’t take the initiative to attack!

This made it very difficult for the Great Desolate Army.

If they were allowed to go out and find it.

I’m afraid……

It would be dangerous.

If there were too many people, the beast could escape.

If there were too few people it was easy to be broken down individually.

In addition, in the wild, it was the home field advantage of the beasts.

Without the help of defensive fortifications, the Great Desolate Army could also face huge casualties!

For the time being, no action was taken.

They sat down and held a meeting for discussion.

After some intense debate, finally……

A suggestion came from a scholar on beasts and it was accepted by most people.

“Beasts, especially large beasts like lions and tigers, generally have a strong sense of territory.”

The scholar who studied beasts said: “In each area unless there is an unexpected situation, only one large beast exists!”


“I guess the unknown crimson beast is here.”

“It should also have that nature.”

“If that’s the case, it would be much easier.”

The older scholar spoke up.

“Then let’s start with a strategy based on that judgment.”

Han, who had been listening silently, made a decision, the Great Desolate Army immediately formed an elite squad.

There were only a hundred of them but all of them were the elite of the elites.

Each wore the most advanced bow and crossbow!

This crossbow was the latest product of Tiangong Academy.

Even without the use of sound-absorbing arrows, it also had a super high speed of over 120 meters per second!

The scholar who studied the beasts gave a final warning and said, “The alertness of the beast is extremely high.

I’m afraid it can’t be compared to the warriors or Slime from earlier.”

“You guys, be sure to be careful.”


The elite squad set off.

With the disappearance of a hundred soldiers, everyone’s hearts began to rise.

After about an hour, the figure of the soldiers reappeared.

This made everyone breathe a sigh of relief.

One hundred people were back in one piece!

The leader of the squad reported this discovery to the research team.

“The crimson beast is less than a kilometer away from us.”

The captain said quickly: “It lives in a cave.”

“It’s the same as what Fang Scholar said.”

“We’re within a five-kilometer radius.”

“None of the traces of other beasts were seen and the alertness is very high.”

“We didn’t get much closer.”

“It was found out.”

“However, the weird thing is that  this crimson beast just walked out of the cave and glanced at us and then it went back again.”

After listening to the captain’s statement, there was a strange look on everyone’s face!

This was indeed very strange!

By the book, large beasts had a very strong sense of territory.

Once there was a foreign invasion, they were bound to be attacked!

Not to mention the little human beings.

“Let’s study the strategy, and continue to send teams out to investigate tomorrow.”

The old scholar said.


Several days after that squad after the squad was sent out to investigate the habits and way of life of this crimson beast.

The results were also passed one by one.

The first was the distribution of beasts on this planet.

There were 75 of them!

There were both males and females, young and old.

Adult male beasts had their separate turf.

To everyone’s surprise, the first crimson beast lacked aggression.

It was not an exception, this was true of all crimson beasts.

Although the planet had gradually lost its vitality, the number of plants and animals was very small.

Food sources were lacking but some crimson beasts would rather starve than come out of their caves!

“What a strange habit.”

The scholars were very puzzled!

As the investigation progressed!

The reason for this habit was also explored by everyone a little bit.

“So, although this kind of beast is tall and mighty, it doesn’t like moving”

The results of the survey also surprised everyone.

“They liked to be alone in a cave”

“Even…… able to stay out of action for a month”

Jiang Fan saw this, he couldn’t help but think of another similar creature in his previous life-

House man!

After the basic habits were clarified, the next plan was ready.

The Great Desolate Army began to hunt down the crimson beasts!

Taking advantage of the fact that crimson beasts did not like to come out of their caves and the characteristics of low intelligence.

They laid a trap outside the cave, then lure the crimson beast out!

This crimson beast liked to be quiet and did not like to move but that didn’t mean it was not offensive!

After being provoked continuously, a roar of anger came from the cave

Then it swooped out of the cave!


It fell into a big hole in the ground!

The crimson beast was very powerful.

Defense, stamina, endurance, agility, etc.

were all substantially more than the warriors and Slimes that they encountered before.

But now they were trapped in the big hole plus the siege of so many soldiers!

In the end, it still fell.


A soldier stabbed his lance viciously into the weak spot of the crimson beast’s body.

A stream of blood spurted out and splashed on this soldier’s hand!


The soldier suddenly let out an extremely painful scream!!


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