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Chapter 41: Two-pronged approach! The early debut of biological weapons!

The screams of misery resounded through the sky and it was incredibly painful.

Everyone else was taken aback.

All of them turned around only to see the left hand of this soldier.

The location where the blood of the crimson beast was splashed was seemed to have been splashed by sulfuric acid.

At a speed visible to the naked eye, rapid ablation happened.

They saw the white bones in an instant and the bone couldn’t stop it.

It even directly dissolved and soon, a crack sounded.

His forearm broke directly but it was not over yet, even the upper arm started to melt rapidly!

People who saw it were terrified!

“Quickly cut off his arm.”

A scholar who came with the team hurriedly shouted.

The captain next to him also reacted and drew his long sword.

With one slash, the soldier’s arm was cut off!

The soldier immediately fell unconscious.

Affected by this unexpected event, everyone’s mood was not too high.

The group returned to the base camp and informed the others of the incident.

After hearing about the blood of the crimson beast, the members of the research team looked surprised.

“Is the blood of this beast…… poisonous”

One scholar speculated.

“Most likely.”

Another scholar nodded in agreement.

Even though it sounded unbelievable, this was a transcendent creature.

Naturally, it was much more special than ordinary beasts.


the crimson beast that had just been killed entered the dissection table.

It’s blood became the focus of research!

After a little research, the research team initially figured out the situation.

“The blood of the crimson beast is highly poisonous!”

The old scholar performed the operation himself and then reported to Han: “Its poison is far more terrifying than the poison of any creature we have ever seen.”

“This poison contains extremely strong solubility!”

“Investigate the cause.”

“We found it in the blood…”

“A special kind of energy.”

“It should be the transcendental energy of this planet.”

“That’s what makes the blood of the crimson beast so terribly poisonous!”

After hearing this, Han nodded slightly.

He was currently the most accomplished person in Xia’s medical field.

He naturally understood these things.

“Keep researching for more discoveries.”

Han gave the order.

In addition to the blood, the other parts of the body of the Crimson Lion were also quite special but they were without the special blood!

After understanding the characteristics of the Crimson Lion, Han gave the order to harvest!

The Great Desolate Army began to move and surrounded the Crimson Lions separately in each area!

The wisdom of these crimson beasts was not very high.

Naturally, they would not go to inform other companions or work together.

It led to a smooth operation for the Great Desert Army.

After three days on this planet, all the Crimson Lions were captured because the blood of the Crimson Lions was precious.


Han gave the order to try to capture it alive.

Most of the Crimson Lions ended up being captured and transported back to Blue Star!


The conquest of the three transcendent planets came to an end.

Jiang Fan decided to let the Grand Desolate Army rest for three months.

During this time, they could digest the previous things well.

The Transcendental Research Team, on the other hand, was put into a busy research schedule as soon as they returned!

In order to get the research results faster, Qi immediately upgraded the Transcendental Research Laboratory to the Transcendental Institute!

That was the Xia Kingdom’s first research institute!

It was specially dedicated to study the transcendent creatures and some key elites were drawn from the two colleges and all over the kingdom to join the Transcendent Research Institute.

With more people joining, research on the blood of the crimson lion was progressing rapidly.

Soon, everyone found an unexpected result.

That was……

This blood was not just effective for people but it was also effective against warriors and Slimes.

“Crimson Lion’s blood is able to corrode and dissolve the transcendent energy possessed by other transcendent creatures, and even warriors and Slimes can’t stop it.”

Qi excitedly reported the result to Jiang Fan.


“We can make a whole new kind of weapon.”

“Biological weapons.”

Jiang Fan reminded him.

Qi was stunned for a moment and then suddenly said: “Biological weapons! Yes, the wisdom of the Father is really……”


Jiang Fan immediately interrupted Qi: “Continue talking.”

Qi took a deep breath and said, “My idea is to use the Crimson Lion’s blood to make…… biological weapons specifically for use against transcendents!”

“It works.”

Jiang Fan left with two words.

The teachings were becoming less and less.

After Jiang Fan left.

Qi slapped his head violently and said, “Biological weapons Why didn’t I think of it, this…… sounds like a very powerful thing.”

With a hint from Jiang Fan, biological weapons were developed very late in his previous life!

Subsequently, on the conquest of the outer planets, biological weapons would bring about an astonishing and terrifying impact!

Meanwhile, another terrible weapon that does not belong to this era —

Gun powder was also a breakthrough!!!


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