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Chapter 42: Gun powder is introduced! The shock of Xia Kingdom!

Gun powder’s raw materials were not complicated.

It was composed of saltpeter, carbon and sulfur in a certain ratio.

But to make it into explosives was not that simple.

In his previous life, it had developed for a long time.

Until very much later.

It was only then that the high-powered explosives were manufactured for use as conventional weapons.

As for the reason……

The main problem was the ratio.

Inside the Imperial Palace, next to the lab, it was all under siege.

Near it was a deserted courtyard that was used as a test site!

The first batch of finished gunpowder was shipped here.

The eyes of everyone involved in the research were filled with anticipation and excitement!


They might witness the birth of a terrible weapon!

Jiang Fan was also watching silently.

As the person who paid the most in research and development, Qi personally lit the fuse!

A few moments later, a heaven-shaking sound like thunder sounded out of nowhere.

It shook the sky!

It could be heard far and wide!

Those who were close, their ears were almost…… Deafened by shock!

Seeing this scene, Jiang Fan nodded slightly.

This test was quite successful!

It was not the perfect ratio but it was also lethal enough.

The crowd was very excited, only Qi looked calm.

He didn’t seem to be satisfied yet.

“The power that Father spoke of seems to be quite lacking”

Qi thought to himself.

Up next, Qi did not relax his work on the improvement of gun powder.

He continued to grasp it personally and in the midst of this test, Qi seemed to have caught a little inspiration.

“Father, I probably know what you mean by supersonic weapons.”

Qi was alone and standing on a high platform, he was looking at the sky and was muttering.

“At the moment of the explosion, the separation speed of the gun powder’s particles……”

“Isn’t it faster than the speed of sound”

“If one can make the gunpowder smaller.”

“And if the power remains the same.”

“Wouldn’t it be a supersonic weapon”


There was no response from Jiang Fan this time.

Jiang Fan felt a little pity.

Qi’s talent was rare for a hundred years!

In Jiang Fan’s opinion, he was born in the wrong era.

In this era, Xia Kingdom was still in the initial stage of technology!

Many concepts and many disciplines were also not present.

If Qi was born a hundred years later, a great scientist would appear in the future!

Qi’s improvement and research on gun powder and Jiang Fan’s training program continued.

He came to the Planet Association.

Jiang Fan bought the passes for five transcendental planets in one go!

These five planets were stronger than the last three.

They were more difficult to deal with!


Time rushed by and a year passed quickly.

Above the Blue Star, everything was changing all the time!

The gun powder research led by Qi was advancing little by little and the Great Desolate Army’s planetary conquest was finally over.

The Transcendental research team that followed the army increased to a team of fifty people and was subdivided into several teams to target all kinds of transcendental planets.

During this one year of the conquest, on the next few stronger planets, the Great Desolate Army also began to suffer casualties but the gains far outweigh the losses!

The momentum of the soldiers of the Great Desolate Army was becoming more and more formidable day by day.

Facing transcendental beings they were not only afraid, their eyes even shone like a hungry wolf!

The cavalry also came in handy.

Paired with infantry.

On certain occasions, it played an extremely important role!

So far, the training of the low-level civilization planet came to an end.

Next, it was the turn of the intermediate civilization planet and the advanced civilization planet!

Jiang Fan didn’t plan to train a lot in these two types of transcendental planets.

After all……

The planets that most people awakened were low-level civilization planets!

Intermediate and advanced were still in the minority.

As for the intermediate civilization planets, Jiang Fan chose three of them.

From advanced civilization planets, two were chosen.

As for super civilizations That won’t be necessary.


Time went on, another year passed.

The Great Desolate Army had become more mature.

Intermediate civilization planets and advanced civilization planets were not hard to beat!

The role of the Transcendental Research Team in this was very big!

Many seemingly tough opponents.

It was all because the research team found a way.

Some strange weapons were also invented!

At night, in the imperial palace.

On top of a high platform, Qi came here alone again and was looking at the sky.

In these two years, Qi was exhausted.

He was in charge of the research and development of gunpowder.

He was also busy with the conquest affairs of the Great Desolate Army.

It was obvious to the naked eye that he had aged a lot.

The air swayed!

Jiang Fan appeared.


Qi was overjoyed.

“You have some questions, right”

Jiang Fan formed the words with fireflies this time and said, “In these two years, why did I make you do so many things”


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