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Chapter 43: The final revelation! The prologue of the Grand Competition!

“Father…… seems to be preparing for something very important.”

Qi expressed his thoughts.

“It’s not really important.”

Jiang Fan continued to use fireflies to draw words.

“It’s about honor and rewards.”

“Can I know”

Qi asked.

Jiang Fan gently stroked one of the fireflies and said, “This is a competition between planet masters.”

“Many planet masters are participating!”

“It’s about the life of every planet!”

“The winner……”

“Will win honor and awards.”

“The reason I have trained the Great Desolate Army continuously for the past two years is……”

“In order to win the contest.”

Looking at Jiang Fan’s firefly text.

Qi’s eyes were pale but they were getting brighter!

“I understand! Father!”

Qi knelt down on one knee and said solemnly, “I know I’m old, but I still have courage in my heart!”

“Please allow this battle of honor to be led by me personally!”


Jiang Fan didn’t have any consideration.

He agreed to Qi’s request.

In Jiang Fan’s opinion.

Qi didn’t have much time left.

He didn’t want to leave with regrets!


Under the time flow rate specially set by Jiang Fan, two years in Blue Star were half a month outside.

This day was the day of the big competition that Tong Zhen Sheng said.

Jiang Fan got up early in the morning and had a simple breakfast, after that he headed for school.

This world also had public transportation but Jiang Fan had been frugal since he was a child, there was no such thing as spare money.

He had been running to and from school.

He entered the school.

On the side of the playground, Jiang Fan heard a cry.

“Jiang Fan, over here.”

Jiang Fan turned his head to look.

He found out that it was a male classmate in the same class – Ma Songtao!

Ma Songtao’s last awakening was also good.

Both parents were planet masters.

The family was quite well off.


This time, he was also selected for the five-person school team.

Jiang Fan and Ma Songtao were not familiar with each other.

They only knew each other.

In fact, Jiang Fan didn’t have much friendship with his classmates and next to Ma Songtao, there was another square-faced boy standing there.

Jiang Fan did not recognize him but he knew that this was also one of the five selected.

“You’re early.”

Jiang Fan said hello.

“No way.”

Ma Songtao spread his hands and said, “I heard that the leading teacher this time is Qiu Yunfei.

If I’m late, won’t I be severely lectured”

“Qiu Yunfei”

Jiang Fan did have some impression of this name.

Speaking of which, another student came by but it was Xiang Junhao, who ranked third in the last awakening score!

Xiang Junhao nodded slightly towards Jiang Fan and the others, then stepped aside.

He did not participate in the chat.

“This guy is really arrogant.”

Ma Songtao muttered softly.

“Tang Qingqing’s awakening results are very high even in the entire River City.

Coupled with the efforts of his family, it is said that the diameter of the planet is already close to 100 kilometers!”

The square-faced boy said.

“Almost 100 Kilometers No wonder he’s not with us.”

Ma Songtao said.


They seemed to realize something.

After turning around, his eyes suddenly lit up.

He tugged on Jiang Fan’s clothes and said, “Look, Tang Qingqing is here.”

Jiang Fan and the square-faced boy also turned their heads.

He saw a beautiful figure walking over.

She was tall and slender and her looks were not bad.

Not Tang Qingqing or who.

Tang Qingqing walked up to the three of them.

“Tang Qingqing, I heard that your planet has now exceeded 100 kilometers in diameter”

Ma Songtao asked.


Tang Qingqing gave a soft hmm.

Her eyes stopped on Jiang Fan for a while.

Then she calmly walked to the side.

For Tang Qingqing, Jiang Fan had just awakened an ordinary planet.

He was no longer the target she cared about!

A few more minutes passed and a tall figure appeared and walked towards the five.

This was a tall, middle-aged man with a cold face.

“Teacher Qiu!”

Ma Songtao and the square-faced boy immediately shouted.

Qiu Yunfei nodded slightly, glanced at the five Jiang Fan, and said loudly, “This time in the Jiangcheng competition, our school will be led by me!”

“The five of you are the best five in thousands of people in the seventh school, but……”

Qiu Yunfei’s voice turned cold as she said, “Compared to the geniuses in other schools, you ……”

“It’s not even close!”

“This time in the grand competition.”

“Among the five of you.”

“Only Tang Qingqing has a chance to qualify!”

“The rest of you ……”

“Have no chance!”

After hearing, Xiang Junhao, Ma Songtao and the square-faced boy all three clenched their fists slightly, except for Jiang Fan.

Their heart was not satisfied!

Although Tang Qingqing was excellent.

But why are they not the best students of No.

7 High School

Who would be willing to submit to others

Jiang Fan didn’t care.

He just wanted to hurry up and participate in the grand competition, quickly resolve the battle, get the reward.


Go home and continue evolving the planet.

In short……

Make it quick!


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