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Chapter 44: A Gathering of Geniuses!

Ma Songtao and Xiang Junhao all clenched their fists but no one dared to speak up in defense.


This Qiu Yunfei was a fourth-level planet master like the principal Tong Zhensheng!

Even in the entire Jiangcheng, he was also a famous powerhouse!

“I know you’re not convinced.”

Qiu Yunfei glanced at the five of them with cold and stern eyes, and said, “But… this is the truth!”

“If you want to be disobedient, speak with your strength!”

“Alright, now…… Follow me.”

After saying that, Qiu Yunfei took the lead, turned around and walked out of school.

Jiang Fan and the others followed.

The Seventh School naturally took the competition very seriously and they specially prepared a rune car!

No one or thing was allowed to fly in Jiangcheng.

A rune car from the rune planet of the intermediate civilization, due to the low price, it was convenient and fast, had become the most popular means of transportation.

“It’s fast, it’s comfortable, and doesn’t smell oily.”

Jiang Fan felt something.

It felt much more comfortable than the car in his previous life.


The grand competition was held at the largest venue in Jiangcheng – Jiangcheng Center Stadium!

Outside the venue, there were already media reporters who had arrived in advance but because the participants were all high school students, the competition banned all media access and interviews.

The rune stopped outside the venue and Qiu Yunfei walked in with the five people.

There was a staff at the door to check the identity, to prevent irrelevant people from sneaking in!

After passing successfully.

Qiu Yunfei glanced at the time, turned his head and said to the five people: “There is still some time before the opening of the grand competition.

You can find a place to rest by yourself first.”

After saying that Qiu Yunfei walked straight to a lounge on the left.

Jiang Fan and the other five were left behind.

Tang Qingqing and Xiang Junhao each walked towards one side.

The square-faced boy seemed to have met someone he knew and followed him to the other side.

“Jiang Fan, let’s go over there.”

Ma Songtao pointed to a group of people not far away.

They seemed to be students chosen from a high school!

Among them, there were three girls.

They were all young and beautiful!

Three pairs of long legs.

It was very eye-catching.

Ma Songtao’s eyes lit up.

Jiang Fan couldn’t help but complain.

“You can go ahead, I’ll find a place to sit.”

Jiang Fan was not very interested.

The venue was huge, there were lots of seats.

Jiang Fan found a random place and sat down.

“All right.”

Ma Songtao could only follow Jiang Fan and sit down


Inside the spacious lounge, there were many leading teachers from Jiangcheng Middle School and they were all chatting with each other.

The arrival of Qiu Yunfei was welcomed.

“It’s Yun Fei.”

“Qiu Yunfei is here.”

“I didn’t expect that you would be leading the team at your school this time.”

“Can we not pay attention to it This year’s class is full of geniuses, and even the city lord attaches great importance to it.”


A teacher came up to say hello and greeted each other.

Qiu Yunfei nodded as a response.

“I heard that your school has produced an incredible genius this time, awakened a high-level energy planet and is expected to enter the top ten of this competition.” A third middle school teacher who was familiar with Qiu Yunfei said.

“You mean Tang Qingqing”

Qiu Yunfei’s face was calm, and he said, “He does have hope of entering the top ten of the competition, but…”

“He is the only one in our school who is expected to qualify.”

“It’s your third middle school.”

“There are several main players.”

“I’m afraid it can occupy several places in the top thirty-two.”


A teacher next to him interjected: “Especially Fang Zhenting of your third middle school.

The planet that was awakened at the beginning was more than 30 kilometers and now it has crossed 100 kilometers.

It is very possible to win the championship.”

“Winning the championship That’s too exaggerated.”

“Although Fang Zhenting is good, it’s not his turn to win the championship.”

“With Fang Zhenting’s strength, he is likely to be in the top three.

As for the champion…… There is no part for him.”


The surrounding teachers heard the words “winning the championship “.

At once there was fierce opposition.

The teacher of No.

3 Middle School was not angry, but nodded and said: “With the one from No.

1 Middle School, it would be good for Fang Zhenting to be in the top four.”

“That’s right, the one in the middle school is too monstrous, far more than the others……”

“Other geniuses can only compete for the runner-up at most!”

In the ownership of the championship, among the numerous teachers in the lounge, a rare agreement was reached.

“Okay, it’s almost time, let’s go back and lead the team first.”

An old teacher reminded.


Outside, with the arrival of more and more teams from various schools, the venue was also becoming more and more lively.

Many people gathered together.

Discussions sounded everywhere.


Ma Songtao pointed to a team at the entrance and said, “That’s the team from No.

2 Middle School.

The one walking in the middle is the genius of No.

2 Middle School whose planet was over 30 kilometers in diameter when he awakened……”


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