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Chapter 45: Geniuses! The strongest one!

Following the direction of Ma Songtao’s finger, Jiang Fan looked over and saw the genius of No.

2 Middle school.

It was a tall boy and his face was quite mature.

Surrounded by the people, he walked into the stadium at a long and fierce pace.

“Lu Tao!”

“It’s Lu Tao from No.

2 Middle School!”

“Is that the strongest student of No.

2 Middle School, the super genius with a planet diameter of 31.2 kilometers when he awakened”

“That’s right, it’s him! The top three contenders in this competition!”


With the appearance of the tall boy, a discussion erupted all around.

Lu Tao ignored the people who were talking about it and went straight to the middle of the venue.

There, a team from another school was standing.

“You’re here Fang Zhenting.”

Lu Tao looked at a tall and thin boy in the team and said.

“Lu Tao, we stopped last time.”

Fang Zhenting stared at Lu Tao, with a sharp light flashing in his eyes, and said, “This time…… If you let me meet you, I will not be polite.”

“You can advance from the group first.”

Lu Tao smiled and said, “This time…… But every school’s geniuses are here.”

Watching the conversation between the two, the others around were also whispering.

“That person is…… Fang Zhenting of the third middle school The big favorite for the top three this time”

“I wonder who is stronger, him or Lu Tao”

“It’s hard to say, the diameter of Fang Zhenting’s awakened planet is 31.3 kilometers, which is comparable to Lu Tao.”

“It’s said that Fang Zhenting and Lu Tao had sparred before.

I wonder who will win and who will lose”

“As far as I know of inside information, there is no clear winner between the two.”


Everyone was talking about it.

There was another commotion at the entrance.

Only to see……

A team in rather fancy uniforms walked in, headed by one person.

A rather handsome boy immediately attracted the attention of many girls.

“It’s Wang Tianyi from Jin Yao Middle School.”

“Is he Wang Tianyi, known as the Star of Jin Yao”

“He’s so handsome.”

“He’s not just handsome, he’s one of the five super-geniuses with a planet diameter of more than 30 kilometers at the time of awakening!”

“Five super-geniuses I only know Wang Tianyi and Lu Tao from No.

2 Middle School.

Who are the other three”

“The other three…Fang Zhenting from No.

3 High School, the one from No.

1 High School, and a student from No.

7 High School.”

“In that case, we really have a lot of geniuses this time.”

“What’s more, there are not only five super-geniuses with a diameter of more than 30 kilometers, but also many top geniuses with a diameter of more than 25 kilometers.”

“According to our teacher, this year’s session…… is the most talented and terrifying session in Jiangcheng’s history!”

A skinny boy said.


A sound of breathing could be heard from the side.

“Otherwise, why would the city master value this competition so much and even add a reward.”

The boy added.

“With so many talents, I’m afraid it will be difficult to even qualify.”

Hearing the surrounding discussions, Ma Songtao couldn’t help but sigh.

This time, Qiu Yunfei walked out of the lounge.

Ma Songtao hurriedly stood up.

Jiang Fan also stood up calmly.

Qiu Yunfei glanced at the two of them and asked, “Where are the others”

“Over there.”

Ma Songtao pointed to the side where Jun Hao and Tang Qingqing were.

Qiu Yunfei turned his head to look over.

When he saw a man beside Tang Qingqing, his face changed slightly.

Immediately said: “Go, call Xiang Junhao and the others, and come with me to welcome a distinguished guest.”

“Distinguished guest”

Ma Songtao was unsure but he still followed the instructions.

Jiang Fan naturally followed behind.

At a corner of the venue, Tang Qingqing was standing with a man in his thirties.

He was saying something.

“Hahaha, what wind brought you to our Jiangcheng”

Before this man, Qiu Yunfei changed his usual coldness and greeted them warmly.

“Qiu Yunfei, it’s been a long time.”

The man looked at Qiu Yunfei and said with a smile, “I came to Jiangcheng this time on behalf of the school behind me, that is… the admissions teacher of our school in Dongyang Province this year is probably me.”

Hearing the man’s words, Qiu Yunfei’s pupils shrank slightly and he laughed, “Welcome, welcome.”

He then introduced Jiang Fan and the others, “This is Tang Yushu, the teacher of Tianxing University.

Maybe you will enter Tianxing University and study under him.”

Tianxing University!

Ma Songtao and Xiang Junhao were all a little surprised.

Star University was not simple, it was one of the thirty-two best colleges and universities in the country!

To be a teacher in this kind of school.

It must be at least a level 4 planet master or higher!

“These people behind you should be the top performers in No.

7 High School.”

Tang Yushu looked at Jiang Fan and the others with a smile.


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