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Chapter 46: No.

player! Jiang Fan! 

“It’s the students from our school who participated in this competition.

They’re not that talented.”

Qiu Yunfei said quite modestly: “It can’t be compared with other schools at all.”

“There are quite a few geniuses in Jiangcheng.”

Tang Yushu nodded as well as Ma Songtao and the others behind.

His gaze quickly scanned Tang Yushu and Tang Qingqing.

Jiang Fan also saw it.

There was quite a resemblance between the eyebrows of these two.

They should be siblings or something!

Qiu Yunfei was about to have a good chat with Tang Yushu.


The whole venue went silent at once!


There was silence!

Qiu Yunfei and Tang Yushu subconsciously turned their heads.

Jiang Fan also turned his head.

Inside the venue, everyone turned their heads, only to see the entrance of the venue.

A new team walked in, all of them were wearing neat white uniforms.

Unlike other schools’ teams.

This team was confident and relaxed.

There was no trace of nervousness and stage fright.

In the middle of this team, a tall and slender girl walked in like a crane among chickens.

White as snow.

The temperament was cool.

“Bu Jing Yue!”

“It’s Bu Jing Yue of the No.

1 Middle school!”

“She…… is the genius from No.

1 Middle School – Bu Jingyue The undisputed champion of this competition!”

“The only genius in Jiangcheng who has transformed the super energy aura and created an immortal civilization”

“Our teacher once commented that she is the strongest among the many super-geniuses in Jiangcheng’s history!”

“With her around, there is really no suspense for the winner of this Grand Competition.”

“Everyone else…… At best, they will compete for second or third place!”


The voices of discussion sounded continuously around the venue.

Listening to the chatter, Bu Jing Yue frowned slightly and led the way toward the interior of the venue.

“Brother, is this the only person you think I can’t beat”

Tang Qingqing was also sizing up Bu Jing Yue.

At this time she asked aloud.

Tang Yushu, who was beside him, nodded and said, “Yes, except for her, you have a chance to win, but Bu Jing Yue…… you are still far from her.”


“This time you’re competing for second at best.”

“Okay, Bu Jing Yue I’m not an opponent for the time being, but for this second seat…… I’ll fight!”

A hint of confidence flashed in Tang Qingqing’s eyes.

At the location of the No.

3 and No.

2 middle teams, a group of people was also witnessing the figure of Bu Jing Yue.

“Is Bu Jing Yue really that strong”

Someone asked.

“Bu Jingyue has awakened a super civilization—the planet of immortal cultivation! If there’s no accident……”

“The winner of this Grand Competition is none other than her.”

Lu Tao’s face was gloomy.

“Lu Tao, we can’t earn the championship, so let’s see who can enter the final.”

Fang Zhenting said from the side.


With the arrival of the last team, from the No.

1 middle school, this Jiangcheng Grand Competition also officially started!

There were many teams.

One by one, they entered the venue.

Here was……

The waiting area for the competition.

Qiu Yunfei and teachers from other schools led their own team, standing in the waiting area.


The principal of each school also arrived in person.

This was naturally because the city lord of Jiangcheng would come in person at the opening ceremony.

The city lord of Jiangcheng was the ruler and the strongest person of Jiangcheng.

Which principal would not dare to give him face

There was even a headmaster……

He rushed back with the rune car overnight!

About ten minutes passed!

A terrifying aura descended on the high platform ahead!

Jiang Fan couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow.

Looking up, he saw a tall and dignified man appearing above.

According to the memory in his head, Jiang Fan knew this man with a terrifying aura.

He was the city lord of Jiangcheng.

The strongest person in Jiangcheng.

A level 5 planet master!

As the City Lord of Jiangcheng descended, the whole venue was silent!

No one dared to make any noise!

The city lord of Jiangcheng swept his gaze over everyone and said loudly: “Everyone, you are all the best students in our Jiangcheng.

This time, I hope you……”

“Do your best.”

“Leave no regrets!”

The city lord of Jiangcheng didn’t say much.

After one sentence, this short opening ceremony was then considered to be the end.

Next –

The Grand competition officially started.


The group draw was conducted!

A total of 32 groups!

According to the rules.

There were 32 main players!

Jiang Fan was listed as the No.

1 player!


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