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Chapter 47: Slaughter mode!

In this great competition, more than 100 colleges and universities in Jiangcheng participated.

The number of participants was 320!

Not every school had the same number of participants.

According to the rules, the combined results of each school from the previous five years of the Jiangcheng Grand combination will determine this year’s quota!

Five years ago, the school where Jiang Fan was.

Jiangcheng No.

7 Middle School ranked in the top ten.

Five seats were awarded.

Jiangcheng No.1 Middle School was the fifth consecutive champion.

Therefore, the maximum number of eight places was obtained.

320 participating students were divided into thirty-two groups.

Ten people in each group.

In each group, a single cycle competition system was adopted.

There was only one qualifying spot.

It was very cruel!

In order to keep the strength of each group consistent, they would not let the favorites meet early.

Another player was set up in the competition!

A total of 32 players were chosen according to the planet’s diameter when awakened.

The diameter of the planet at the time of Jiang Fan’s awakening was 35.2 kilometers.

He was the only student in Jiangcheng with a diameter of more than 35 kilometers and broke the historical record of Jiangcheng.

There was no doubt about it.

He was ranked as No.


Looking at Tong Zhensheng’s smiling expression, Jiang Fan knew it.


That should be the reason why Jiang Fan only awakened an ordinary planet but Tong ZhenSheng still made the phone call himself.

The main reason was for inviting him to the competition!

This was the number one seed!

In the previous competitions, almost all were swept up by the students of the No.

1 middle school.

Either they fell into the hands of top middle schools such as No.

2, No.

3, or Jin Yao Middle School.

It would be good if No.7 could drink soup.

Now there was a chance to occupy this glory.

Tong Zhensheng naturally won’t miss it.

The number 2 seed was naturally the record-breaking favorite to win the championship, Bu Jing Yue!


Tang Qingqing ranked sixth.

For the sixth seed.

Looking at the top ten seeds, two from the No.

7 Middle School were on the list.

Even the cold Qiu Yunfei had a smile on his face.

On the projection in front of the venue, the names and schools of the thirty-two seeded players lined up one by one on top.

Jiang Fan’s name was at the top of the list, right above Bu Jingyue

Many people felt that it was a little dazzling!

“Jiang Fan The one who broke our Jiangcheng record during the previous awakening”

“Yes, it’s him, but unfortunately……”

“I heard that there was an accident when this person transformed energy and what he finally created was just an ordinary planet.”

“Ordinary planet Impossible, the initial diameter of 35.2 kilometers and still not a Transcendent planet”

“This matter is absolutely true.

The teachers of our school have known leaders in the No.

7 school and they are sure that this is true.”

“Well, that’s a shame.”

“If it’s normal, maybe this Jiang Fan could also create a super-civilization planet.”


A lot of people at the bottom were talking secretly.

Among the group of teachers, most of them already knew about this.

Their expressions did not change much.

Thirty-two seeded players were decided.

The drawing of lots followed.

The rules were also simple –

First, the strength of each group should be roughly equal.

Second, students from the same school will not be drawn into a group.

Every school had to send a teacher to pick them up.


The results of the draw for the thirty-two groups were out!

In the projection screen, a list of participants in each group one by one appeared on top.

When he saw the others in the first group that Jiang Fan was in.

Tong Zhensheng breathed a sigh of relief, looked at Jiang Fan and said, “Your luck is good, this group is not very strong.”

“Good luck.”

Jiang Fan smiled faintly but Jiang Fan knew that this was not luck.

Instead, ……

The planet Jiang Fan awakened had the largest diameter.

So, the diameter of other planets allocated later will be a little smaller.

The draw was completed.

The Grand competition officially started.

Under the guidance of the staff, Jiang Fan walked to the battle room.

Outside the battle room, teachers and leaders of each school could clearly see the battle through the projection above.

“It seems that the overall strength of the first group is the weakest, but it is also the most chaotic.

It is impossible to see who is most likely to qualify.”

One teacher analyzed.

“Isn’t there that record-breaking Jiang Fan He should be relaxed and stress-free.”

Another teacher who didn’t know the inside story asked.

“He awakened an ordinary planet, so it’s going to be a bit hard.”

Another teacher explained.

“How can an ordinary planet fight against a Transcendent planet This Jiang Fan might become the first in history, the number one seed in the team that couldn’t even come out.”

A teacher from the No.

1 middle school said with a smile.

“Lan Hao, you better take care of your No.

1 middle school.”

Qiu Yunfei frowned and shouted.

As always.

Both the No.

1 and No.

7 middle schools were somewhat at odds.


The teacher named Lan Hao of No.

1 Middle School was not angry, and smiled: “Then we will wait and see.”


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