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Chapter 48: The first battle: Battlefield and slaughter of transcendent!

Other teachers listened to the conversation between the two.

There were no sockets but everyone knew that, this teacher named Lan Hao’s words were harsh but it was the truth!

They had been teachers for decades.

Naturally, they had seen battles between ordinary and transcendent civilizations before.

That scene……

Cruel was not enough to describe it.

It was terrible!


Outside the battle room, Jiang Fan walked over step by step and on the other side, Jiang Fan’s opponent in his first battle.

A tall and strong boy walked over under the guidance of the staff.

Seeing Jiang Fan, the tall and strong boy grinned, revealing his white teeth and said, “You are the number one player Jiang Fan who broke the Jiangcheng record”


Jiang Fan watched him quietly.

“The number one player is said to have never lost the first battle, this record…… Today it will be me, Wang Teng, who will break it.”

The tall boy said loudly.

“You don’t have the appearance of a great emperor.”

Jiang Fan said indifferently and immediately entered the battle room.

The tall and strong boy was baffled.

He frowned slightly and said, “When you lose, let’s see if you can still laugh”

Inside the battle room, Jiang Fan sat on the chair.

He began to enter the awakening space above the Blue Star and Qi was ready

Outside the planet channel, there was an army of 100,000!


For this battle for the glory of the Father, Qi was fully prepared.

An army of 100,000 was formed!

Among them……

50,000 was the regular troops.

50,000 were reserves!

Of the 50,000 regular troops, there were 30,000 people who were the main force of the Great Desolate Army!

The formation of the army of 100,000 brought a considerable burden to the Xia Kingdom!

One minister after another objected!

Including the Minister of Household Affairs, the Minister of War and several cabinet ministers!

Qi was ruthless in his determination.

He took these opposition ministers directly and dismissed all of them!

This also caused Qi to have a lot of curses on his back.

But for the big competition this time, Qi endured it.

At this time, Qi was standing on a high platform.

He put on the general’s armor again, put on his sword and stood on the high platform!

Looking down at the army below.

Pre-departure mobilization!

“The warriors of the Xia Kingdom!”

Qi’s eyes swept past the army and he said loudly: “Today…… is the day of our battle for glory!”

“Do you…… have a good spear in your hand”


The 100,000-strong army raised their spears and responded in unison.

“Is your blood hot”

Qi asked again.


The voices of the soldiers were higher.

The sound was high in the sky!

The birds in the surrounding mountains and forests were frightened and fled.

“Are your hearts brave or not”


The rumbling sound pierced straight into the sky!

With three questions, the moral of the army of 100,000 was completely stimulated!

All of their faces were filled with excitement!

Qi nodded in satisfaction.

Although these words just now were old-fashioned, they were indeed quite effective!

“Fight for the Xia Kingdom, fight for the glory, now…… go!”

At Jiang Fan’s hint, Qi waved his hand.

The door of the passage slowly opened and an army of 100,000 slowly entered but not everyone went in.

As specified, the duration of the competition was ten hours.

During these ten hours, passages could be opened at any time.

However, other people’s planets didn’t have so many people like Jiang Fan’s.

There was no need for this.

The opponent in the first battle was not strong.

Therefore, Jiang Fan decided to send only 3,000 people to fight.

If anything unexpected happened.


It still would not be too late for the remaining Great Desolate Army to enter!

The arena for the two sides to fight was located on a deserted planet.

After the three thousand warriors of Great Desolate Army entered, they saw a huge opaque wall in the middle.

It was the energy wall.

It could isolate the vision of both sides.

To prevent both sides from attacking before the competition starts.

Along with the Great Desolate Army of 3,000.

There was also a twenty-person transcendental research team.


They would stay on the battlefield.

To provide real-time targeting solutions for the Great Desolate Army!

With the breaking of the energy wall, the competition was officially started!

Jiang Fan saw it at a glance.

Opposite them was a group of burly martial artists!


Within the observation room, there were many teachers who were paying attention to this competition.

When seeing that……

Within the passage, when a group of soldiers came out one after another, the room was silent in an instant!

All eyes were wide open.

Feeling some disbelief!

Just a moment ago, they were still discussing whether there would be at most eight hundred or a thousand people on the ordinary planet Jiang Fan had built!

Seeing the result, this fact slapped their face!

“I’m TM……”

It was the opponent, the tall boy.

Seeing the black mass of 3,000 troops.

He couldn’t help but utter foul language.


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